NotateMe Music Notation App Review for iOS and Android

Check out this review of NotateMe a music notation app for iOS and Android that lets you draw music notes like you would on paper and the app automatically transcribes it into fully functional digital music notation that can be exported to MIDI, MusicXML, or PDF. Plus as a bonus it does a great job of scanning music into the system just by snapping a photo with your device’s camera.


קהילה מנגנת says:

Been looking for a scanning scores apps. All products I’ve been examing failed. This one looks promising

Emanuel Magalhães Fróes says:

shit music behind

GUFSZ says:

You can write notes in musicsoftware without the mouse. I am doing
since 20 years keys. Key with Numeral, key with character. The ways
differ between the softwares but it works.

Egor Ukoloff says:

why did you put this horrible music in the background doing music notation software review? Why to put even any music?..

Andy Armer says:

How is this for doing chord symbols / quick chord charts all ‘real book’ style?

Molly Cutpurse says:

Quit the background music. I could not watch this

Tante Pollewop says:

I also find that background music a big distraction to the point that I stopped watching the video. Too bad.

Emmanuel Ameyaw says:

get rid of the noisy music if you can…

fingerhorn4 says:

Just a gentle comment. You say you are a music educator. Why, then, do you place a hideous piece of garbage music on your otherwise useful review? It completely ruins your video.

Martin Newman says:

What’s the silly music in the background? Otherwise a good review.

Plunkset says:

Why do you have music playing all the way though? I’m trying to pay full attention to you and you’re making it quite difficult.

Nice review though.

pianodon says:

Hi Chad. Good review. I’m looking for a way to input music on a tablet with a stylus. I used mainly for choir scores, piano accompaniments, nothing extravagant. I’m just looking for something I can write the music with other than going to finale which I I have on my PC. If I can hand write on this first, then transfer it into finale it would be great. For the first purchase of a tablet and program, would you suggest going with an iPad Pro, or an Android or spending the bucks on a Microsoft Surface computer? Thanks for any input and I’ll check out the rest of your videos.

Lex Von Sumayo says:

Hi, is it possible to write 2 voices in a single stave? Like a classical guitar notation. Thanks!

Ulises Romero says:

How can indicate in notate me app for iPad, a period of silence for an instrument where i can put or write a number of measure (multimeasure rest) shows by the number above the staff?

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