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Golarka do Fiuta says:

It works perfectly even on my A5 2016 with Marshmallow

Juan Carlos Pineda says:

No aparece la apk en la pagina tienes otro link? ?

Peoples Helper says:

sir please send your png mobile fram download link please i like it so nice please

HD. SMART :P says:


Freistunde says:

i don’t habe it

Night Hawk says:

What’s the stock music app? cannot find it

ale vel says:

How can I do that with deezer

freighttrain10 says:

1. I hate how in my music app if I close out the app it doesn’t remember where I left off in a song or on a playlist. On the S8, if I close out the app, will the banner still be at the bottom, and will it remember what song I was playing?

2. I record music on my voice recorder app currently, and used to be able to add those songs into my music library. Now that I have Apple Music, it decides what music I can put in my library and what I don’t if I have the iCloud Music option on. If I used a voice recorder app, could I add that in as a music file and listen to it like any other song?

3. Are there any apps that would allow you to add music that you have purchased in the past (my normal library), and stream music to download, all in the same app? That was my draw to using Apple Music before, as opposed to Spotify. I wanted to be able to listen to all of my music in the same app instead of switching back and forth from my library (purchased music) and streaming music. Does the Samsung Music app, or any other, allow you to do both?

Thank you very much for any feedback. God Bless and have great day!

EdielG says:

Please help!!
How do you add music to the samsung music app???

Rajesh Roy says:

Hi guys I am a newbie in android development and I made a music player app after 6 months of hardwork . Please check out my app in playstore. I hope you guys like it.

NotATroll says:

Saw one of your comments on an EAP vid, looked something else up, your name turned up, I recognized it and hit this video!

Waiarani Eruera says:

Not helpful

Stubbo242 says:

The edge screen is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen when using this music player. The color changes based off of the album art of the current song playing. So so cool

Tang Kimsrun says:

how to download music in music player

Erik the Blue says:

I downloaded the apk to my device, and it works beautifully.

theshadoowchannel/ /theonlycutecuteben says:

excuse me.


Luan Pinheiro says:

link erro

Antonio TONY says:

ios the best

mamsittaa deverdad says:

how can I used the music in my phone to make social media videos ? I used to be able to it in my galaxy s6 edge, but not on my s8+ ..

foom fop says:

Whats name of song?

taisha jones says:

I’d surprise you

shamiraj kajal says:

s8 music system not good

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