Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access: Which one is the best?

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Join us as we compare the most popular music streaming apps there are. Here is Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music!

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Kelly McNeil says:

If you decide you wish zero cost GoogleCardStore look this service not at all survey:

Jason's Journeys says:

I have a question if anyone can help me with it. I just started my free trial of Google Play Music, and I downloaded a lot of songs that I want to keep on my phone. my question is: if I cancel my subscription after my free trial ends will I still have all the songs on my phone that I downloaded? or will they disappear?

Cpt Kush Mush says:

I used Spotify for 2 years as a premium user, I love the design and UI of the app, it’s wonderful but, I’m making a transition to google play music, I’m not really a huge fan of the UI or design but, the music on GPM (Google Play Music) is louder compared to Spotify, I listened to the same song at the same volume with the same earbuds and headphones, GPM has louder audio output for songs, the difference was very noticeable, another factor that got me to switch was music availability, GPM has more music (at least for the artists I listen to) I noticed an extra album or two for an artist on GPM compared to Spotify. Even though I love Spotify’s UI and design, it’s small lack of music availability and quieter audio output for music put it behind GPM for me.

Abhilash Pandey says:

Hey! How did u get Apple music in Android?

Alan Yuliprat says:

In Asia joox music more popular than all this

Keith West says:

Google Play has terrible reliability, your playlist you worked so hard organizing is disorganized by almost every update that comes out.

Butters says:

I love Google Play. I lesson to lots of music, I hate pirating cus they lack organization and quality, but for play I can down load Albemarle alone Albemarle of music I will lesson to. ur not like paying for a really good radio station. if ur like me walking in the city, mall or siting around playing clash royal ur most likely playing music or leasing to some thing. in short if u have a Google account and u know about 6 people that want Google Play it’s Penny’s cheap but indevduals it’s some what bull shit. hmm but I love it way more no more opps I erased everything bs.

Other Account says:

The winner is spotify.
iTunes songs cost money!
Google play music is just a music player.
And spotify is an app with free albums and songs to download and play wich makes it awesome 😀

Gaming Etwan says:

soundcloud is best

MR Mother says:

sptify quality sucks!

dan won says:

google play is garbage, they take your money and only have a 48hr time frame for getting refunds. even if u dont receive what u paid for!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON GOOGLE PLAY! ESPECIALLY FROM DEVELOPER “BANDAI NAMCO

Raj Poladia says:

I use Apple music, because it’s the only one of the three available in India and guess what? I got 50% off when I verified my college email ID.

Alex Otey says:

Love your musical taste!

nick quiroz says:

I prefer napster

Leon Storm says:


Soloman Campbell says:

Are you able to download Google Play Music on IOS?

ilove wires says:

really depends your genre as a new musician i probly have to start using a few places my shit stuck on soundcloud never new so many places


For Google play music, their problem is that even when we purchase our songs from their library, they require us to use wi-fi to access our songs. seriously?

康宇 says:

l like spotify

Yomamasapeach says:

I’ve used all three, as well as Tidal.
While Google Play’s general outline is quite plain and boring, it has the best selection compared to the others.

Tim Timmy says:

anyone know which is best for electronic? house? trance? progressive? I feel like YouTube is the best for that which makes me lean to Google music

Chief Wiggles says:

I like Apple music and Google play music but the only thing I hate from Google play music is that I can’t download songs individually, I have to create a playlist to put songs there 🙁

Ash Faraz says:

Upload 50.000 of your own tracks + YouTube Red = Instant win for GPM. But somehow I still use Spotify. Can’t let go of it man. Maybe because their core business is streaming music and I believe they are more dedicated than Apple, Google or Amazon.

Mihindu S. says:

Just realised that there is a thing called Google play music

Zeeangelofdeath says:

I like play, but only because you get YouTube Red. No adds is definitely way to go

LuKi ' says:

I’m just that one guy who likes google play the most even though I use it with an iPhone

Zixon Potato says:


Culor Bahazlad says:

I’ve used all of the music services shown in the video and I think that Google Play Music provides the worst overall experience of the three services.

Back 'N a FLASH says:

Spotify has a running option where it plays music to the speed of your running

Jack Tran says:

I used to use Spotify premium until I couldn’t find Spotify premium cards in stores anymore, now I use Google Play All Access

Fizzy Elf says:

Youtube Red is the best.

GengarTV says:

I’ll go back to GPM when i can use youtube red outside of the USA

Lukas Graham says:

Youtube it’s the best

Randall Collins says:

Been a Google Play Music subscriber since the beginning, even when I was using an iPhone 6+. Seems to be slightly more feature rich on the the Pixel XL.

I noticed you didn’t talk about sound quality buy maybe most people don’t care or notice that. If I’m not mistaken, both GPM and Spotify steam at 320kbps while Apple Music streams at 256kbps AAC. Not that many people can tell the difference since they’re all compressed but still, they all sound pretty good.

Andrew Ahigian says:

If Google remakes their Play Music UI to make it faster and just look better, I would pay for their service. Its just too clunky and slow, just doesnt look good either. Remake your UI and im on #TeamGPM

Andrew Austin says:

I think you lied about how Apple helps you create a library as you are making playlists/adding playlists. you said Spotify didn’t do that, but it does. you can browse your library by songs, artists, exc.

you also said Spotify is double the cost of the other two. that’s not true. they’re all the exact same price for family plan, I thought. $9.99 for a single account/$14.99 for up to 6 accounts.

I love all things Google, but I would give the win to Spotify.

Butters says:

Google is they biggest thing out there it dominates the internet world . I’m going to sleep

Twunk says:

you call google play music beautiful? it has the worst ui i’ve seen in my entire life


I hate Google play music because WIFI

dee k says:

Google music looks atrocious

André Hansen says:

I think Spotify is the best of the 3, especially design wise

Sam Sherratt says:

I currently use amazon prime music (which is shit) definitely thinking of getting play music, seems to be the best and also integrates better than the others (android wear, chrome cast, google home, android tv, android auto, sonos etc etc)

GabePlaysGames says:

Team piracy
I get to download all my music… the only limit is the amount of hard drive space I have… I also don’t have to wait for it to buffer… no ads either… I have the most amount of music too… all at no cost…
Get on my level.

Matthew Mitchell says:

Spotify is unbelievably buggy. The app takes an age to load and tracks will randomly stop playing. Their support is useless.

ThejewelCraft0100 says:

I’m getting Spotify! They have Rick and Morty! Get riggity wrecked Apple.

Fred Laxton says:

Apple Music is 40 million songs now

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