PlayerPro Music Player App Review (for Android)

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In this video, I give you a quick review and walk through of the popular music player app, PlayerPro, available for $5 on the Google Play store. The app automatically downloads album and artist artwork for your music, lets you create playlists, and has an awesome widget (of different sizes) to name just a few of its highlights.



Dee Jay says:

it cant even shuffle music video let alone mp3z


Well desgined app

jay alvarez says:

can you use this offline?

Miha 9355 says:

nice music choice bro 😀

Peter Lambert says:

I downloaded the trial version, placed heaps of albums in the album folder- and when I open it it will not recognize anything at all.
dam useless

numb312 says:

Does it support FLAC files?

Brendon Arpon says:

how to edit song name?

Bajungadustin says:

been using this app for YEARS… but it seems to no longer update the artwork very well (if at all?) has anyone ran into this before or know how to fix it? i dont want to do it manually. does it matter if my music in on my SD card instead of phone storage?

don'tcheat youcowards says:

no other music player app has 32 bit… it means that this app can surpass all music smartphones even if you are using oppo, meizu, myphone, cherry mobile your smartphone will will have a music quality same as sony hi res audio or iphone or htc… because of the 32bit… & also it has so many addad music enhancing softwares that tou can choose from.. its like listening inside a disco club… the bass is soooo rich, all the details are very clear… i used to my music on power amp i even paid for it… but now i am going to pay for this app & use this permanently…

boarderkid699 says:

How do you put play music app into the music app

Bross Yako says:

Can the app work in Landscape mode?

bindoy doybin says:

may i ask what the title of the track is? the one at the beginning of the video.. thanks

Sally12wow123 Sally12wow123 says:

watching in 2017!

zevvy says:

one of the few apps i use since the beginning (got my first android phone about 1 1/2 year ago).
i own poweramp too, but i like playerpro much better, especially with the dark or the ics theme.
also the widget looks much better. both have a load of settings and both support folders (i use folders only! i dont have all my music properly tagged).

it really is worth every penny!

scoggins07 says:

is there a way u can delete excess music?

vivlisten123 says:

great review on playerpro. I created a music player on android, can you check it out? It has some cool designs with custom themes.

Hrishikesh Nanda says:

hey dude what is the name of the you played in the begining while showing phonebuff

puertoricanG14 says:

How do I search songs

TheRomana1997 says:

Hey I have Samsung Galaxy S and its 4.0 ICS i downloaded this app and it works great ! the problem I am facing is the music volume for few songs is really low i download all my songs from one website but few are loud and few i can hardly hear I have checked my settings and there is no problem with it please suggest some software I tried Volume+ but it doesnt really work please help……

niko counce says:

I have to be honest player pro is the best I’ve tried poweramp and poweramp might be good for high impendance headphone’s but in my case I have ultra low impendance Sony XBA-40’s coming in at 8ohms which is very tricky and sounds like crap with the stock music settings on my HTC One M8 the bass for some reason sounds like crap when I use stock music apps and even using Poweramp didn’t help the bass from sounding like crap but when I use player pro for some reason it cleans the bass right up while improving every aspect of sound at the same time now my Sony’s are able to perform at their full potential and man do they sound amazing I highly recommend trying out player pro along with its DSP pack you will not be disappointed

PhoneBuff says:

Yes, you just have to enable the “music widget” in the settings.

killatj11 says:

Dam 50 and too bro

Mohak Puri says:

I m hvng little problem too. Can u plz tell me how can i access all my songs from the lockscreen plzz

Katrice Pittman says:

Love it

marss121 says:

ive got a little problem….
when im playing music with my headphones in and i unplug it the music keeps playing trough my phone speaker how do i stop this, i cant find it in settings

łukasz szymczyk says:

możma prosic o nazwe tego skina z pro playera z gory dzieki

sergio a says:

Hey, I have PP in xperia phone, now I got a new xperia phone how can I transfer or copy PP from my old xperia phone to the new one?, is it possible?


Kevin Martinez says:

can u change songs wen screen is locked?

Игорь Одинцов says:

Классная музыка)

Tominsh21 says:

nice music!!!! hiphopheads!




Vazha Gelashvili says:

HI,can someone help me?
***I have Note 4
It’s a very good music player,but I have a one problem.When I want to quit the app I must go to context menu located up right corner of the screen and select “Quit” instead of pressing the “menu key” and then selecting “X” to close the window[belongs to music player menu].If I don’t do so,music just continues playing.

Fourz Ell says:

This is the best app ive downloaded ever. I never buy my apps I always download from unknown sources. But this is the app I would happily pay for. N I never like payin for apps

Miguel Angel Xochipostequi says:


J.A.M Guilleno says:

Do u know how to download the lyrics?

vambo pen says:

Great for extra bass on sound bar via Bluetooth

Norien says:

Does it have ReplayGain to balance the sound level for every song?

Brendon Arpon says:

how to edit song name?

Saeid Banaei says:

How do you search for song ? I cannot find search icon on this app.

Kassabi Ismail says:

Playerpro is, hands down, the best music player app in the android world

idknuttin says:

does anyone know why player pro separated some songs on the same album into two separate albums with the same name and same artwork, this doesnt happen on other music players because the songs are on the same album?

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