Hey Just J – Loopy App Review (Live Looping)

Just found out about an amazing app for ipod/ipad/iphone that makes mobile live looping a BREEZE. 6 circles and TONS of power in a simple intuitive interface. All the other looping apps out there right now pale in comparison. Search for Loopy in the app store or check out their website:


I also use/recommend other looping software/hardware depending on your need/use.

If you have a decent sound card or audio interface and a computer/laptop ambiloop is a powerful FREE software for Windows. Has a tiny bit of a learning curve but it’s really simple and gives you LOTS of power.


If you want tons of effects and just want to do very simple loops the BOSS VE-20 is a great little box. I got mine for $250 when they first came out but I think the price has gone up since. Great if you need to drop your vocals an octave to get booming bass, or if you want to get that auto tune sound. Even if you just want some harmonies or reverb it gives decent results.


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Nick Taranov says:

anyone know any looper pedal apps for guitar on android or pc?

Peter GamingYT says:

wow £2.99

heyjustj says:

I don’t know for sure, BUT I would assume it does. I know the developer of this app works very hard to make sure it is compatible with pretty much anything that works with iOS. You may check out the Loopy forums on their website. I know there is a lot of compatibility information on there. You may also look into getting the new iRig PRO. It has built in MIDI and some other cool features. It’s a bit more pricey but I think that’s what I will get next.

alonzo church says:

if you doubt this app type in jimmy kimmel and Billy Joel doo wop

warde5084 says:

Thank you.

Barry Spears says:

Great app! Great song! Check out my live loop videos using loopy hd!

heyjustj says:

I think if you just connect your iRig Pre it should override the internal microphone and use the iRig for the sound in your video recording.

Max isMax says:

How do you have iRig connected to your computer?

nomibe2911 says:

Is there an android counterpart for Loopy? Please someone tell me which app on Android is similar to Loopy.

Fieldgorr says:

thanks for the tip man… 🙂

Gabriel Lucindo says:

Can you please tell me what its the setup of the cables? Thank you. Love it the video.


Your awesome at beatboxing

Jeannette Johnson says:

Do you need headphones? I tried over and over (no background in this stuff, just messing around with it) and I can’t hear anything. It doesn’t play back. No idea if it’s even recording.

Ufuk Satir says:

Hi i have just a question guys… It´s Loopy HD works without a headset ? Or i need a Headset pls answer me and don´t lie if you don´t know. Need a correct answer ?!

jesse box says:

Can someone please make a turtorial video on how to use this with a guitar

Zach Johnson says:

Ur so good at that!

Benjamin Soto says:


heyjustj says:

I think that is an option, but I’m not positive. However I highly recommend using headphones if you are just using the internal iPhone/iPod mic. With an external mic I plug mine into an amp and use it that way without feedback issues.

Dave Craige says:


heyjustj says:

If you are just looking to record music, then go with garage band. Loopy is specifically made for looping and while you CAN use it to record songs, it serves a totally different purpose than garage band. For the iphone/ipad I currently use the Vericorder XLR. I’m looking to replace it with the iRig Pro here soon. So those would be my recommendations. I’m don’t have a lot of information about synthesizers, but I would suggest just watching tutorial videos on garage band to learn that first.

heyjustj says:

I’m totally confused as well ha ha. If you are trying to get audio directly from your iPad into your iPhone you will have to get a second iRig Pre (or another audio interface). Then just have the headphone out from the iRig Pre go into the iPhone iRig Pre. Personally I think you would be better off NOT recording audio into your iPhone and just setting up loopy to record your live session. Then just use the video from the iPhone and the saved audio file from loopy and sync them in a video editor.

crazyleg2006 says:

Cool video… would love to see more.

Peter Plantec says:

Impressive performance…and I learned something…Thanx.

O.P.F. says:

That was pretty dope, I liked the harmonization. Are there any looping apps that go more in depth with sample editing and effects? I’ve been looking for something cool like that to use with my friend’s noise music project where I could sample the different sounds that they’re making live and start sequencing it into a beat on the fly and be able to manipulate further with filters and effects.

