Apple Music vs YouTube Music In-Depth Comparison

YouTube Music Premium has hit the scene to take on Apple Music. But how does it stack up? Will Googles AI and Machine Learning best Apple’s team of content curators? Watch and find out. Share your thoughts below!
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Wi vieuw says:


Hi-Fi Insider says:

Do you really want a music app to know where you are 24/7? No thanks for me….

Benjamin Leclère says:


• S K B • says:

I’m considering to subscribe to Apple Music but I have a few interrogation. First, does it show the number of time the song was played like on my library music? And what happen if I’m in the train and lost reception data?

Wyatt Sexton says:

I don’t think there’s been recent Queen releases?

zorkor says:

Apple playlists are phenomenal? Nah. Their playlists are horrible and rarely gives me the music that I want. Best playlists I found are in Spotify. They’re matched according to my taste. So good that I am starting to think about cancelling my Apple Music subscription and staying with Spotify premium.

Alan Hughes says:

I always wanted to try Apple Music, but they blocked everything during the free trial if didn’t want to waste your time setting up icloud match

Matthew Jardine says:

Apple Music for the win. YouTube Music is not for me. There is no good way to download music for offline use. You need to actually subscribe to artists, and those subscriptions then reflect in your YouTube subscriptions on the normal YouTube service and clog up your subscription feed. Then, I found their personal recommendations to be a lot of the band’s greatest hits i.e. the songs I have already heard millions of times, rather than music I may want to try. It also sticks to the safe bet suggestions a lot. Overall, YouTube Music is not yet fully figured out. I am very happy with Apple Music.

yellowsnh says:

Why black????

Kevin Elkington says:

So whats the sound quality like compared to apple? (only one of the most important questions)

Ain'tMyself says:

Did you just grant permission to always allow location access?

Josh's Reviews says:

I agree with your point about it being hard to just play one song at a time with YT Music.

Chris Darwiche says:

That’s alot of home screen pages

Tetro Future says:

Please help!!!! How to change standard account into admin account ? I have vault password on and I have tried command s and r. They didn’t work.

Issie wizzie says:

apple music is not a competition …(can’t even crossfade /gapeless)

Matt Baker says:

I can already get videos on YouTube for free with no ads

Raúl Manzano says:

In youtube music you cant add just one song from an album to your library, you must add the complete album. Such a basic feature and it doesnt have it ready on launch.

Noah Cezário says:

first, thanks for the video!
and for me, the Youtube Music UI is a complete mess, subscribe to channels to add that artist to my fav arts… that I just wanna listen to the music…and not to talk about my youtube feed. I’ll Keep with Spotify for now.

Whoda Kat says:

I know Apple is going to cave and give into the dark mode thing, but every time I see it, it make me think the designer was in his early 20s. The crisp white backgrounds do it for me. Very simple, very elegant, very Apple

younus hadi says:

To those saying they prefer apple music because Google collects your data. You probably use Google chrome, Google about a hundred things everyday, probably use Gmail, but when it comes to comparing it with apple, ( which also collects data ) you cancerous fanboys say apple even though you use Google apps everyday. Hypocrites

Birthdaycakes says:

yeah apple music wins…but the apple music player is 2/5.

Apple Fanboy says:

Apple Music is just better

k z a says:


Azlan Alan says:

Spotify is the best muahh

Sonny Chaudhry says:

Google has so many redundant apps. Why do they have YouTube Music when they already have Google Play Music? Same goes their email and chat apps. Why have Gmail and Inbox? Why have 3 different chat applications? Seems like they need to cut the fat and streamline their services.

älä tule says:


Mike Lay says:

YT music will get better…..

A Boy Has No Name says:

Apple music ftw

Matt Baker says:

YouTube music is shit just like google play music the only real options are Apple music and Spotify

Douglas Ceretta Hamerski says:

Is good to have more options but Apple Music is still my favorite.

jwjww says:


Nicholas says:

Show the full screen, please. What’s the point of zooming in on the top 1/3 of the screen???

Mike Miguel says:

there isnt such app in the app store !? where do you guys download it from ? wtf

John Constable says:

Apple Music for the win

Faizan Abbas says:

Some of my favourite albums aren’t on Apple Music so I have to stick with Spotify

Josh's Reviews says:

Andrew is getting slightly better….

Matt Baker says:

I hate the white interface on Apple music Spotify is better

Apple Fanboy says:

There’s no other platform good as apple music

Danijel Romanic says:

Audio quality is what matters to me, so I have to say neither. However, if I had to choose it’d be Apple Music all the way.

Josh's Reviews says:

Is this the new YouTube Music? I thought it wasn’t out yet….

havensmayor says:

Lies…If Google Play Music has the Beatles music (which it does), then YouTube Music should have The Beatles. Secondly, Apple is not gonna aggregate the Google experience on an Apple device the same as it would on an Android device. By the same token, Apple Music isn’t as good on Android.

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