Hands-on with the new YouTube Music app

Read the CNET Editors Take – http://cnet.co/1MLvRxC
Google just announced a new YouTube Music app that pairs with YouTube’s Red Subscription service for unlimited ad-free audio and video streams. Join us as CNET goes hands-on.


Mark Navarro says:

Been a Spotify user for years and just downloaded you tube red. YouTube red is what Google play music should have been. It’s damn beautiful and better looking than Spotify. They need to intergrate Google play music and YouTube music together.it doesn’t makes sense to have 2 music streaming services from the same company. It confuses the consumer.

BJ Johnson says:


Saboor Subhan says:

no 1 cares

Nick Ackerman says:

It is totally awesome, I love it!

Danny Ivan says:

at 2:01 he is playing Red Velvet- Dumb Dumb. i freaking love that song!

ItsDankHealz says:

can I listen to Tool on the YouTube Music app?

DigitalYojimbo says:

alright more gang nam style !

Film Gob says:

So it’s full of videos from Vevo which is free? LOL

Jose Dominguez says:

You got a system update waiting bro!

Stuart Terrey says:

US as usual not UK

Krystal says:

does anyone know how to listen to music for free

Jasmine says:

please make it avaiable in europe?

Jason Arauz says:

First, I’m first, that’s amazing, I love being first 🙂 I am so happy I’m first…


what phone are you using?

Abi Kiflom says:

lol this not working in Swedin .

Marius Morar says:

A lot of songs on Youtube are pirated songs uploaded by random users and most of them have really bad audio quality.
Why would I pay for some pirated songs with bad audio quality that Youtube is too lazy to replace? Let the record labels upload the licensed version of the songs you want to listen.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Mr. Slugg says:

does it work in the back ground without youtube red?

A Bag of Kale Chips says:

I was expecting: “Wow, youtube really decided to make such a horrible app”

Michael Jordan 33 says:

After a while u have to pay for background

Mark McC says:

Rather stay with Apple Music

maxcohen13 says:

Just waiting to see when YouTube will ‘penalised’ regular viewers of free music videos by slowing down service and purposely messing with the playback so we give up and subscribe to this.

Lawrence Lui says:

question is, when is it out?

savior02 says:

iOS support?

Subbiah Palani Ramalakshmanan says:

Beware You get subscribed to YouTube Red with initial 14 day trial when you download YouTube Music.

Hassan Alhasnawi says:

how do u delete the music from this app

David Nunez says:

Please update your phone the icon in the notification was driving me nuts.

elchamber says:

This would be awesome if it worked on all videos. I subscribe to some of those scary stories channels.

Mr. IDGAF says:

Fuck this, Fuck Spotify and all that bullshit. Just download the music.

SlapaMacca98 says:

When is it available in Australia

IbanezV70CE says:

“And if you’re a red subscriber you can even turn off your phone and continue listening. ” The only reason for this app to exist and it is bot free.

Jay Harris says:

Cool!!! Now add this to T Mobile Music Freedom!!

kingraver507 says:

Staying with Spotify

Josh Ocampo says:

How do intake music off my offline mixtape

Drew says:

When is it available in UK?

Haris Kyritsis says:

Things that Spotify doing for years now. And even free…

Ralph Daniels says:

does it cost money

David Weise says:


Reality Warri0r says:

You lost me at YouTube red… Fuck that £££££££££

RoffaboyS says:

Lol explicit content? I don’t think they will get so much subscribers then they think they will. Besides ad free? People use ad blockers for that they also work on youtube sorry Google but smart people won’t fall for it.


interesting features 🙂
i invite to watch my channel too

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