Apple Music: Walkthrough

This is a detailed look at the new Apple Music app and subscription music service launching today with iOS 8.4 on the iPhone and iPad and with iTunes 12.2. Coming soon to Android and Apple TV this fall.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Marissa xo says:

The stupid music app looks like a maze

Bảo Đỗ says:

Where do you get your shiny purple gradient wallpaper?

Joseph Reed says:

Is downloading albums free

BlueLT7 says:


how would you add artwork and tags to this section?

RadiøactiveRahSNG says:

does anyone know if you can use it as a separate library? I have an iphone & don’t want apple music messing up my itunes library just for the phone’s sake

Evan Mitsakis says:

I love Apple Music better than Spotify but they are pretty close

Jacob King says:

But how in gods name do you buy music

Abdullah Al Bustami says:

How can I know when Apple Music will run out and I will have to pay again

Charlie says:

I feel like apple shot themselves in the foot with Apple Music. Because they don’t offer a micro SD card slot the “offline listening” feature doesn’t appeal to the majority of iPhone users who have 16GB iPhones. Plus Spotify is available on more or less all devices.

Daniel Meneses says:

It’s says cannot connect to iTunes Store

jason bolden says:

Where is the repeat button

Anas Qodri says:

No need internet right?

Jhoseph Llorente says:

Question. does my offline music and playlist from apple music will be saved if i switch phone and sign on my existing account? Or i need to backup to my itunes or what?

Ashton Brasher says:

Can’t I just buy music and keep it on the phone and not do the plan

Emilie Newcomb says:

Is the music free?

PANDA MM says:

When I click on the music app all it shows is my library and I can’t get out of it…

Oscar Mrad says:

I just have one question: when you buy the Apple Music membership you can download any song that you want without paying them and get all the songs that you want?

LongBeach99EastSide says:

how I regret updating my jailbroken ipod for ios 7 to ios 9.3.5.

meowmeow44444 says:

Let’s be real….SIRI has no fucking clue what’s going on. SIRI is a 1980’s speak in spell in the basement of apple with a microphone taped to it.

TheRadKad Fazo says:

is paypal a method of payment?

Daniel Meneses says:

I can’t use the app it says I don’t have internet connection but I do

Elizabeth Villalobos says:

Too fast for me

palmtree486 says:

you actually have to get an apple music subscription now to use iTunes radio except for beats1

rohan muradnar says:

can it accept debit card buying ringtones or songs

Shrein Singh says:

How do i change my individual subscription to family subscription? Please tell me

anthony cartwright says:

Following him is like following someone on speed. I had to turn it down put a comment because I couldn’t pause it at the time. Just looking at his hand movement is just to crack-ish I couldn’t listen to him.

David Robitaille says:

I wish they’d leave the DAMN MUSIC APP ALONE!!! It’s gotten so bad, I bought an iPod classic just for music, because it’s menu system is SO much better than the corn maze the iPhone has

Manisha Solanki says:

Hello sir plz help meri iTunes ki id mjse galti se bnd hogyi h plz mj batye k wo kese on hogi plz answer me question

David Robitaille says:

By far the best version that hides this is iTunes on the Mac. I hate the iOS version.

ANDRE1 says:

I actually like Apple Music over Spotify mostly because of its feature that gives you new music everyday based on the music you listen to and it has been accurate! In the playlists they send me for example I like at least 3/10 songs. Don’t get me wrong Spotify worked well for me as well but Apple Music gave me more new songs that I actually like more

Judi Emad says:

how do you download your music ????

Uriel Hernandez says:

What is the total cost

Dr. Dank says:

I accidentally deleted the “music” app,how can I get it back???plz reply

geedoo459 says:

I wish they never updated the app in IOS 10. This version of the app was literally the most functional and most attractive. The new music app is ugly and clunky and and took away so many functions. I wish there was a way to just get the old music app back.

Theodoric Teh says:

The app icon has a less agreeable design than the previous one.

Ben Dova says:

Guys I bought Apple Music with the college plan using my pre paid debit card and the money on it ran out. I got it refilled with $200 and it didn’t sign me back in. I don’t want a brand new account because I already had a ton of music on my account. What do I do??

Daniel G says:

Can you add a gift card and purchase music through this app? does it eat your data up?

Jim Osborne says:

how many devices are you allowed to use it on for an individual membership?

Olivia says:

You have a really basic taste

Mr.Budderman4972 says:

To listen to certain songs on my phone, I need to sign up for the new plan. Is there a way to get around this?

geedoo459 says:

I miss this interface so much. I hate the design of IOS 10

Therese Whitten says:

You talk WAY too fast and jump from one step to the next step so quick I don’t even have a chance to look down and mimmic your movements. It’s like listening to a teenager who suffers from one long sentence without pauses or hardly a breath. You shouldn’t call this a walk through because its a FLASH through. Any NEW individual you are leaving into the dust. The only people who can fallow you are the people who probably don’t need to watch this video. I have had to rewind the first 20 seconds of the video 3 times all ready. Not a good walk through. Make that 5 times now.

Tim Le says:

If your subscription on apple music ends, does the music you downloaded get deleted like spotify?

PromotingTheBeat says:

I tried Apple Music 6 months ago and learned the hard way that they will ruin your playlists, remove songs and what not.

6 months later, I thought it would have been easier… same thing, ruined my playlists again ( but I restored the file to restore the lists )

This is really sad because I wanted to use Apple Music… but them messing with my playlists and not allowing me to add my music back to the playlists without enabling iCloud library, adding them manually from their server, is just ridiculous.

Apple Music seems to be good for people starting out into collecting music, people who don’t have a collection and want to start collecting now, but in this way. For everyone else with collections, it’s not worth it.

Unless they somehow manage to separate iTunes & Apple music into 2 separate apps, I won’t be going back to Apple Music anytime soon. It’s not worth paying monthly for a service that ruins my collection like this.

sirena lopez says:

So basically you don’t have to buy music anymore. All you have to do is add it offline right

Mr Rockstar says:

I am an artist on apple music its the new thing think it gone replace itunes. I prefer Spotify though.

Football Nation says:

How do you buy music

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