New YouTube Music App Walkthrough and Review

YouTube Red Subscribers – YouTube Music app is now available on iOS and Android devices. I give you the ins and outs of the YouTube Music app and give you my review.

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Chris Scott says:

Youtube Red would be the best if they would just add a simple button to push when you want a song added to offline mixtape… Other then that you have to give it a thumbs up and watch the video abaout 8 times before it will pop up

The Pixel Nova says:

what makes me so pissed is that i can’t listen to music on YouTube music with my phone turned off like wtf

Scott Funkhouser says:

i need audio only mode on my computer i use to much data

Exam Barito says:

lets go

worksmagic89 says:

i use to have a youtube app to where i could literally go to search and type in a song and had options if i wanted to download and mp3 or mp4 and a few other options after it download i could listen to the music offline and no issues with the only it was doin is literally downloading any song directly from youtube and i didnt need wifi to play the music and now i have a new phone so i cant find the app i know this is not the correct app does anybody know which app im talking about i know it’s called mp3 player and it has a red background and a white music note on the on the red background

Samurai_Hiroshi Nightmare says:

Is the YouTube music free even though you don’t have YouTube red in it?

TheDanish Simmer says:

It doesn’t show up when I search for it in the Apple Store???

Vijayl Mastura says:

that nice

Jospeh Ruiz says:

Its stupid how you cant actually create and build your own offline playlist it out fills bast on everything you have watched

Sir Brodacious says:

Oh really, you can “literally” create a mixtape for whatever you want to do? Is why you have no control over what’s actually in your offline mixtape? Is that why the only way it seems you can add things to it is to like the song and watch it about 10 times? You have no agency, and you should really have included that in your review. Only recently, after his review have we gotten any amount customization as to what’s in it: the ability to remove songs. Not add, just the ability to remove the cancerous songs YouTube thinks you want to watch.

Daniel Nieves says:

How can I add different play list. Like one for rock and another for jazz?

K. Peralta says:

How do you make your playlist on YouTube Music app (on iphone) play in order from top to bottom? Mine is always selecting the tunes randomly.

Leo Vang says:

what the heck how do we put it in the mixtape I don’t see any button that click for it to go into mixtape

I f Ur girl says:

you didn’t show us how to delete music that you don’t want on your offline mixtap thanks alot you wasted my tine

Oscar Leonardo says:

I’m using the app but it won’t let me add songs to the offline playlist. That’s an issue because you have to choose from a limited amount of storage but I can’t decide which songs I want to store. So stupid. Fire whoever came up with that idea

Alternative Lapsi says:

This app is not in app store


Plz make a video in which you tell us,what to do after monetizing the video and how will we get paid???
Plz reply for my message #derralEVES

Carlos Cuellar says:

It’s free like Spotify

Aliceia Gibson says:

Make it available in Canada

Clumsy-zebra says:

YT music downloada songs based off of your history, well when i played i song over and over cuz i wanted to download it it didn’t. also YT music randomly deletes stuff off of it wich is really stressful and i hate it

Diego Hernandey says:

How do u delete songs from the offline mixtape

gabriel_ Velha says:

He is like a white girl saying literally all the time

Master Bate says:

Guess what I do

Wilmer Valencia says:

Hi! Can I create diferente lists dependent on the music style? Like one list for rock, a different for heavy? Etc? Thanks!

Jack Tran says:

Just get a Google Play Music subscription, it also includes YouTube Red and YouTube Music for a grand total of $10….. Better deal trust me

King Ice Gaming says:

The self advertisement is too cringy.

theRUDKIPshow says:

What is the music used in the beginning

Austin Joslin says:

How do I remove songs from my offline playlist. Every time I do later it re-download.

Alexander Henriguez says:

thank you for the amazing information

Trooper says:

Apps name please help I’m going on A plane tommorow please help

Merk Merk says:

can’t delete a song on offline playlist help!!!!

King Andres says:

jow do i repeat songs

Rolland Lepine says:

At my age and health problems, I am very slow. I play the videos several times.

Royce551 says:

You can’t even listen to music in the background without red, what’s the point? You can do the same thing with the standard youtube

Ian Vlan says:

Is there any device that adjusts the volume automatically? Songs are often soft then the ads blow your speakers. I guess I’ll just stick to my computer with bad speakers but with an ad blocker.

Why Yo Murder says:

Yea chello guys

My Spirit Animal Is A Sloth says:

the offline mix tape doesn’t show that for me

Flash Gordan says:

i think spotify is better because you can download more then 100 songs

Curwood Jacobs says:

they need a shuffle for the offline videos

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