Best Music Streaming Service? (2017)

It’s 2017, and music is clearly in the direction towards digital only. Because of that, I decided to give my opinions on the music streaming service industry, and here is my opinion on the best music streaming services!

Apple Music:
Google Play:
Amazon Music:


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▷Video Recorded and Edited by: Drake Facione (TheTechLemon)
▷Music used in the video: Kanye West – Touch The Sky Instrumental

If you can read to this point, comment what music streaming service you use, if any!


Gehenna says:

I personally use Apple Music but if i could i would definitely use spotify premium. I enjoy the dark screen of spotify and hate the apple music white screen.

abby biebs says:

google play music sucka

Jonah Cooper says:

Spotify is my dad

Streamy says:

Stop reading your notes! It’s annoying.

Leandro Santiago Batista says:

spotify right now offer me the best solution for listen music, the apps for smartphone, pc, ipad and playstation are awesome, i can use all my dispositive like a remote control for change my music. the others apps can be good but for now i stay with spotify.

Rafael Antonio Moreno Contreras says:

You didn’t mention Google Play Music comes with YouTube Red…

Claudine Deleon says:

Go To The google search And Type: *FreeCodesXXX* Now this is going to be the only working spotify codes working from this month. Please do not waste the precious time in other applications

NeedMoreMushrooms says:

I’ll just go with my Plex server. 😉

Stephen Wayda says:

Amazon Prime membership is totally worth it and the best bang for your buck. I buy almost everything on Amazon, except groceries, and have it delivered 1-2 days later with no shipping fees. Prime Music has all of the older songs I like. Songs are usually not available on Prime Music until they’ve been out for a couple months, but if I really want to listen to a new song that bad I’ll stream it through YouTube App until it’s available on Prime Music, or just spend the $1.29 and buy it outright. I can’t justify spending $10 a month on just a streaming music service

OTR- 559 says:

hows tidal ? I had spotty it was cool but I feel like everyting is gonna go threw tidal first

Comély says:

Apple music=meh i got money

Smoke. Weed every day

Jeff Daly says:

Wow…I was hoping to get some info on Amazon, but the quick dismissal. Ugh.

Alexander Otey says:

I pick amazon music unlimited then spotify

Jay Scott says:

I just moved from google play to Apple because of a few family members prefer but I had no prob with google play.

xxElitexKingk says:

You’re videos are so interesting. You deserve more subs mate.

Jimmer says:

Do a android vs iPhone video

D Jaquith says:

Google Music by far is the best option if you have a family, $15/month for 6 people (60 devices) plus YouTube RED and YT Music are included for no added charge.

Courtney King says:

Deezer is pretty good as well. It’s available in just about every country except for 10. If you like music from all over I think it’s a viable option.

Dude RU4 Real says:

I’ve tried most of these and my favourite by far is Amazon Music. 40 million tracks and I save £40 a year when I pay £79.99 for the year but of course I have prime.

Christian Rohner says:

Which is better Deezer or Tidal?

bezzDelniks says:

After last updates Apple Music bacame better while my choice is Spotify free account for multipaltform listening via Spotify Connect as well + Tidal Hifi plan with Audirvana listening at home

Christian Rohner says:

I find that Napster is better then Tidal.

Alexander B. Robinson says:

Thq very much for your truth and honesty in this vid Drake. I’ve been struggling w/ the decision as to which music streaming service I should use & this video has really help me tremendously. Thx again.

Gabriella Underwood says:

Jam Music too!
You can listen any of 40,000,000 songs IN SYNC with your friends. It’s like sharing earbuds.
Plus, could you imagine Jamming with a celeb? Not to mention you can message them on the app :-O

Hritik Ghatge says:

I live in India .
Apple music is the only thing.

Sci-Fi & Horror Films says:

Great review Drake! I ended up getting the free trail of Amazon Music for my echo, it’s just seamless and got bucket loads of psych, post-punk & krautrock, absolutely well worth a go!

CallMeMustard says:

Apple Music student sub for 5.99$ a month worth it

KuroTengetsu91 says:

To be fair I think that Google play music is the best value for your money.

If you use YouTube a lot then you’d probably appreciate that YouTube Red comes bundled with your subscription of Google play music… a literal 2 for 1 service.

Other than that it’s essentially got the same catalogue as both Spotify and Apple music, if anything I think that GPM belongs beside Spotify rather than Apple music.

In the time that I used Apple music the design just got worse in my opinion and it’s “exclusives” weren’t anything to rave about. At worst you had to wait a few weeks sometimes just days before exclusives made their way to other platforms.

Jermain Rowe says:

I have Google play music an what he failed to mention is that when you have Google play music you also get YouTube red which allows you to watch videos on YouTube without commercials you can come out of the app an still listen to YouTube audio while doing something else,download the videos for offline streaming etc an the music selection is great

Marry Apiagyei says:

Spotify good best tidal No apple music no no app Music

Robert Castle says:

your phone being at 7% has me on edge.

Vedant Jhawar says:

Deezer is the best

Tele Opinions says:

Here’s a challenge for you, what streaming service provides the best music selection for people 70 years old  and older?  Is it even worth it for them to subscribe to any of those services?

Marry Apiagyei says:

Dad my apple music too

CimbaMuzics says:

Nice video! It helped me a lot. I was searching for a new streaming app because I ran out of upload time on soundcloud (3 hours) I have the same logitech speakers too 😀

Fallen says:

SoundCloud is trash if you don’t listen to Rap music. You won’t find anything else.

Kyle Ruiz says:

If my dad is paying for Amazon prime is it worth switching from Spotify to Amazon unlimited that’s cheaper?

Kaizen FTW says:

What a stupid review… Ever heard of objectivity? Apparently google music is more expensive than spotify or apple music according to you…even though just a few seconds earlier you yourself said all 3 services cost 10 bucks to subscribe to. LOL???

BlackoutWorm - The Truth Will Set You Free! says:

I use Spotify and Deezer.
Deezer doesn’t have the same library of songs, but the quality is way better.
Same with MusicAll. Not the best selection, but great quality.

John Sims says:

Pandora premium you can save stations and then shuffle the stations. So if you like Metal, Rap, Jazz, Pop, Country you can shuffle all the stations and never get sick of one type of music. No other service has this option yet and that alone keeps Pandora on top for me.

AzzieB says:

So first u could have cut u not being able to open Spotify basic editing, also why film a video when the phone is on 8%, otherwise really good video has helped me out a lot as I was on Spotify but unsure about amazon music instead

Greenemerald03 says:

I live in Toledo bro!!

Joel Mathews says:

I am using Pandora , but it cancel s Australian and New Zealand user’s at the end of the month , so thank s for the video . Sounds like Spotify .

newfnshow031 says:

All this video does is basically tell us the price breakdowns… useless

Theo K says:

I love the video already for putting the touch the sky instrumental at the beginning


nice vid drake!

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