Apple Music Memos App Review by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher presents the Music Memos app from Apple. This handy recorder app makes it easy to capture song ideas when you’re inspired. After the video, click the link below for more info on Music Memos and other music related apps.

Learn more about Music Memos and other music related apps here:

Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 117


Gordon Smith says:

Mitch Gallagher, please talk slower, I know your quick.

Dustin Valdez says:

Anybody know how to add on to a previously recorded idea? Thanks!

Tucker Guthrie says:

Lol, this is what I was using voice memos for anyway this is kinda cool

bluemonster65 says:

The app version of Digitech’s Trio pedal?

el34superlead says:

Thank’s for the video, I didn’t even know this existed. Been using it to jam to for the last hour.

John Deggendorf says:

Yeah, I have to agree with mega crasher…what I like most about mitch’s reviews is that HE TALKS FAST!!! Straight to the point, next point, next point…DONE! Very refreshing after a bunch of slow, boring tutorials.

MegaCrasherMusic says:

For some reason, I haven’t had the seamless experience with this app that all these demo guys seem to have. It seems the app is still really buggy, but the idea is great. Eager for the next version. Thanks Mich — your demos are always great

Paul says:

Works great!

Sean Ashe says:

This is pretty sick, had no idea it was a thing. thanks!

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