Nilsa Pozo says:

i must be an idiot cause i cant get it to work properly

Hårîïñdû Ferñáñdøê says:

mate can you please tell me how to use use the both headphones and mic output at the same time ?please name the devices you used for that! 🙂

HellmansMayo says:

Hey, I’m thinking about getting the iRig. I have a mic with a ULX to Jack cord. So I should be able to just plug it straight it. My question is, how’s the lag going through iRig. In your video it doesn’t seem to be a problem, but it’d be nice to know for sure.

aqsha aprilla says:

U deserve more subsriber! Im subsribe..

Little cookie Rachel says:

I am dreaming about getting a looping machine cause I want to sing

Ed 93 says:

Can i get this on android or can i get something similar?

Shania Madrilejos says:

Do i need a mic for this or i can just use without one

Bill7Godet says:

hey just J, I am interested in buying this Loopy App… I already have vocalive for iPad
can they be combinated – what exactly do I need otherwise for singing wise..
I am more a songwriter working with Ableton so I would like to know the
possibility of recording connection into my computor…what do I need…
I do see this video is from 2011 so there are probably changes improvements etc…but….thanks

Nachos4Bros says:

Skip to 3:00

edward Matthews says:

Woah yeahh boyee almost got up and started dancing just got the app on my iPhone 4S now my friends want to use it for party freestyles cause they all got androids.

heyjustj says:

You will probably need to get the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (also called CCK for short) that will let you connect a USB cable and IF your mic is compatible it should work fine. You should be able to do a google search to find out if your microphone is supported. I know many people use other USB audio interfaces with the CCK, but not all audio interfaces are compatible.

Josseñia Pomare says:

Never mind my last question, but, can i perform live with this?

heyjustj says:

I don’t think Loopy is available on Android (not sure if it will ever be, but don’t quote me on that). However I have seen a demo of an Android looping app called “LoopStack” and while it doesn’t have near the capabilities of Loopy it seems like it would work for basic stuff. I don’t actually own anything running Android anymore so I’m kind of out of the loop (no pun intended) on the android app market.

Josseñia Pomare says:

Was this app deleted from the app store?

Daniel Tellez says:

Can u recommend an easy/cheap mic setup for a new user? Like what all should I pick up.

Андрей LaGGeRFeeD says:

Как скачать на андроид

Duc Tam Nguyen says:

it’d be great if you can help me out with this question: how do you plug your microphone straight through the iRig into the iPhone? As I understand you mic needs a sort of power supply and would it simply work if you plug straight in with the regular cable or did you use some kind of “battery/power” cable for the mic before plugging into the iRig? Thanks! +heyjustj 

Gabriel Lucindo says:

@heyjustj Yup, I’ve got another question.
1 – What if I want it to perform LIVE. I do use the same? iRig Pro and a XLR adapter, right? But how to do this without the feedback.
2 – The audio from that video its live, but how did you record that audio without activating the REC in loopy (IPhone)? Are you using two outputs for the mic input? Example: IPhone, and an Camera with external mic input or recording from a Mac.

Please help me! Xoxo and thank you again.

Forrest Albano says:

Hey, heyjustj, I love the video you put up, but I do have a few questions. First one is, I bought an iRig, and the audio of it keeps bleeding into the other loops that I make. This is not because the audio in the headphones are too loud, but instead it is recording the input as well as the output. Is there a way to fix this?

And my second question is, how do you fully connect everything? I got that you have your IOS device going out through the iRig, through a mic adapter, through the mic. And the iRig through the split to the headphones, but what split is it? And how does it connect to the video and the auido of your cpu? 

That’s all I have, thank you 🙂

Michael Hewell says:

Awesome info and inspiring. Thanks man and best wishes for your success!

jameonda says:

How can I connect a USB microphone to Ipad? Could you give me an adivice?

SoulOurPower says:

I would love to find something comparable to a synthesizer too!

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