Beats Music App Review


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Rodolfo Lopez says:


Marija Balan says:

My mom and I will be here for more than a week.

moe musa says:

Very nice review and im subed ….but the little bit I read about the app told me it had major bugs and as far as paying goes I’m based in Africa and money is an issue so is it worth it or is it to early to tell ?

Eloisa Tan says:

Good!! I often listen to music when I’m in the car. “Be music to your ears” 🙂

Gobinth Rao says:

what is the song name??

Skylar Bacote-Tsaoys says:

I just downloaded it and am currently using the free trail. I have a question and I would be grateful if anyone could answer it. Basically the impression I’m getting by Beats Music is that it’s almost just like a “Zune Music Pass” where you pay a monthly charge to be able to search and listen to anything you want . . . Is that true ? Because I used to love Zune Music Pass until they discontinued it  . . . I think . . . .So is this basically just like Zune Music Pass ???

AlexAPPS.TV says:

if you bock APP REVIEWS guys have visited the YT Channel, my friends: D nice evening


Great video! I was curious about the app, due to the proposed acquisition.

Elman Usupov says:

ha ha ha hack this aapppp working all country

Randy says:

I love this app, it’s the best music streaming app but$10 a month is just too much

Nicholas Naudé says:

hard P’s! Wow, step back from the mic.

Snap n' Point says:


Fun Card Deals says:


I was wondering what you would charge me to creat a video for my product. let me know

Sloth Hop says:

Really nice post 🙂 – I’ve just released an app game called ‘Sloth Hop’ onto the app stores (google and itunes). I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Harvie Johnson says:

What a high quality video! I am a music producer. After a lot of research I just found what seems to be the most user friendly program for beat creation ever. please go to my channel and find the link I have posted for this program

Ayleen Valdez says:

how do you Sign up in beats

Marco Ruiz says:

Why does beats music cut my songs short?

Manish Thapa says:

which software did you use for making this video

ILLERthanMATIC says:

Good video

Asad Khan says:

hey please help me i use USA app store but the beats music app is not available how can i get this app

mgm5m says:

Google Music does the same thing.

Manifestation 88 says:

Great review ! T-UP and Sub’d;)

kevin han says:

Another app you can use is duomi but it’s chinese but I’m pretty sure u can figure out. Plus it’s freeeeeeee!

Juan García says:

“CrApple”… He he he. Cool folder! Nice idea!

Louis Garcia says:

Fuck the new update for I phone

QC Dads says:

Great video

Jayjay Capati says:

Its not available in my country :/


Thibault Gilbert says:

Awesome review ! Keep it up the good work

Ian Scott says:

the stinks, ill kill the dude who made it

Diego Jaramillo says:

Waste of money

mario beraud says:

Waths song video!

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