GEO SYNTHESIZER Review (iPad music app review)

This is my review of the new app from Wizdom Music, “Geo Synthesizer”. Currently the app is $9.99 in the app store. Is this app worth your money?

Also check out Mugician for the iPad. It is a free app (with open source code for you developers) with a layout identical to GeoSynth.

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planetfrog2 says:

Helpful review, thnx

Luke DeWitt says:

This reeaally looks outstanding. Is it stable? Could it be used in a live performance?

NickCulbertson says:

Yes. I’ve seen videos of it used live with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, one of the creators. If you want to give it a free test drive try out the app Cantor by the Geo Synth’s main creator, Rob Fielding. It is Rob’s follow up app to Geo and it is free. Unlike Geo, Cantor does not have a built in sample library but it can be used as a midi controller. Also you can control ThumbJam with it which in my opinion has the best sound samples of any iOS app. Thanks for posting

Moby Pixel says:

You can use it to control midi wirelessly but bending notes doesn’t really work polyphonically unless you assign alternating midi inputs for each touch. If you want to test it out there is a free app called “Cantor” that uses the same midi setup just without the internal sound bank and stripped down UI.

emf1123 says:

Regarding your complaint about the playing surface layout not having enough rows and columns when loading; there’s the “Save” button. You can just overwrite the existing preset with your own settings. (the layouts are what they are by default so that the presets are playable on the smaller phone keyboard)

Moby Pixel says:

@MLogi Thanks! It still has wifi but for fast playing the camera kit is the best option. WiFi works just great for me since I’m a guitarist and I spend most of my time ahead of the beat anyways ;).There is, however, a local midi feature now where you can run SampleWiz in the background and control it with Geo (I think you might be able to do this with ThumbJam in the background too according to the app screenshot in the store.) Thanks for posting.

rrr00bb says:

MLogi: we can use WIFI, but WIFI just can’t reliably give good enough latency compared to the camera connection kit. With drum machines and such, they can send MIDI messages ahead of time to compensate for latency, but with a touch instrument, there is no other option than for the MIDI transport to be on time; which WIFI just cannot be by its very nature. 30ms CCK versus 100ms and crazy amount of jitter over WIFI. It works, but it will never match background MIDI in iPad or CCK.


mo mugician for iphone/android… lame…
android too laggy in audio till google fixes the sound api…

but ipod why not?

A Mac says:

Great review man! I just purchased mine this evening and really am enjoying it. Thanks for pointing out the little features about this app. Just last week I bought SampleWiz for the first time and now this app comes out, but I do have to say that they are both money well spent. Thanks again for your in-depth review.

Domothy85 says:

great review!

VitalyNewman says:

hehe mugician on steroids =)

MLogi says:

this is a really great review! just one question, is the midi interface is connected through WIFI as it was until now or is something else this time?

MrKeys57 says:

very interesting!! but i dont really get the layout, only for guittarist´s or..?

brando92711 says:

What model iPad is this? I think I may buy an iPad just for this and Geoshred! It’s a lot cheaper than buying a Linnstrument or Seaboard 🙂

Moby Pixel says:

@MrArchmanThaFukkUp Yes, this is the first iPad. Works great! It also runs well on my 4th gen iPod Touch. Thanks for posting.

Moby Pixel says:

@Kronicilln3ss I’ve seen Nano but have not tried it. I’ll check it out. The main draw to this app is how the performance “keys” are laid out. Also you can control other apps like ThumbJam using GeoSynth’s background midi function. This app doesn’t record but that is not it’s purpose.
Yes, I am a programmer. You can check out my apps by searching “Mad Calf Apps” in the app store. Thanks for posting.

atomvunis .anthony skarvoones says:

just change your parameters you want rounding, how many notes on screen etc on each patch and then save all the patches then they r setup the way you like:)

Yossi Cohen says:

now that android dont have too much of a delay(drumpads 24 is a great example of iphone like almost non noticable delay) i want this on android!

sam de conte says:

amazing can it give a midi out put , playing multitouch , to control other Vst/i tones ???

Kronicilln3ss says:

Oh @365apps idk ur names long dude lol seriously buy nano studio u won’t regret it so worth 15 I even paid $20 for the IAP TO HAVE 16 polyphony instruments playing simultaneously. So I want to know if this makes this app or any other just synth not worth it since it seems NS has me covered and bm2. Also ur a programmer?! I’m looking for someone musically inclined and who can code cuz I have ideas for apps games and music but 1 great million$ idea I shit u not!

Moby Pixel says:

@bleh151 He was a part of the development, just not the coding. I think the inclusion of the WAV files might have been exclusively Jordan’s idea. Most of the programming credit should go to Rob but the apps popularity has to be attributed to the Wizdom name.

M K says:

Is this played on the first iPad? Anyone knows how this app performs on it?

rrr00bb says:

@MLogi ThumbJam2.0 will support background MIDI, and as far as we know, it will be the best MIDI implementation for Geo. It’s quite awesome, but not submitted to Apple yet.

MsRedhot777 says:

Breaking new ground in technology that brings complex musical ideas to the players of all levels…

Foll & Over Fable says:

becsaptél ocsem

Dalorick Dalo says:


bleh151 says:

I thought Jordan made this!!!!

b0blee says:

I like seeing the names of the notes. So many guitarists don’t know the names of the notes they are playing. Someone who plays this synth will learn the names of notes in scales by osmosis.

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