Apple Music Memos App (Review) – How I Use it in My Studio

This time I want to talk about a super Awesome app from Apple called MUSIC MEMOS. With this genius app you can super easy sketch
down a song idea, and send it through airdrop straight in to Logic or Garageband and finish the song.
If you’ve already USED this APP, give a Comment and SHARE your experience down under 😀

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حارث يزن hareth says:

is there a program on pc that does this ? \ i will be thankfull

Abhishek Das says:

Can you please tell me the name of the song that you played?

Marcathur Julio says:

Nice song

Greg Lopes says:

I understand your approach sometimes it’s better this way, but (if someone’s curious) you can edit the drum tracks in the app itself to fit the recorded audio better. For slow songs, simple/quiet (even if the snare isn’t that perceptible) is a good start. Then, you can export to Garage Band on iPad even and edit the drum track with one of the drummers available. Cutting, adding verse/chorus dynamic, it’s hard but intuitive. The whole point of the App is to adequate drums and bass quickly and in a effective manner, like a session player. The tweaking is inevitable, but the point is to record naturally and forget the metronome.

Bill7Godet says:

Hi guy, that is nonsense what you are doing in this video. What you need is an App that has “beats and chord pre recorded and saved”, that you can choose from, click on and start recording! And maybe the possibility to edit your 1- 5 minute inspiration and save…now go back to sleep or whatever you are doing and if the next one comes, **voila (!) they say in French** – so you can immediately start singing your idea into your phone before you lose or forget it….before you lose your new…million dollar baby.. song inspiration.!!! How many songs have been forgotten, inspiration lost, wasted, gone forever – thousands? I even dreamt of lovely melody and that I was recording it, only upon waking up I noticed it was all a dream, I did not record anything! Huh Huh Huh!!

If you are lying in bed, walking the street or anywhere else, you don’t have a guitar, keyboard or any instrument on or with you, no time to think about anything else, just your voice to use as an instrument to save this precious moment. But if you don’t have a great voice – it goes lost – So you sing your inspiration on your cell phone, with no beat or rhythm or chords to guide you, no anything to assist you in getting the melody as great as you heard it in your subconscious mind, when your conscious mind realizes it, you have already forgotten the begin, more often than not. Mostly, dependant on where you are!

That what you are doing is okay, but what inspirational song writers need, no one invents. I have had thousands of ideas sung on cassettes 30 – 10 years ago and after a month did not recognize the melody anymore, why, because I could not get the melody that I heard unconsciously correct. Now on cell phones daily, it is much better, but without a progression, beat or anything else, it is still very challenging. The majority of song melodies get lost. You don’t or can’t even remember what the melody really was. And the worst is the phone companies are constantly only making new phones for the latest version, my 5s cell phone cannot even load this App. Terrible!!!

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