Spotify vs YouTube Music | Which app is best?

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the best music streaming apps for Android and iPhone in 2018/2019, offering a feature-packed premium service for downloading albums, streaming video, podcasts and beyond. Here we compare the paid Spotify and YouTube Music services, to see which is best for your iOS or Android smartphone.

Both premium models allow you to download tunes for offline playback, although Spotify caps this at 10k songs per device – while YouTube Music has no limit. You can create and share playlists, discover new artists and browse the charts with either app. And Spotify and YouTube both have a desktop version too, as well as the mobile service.

Here in the UK, you can pay £10 per month for the premium features, or enjoy a basic version for free. You can also get YouTube Music as part of the YouTube Premium service, which costs £12 per month.

Which is your favourite music streaming service as we head into 2019 – Spotify or YouTube? Let us know which you think is best in the comments below, and what features you love the most.


Vinícius Ferrenberg says:

YouTube music is crazy good on the AI (years of Google “tracking” really makes the difference), but for now the database feels really limited. By the way, everybody should listen to what you listened. Great stuff.

Steve Worman says:

I’ve used both and enjoyed both of them. If they lowered the monthly fee I would still use them.

Gary Green says:

I’m more of a Spotify user.

himanshu rathore says:

what will happen to google play music then

Lady we says:

If you wish to find the method to win premium you just have to try to find ” *pranaholistico spotify* ” in the google. I tried out and I got them!

Kristoffer E says:

Had both…Like both but i chose YTM in the end since it comes with YT Premium for 2€ more than spotify’ 10€/month

Silvio Britto says:

I think YouTube Music will win in a short time. It’s not fully baked yet, they even keeping Play Music alive while they implement all its goodies in YouTube Music.

It’s kinda basic by now, but the video section (all YouTube catalogue!) is unbeatable. Especially because you can transform any video (and not only music ones) in high quality audio, witch a simple toggle. Amazing.

You could save the audio of a tutorial, for example, or some class, for later. Very handy.

Karolis Kurmanavicius says:

Nicre video men 3rd comment!

Anthony Chua says:

And what exactly will happen to the current Google Play Music subscribers like myself? Move to YT music with a smooth transition??

Drizzle IceCold says:

I thought I tunes was da best

Noah Hartley says:


Nikka M says:

Spotify is better overall but I moved to YTM because you get Youtube Premium also.

Sasha Meow says:

i got youtube premium i like that i get google play music in with it that was the big seller for me over spotify even though i do keep my free spotify library up to date just incase.

scaam009 says:

Spotify’ obviously

Willy Horizont says:

anyone use YMusic app from xda here?

SirMorokei says:

Spotify has videos too.
Better luck next time

Appox 7 says:

I was honestly thinking this today idk how you got inside my brain

craigr98 says:

This is a great idea for a video. What about Amazon Music?

Philip Tindall says:

When Play Music is fully migrated into YouTube Music adding all the currently missing features to YTM (such as user uploaded content, existing playlist and library migration, easier access to albums and access to more genres of music such as classical), it will be a lot more attractive proposition. Until then as a YTM subscriber, the Play Music app is still better than YouTube Music app unless all you want a very simple curated playlist.

Edmar Farias says:

I had Spotify before and loved it, but I got a new data plan where I get Deezer for free so I use it now and it’s a good streaming service.

hassan shaikh says:

Love your accent!

trenton Smallwood says:

I like YouTube music but i prefer spotify

Veronika K says:

i have both spotify family and YouTube Music parallel and will compare it 3 month!
I dont understand how many songs i can download to hear them offline, because my mobile connection is very very bad and i am always angry if spotify cant play my song during i go running…

PACo626 says:


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