Top 5 Best Android Music Player Apps in 2018

Looking for the best music player for Android? Look no more. Here’s a list of 5 amazing Android music players which can not only play your favorite MP3 files but will do that with style.

What do we look for in a good music player? Equalizer, good sound output, album arts, lyrics support and fewer ads. Well, you get all of them and a lot more in the apps mentioned in this video.

Download Links:

1. n7player Music Player

2. Musicolet Music Player

3. Black Music Player

4. Music Player by AppBott

5. Pi Music Player

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Sandeep N says:

Nice video …done good abhijith

Deep Singh says:

Tamal basak is greatest of all music player developer……..xplayer 3d

Da Devil's Daughter says:

Black music player! Hilarious! 🙂

Friend way epic waves says:


Nimantha Madushan Fernando says:

Nothing like power amp bro

Sirtix says:

Kee hala

Pedro Costa says:

Elementary Music Player released in 2018

– Best UI experience
– Cool transitions
– Adaptive UI
– Worlds top music recommendations
– Edit Metadata
– Clear Audio+
– Hi-Res Audio tag indication

[ Download ]

[Demo Video]

Daanu Bhai says:

I will go for fourth one

qazi faisal says:

great amazing video my desi brother

Max Rogers says:

Wich one is better?

Get Over Here says:

Nothing beats PowerAmp

Matthew Summers says:

Jio Music is the best online in India…

10000000 IQ says:


The Jimbo says:

Didnt know Baljeet had a YT channel lol

JellyKit Phoenix says:

Fuck this Editing

Hitesh Nawani says:

Is there any music app that let us set the start and end times for a song ?

Drastic Gamers TV says:

I use pi music player

Basavaraj Raj says:


Hazim Heeks says:

Thank god , english video .

Dan RC says:

POWERAMP is easily the best there is, and I’ve tried them all.
Missing out the best music app makes your video pointless.

Navjot Sayal says:

My Music player doesnt stop when I receive call and phone is on vobrate mode

A N K H says:

Mort Player Best ! Freeware

josh alvarado says:

Sorry m3 n0 sp3ak y0u7 laungauge

Gaming with Loyd says:


Gary Davidson says:

Temple HiFi by far blows them all away,

diego ortiz says:

Hahahahha.. fucking die

frozenDear says:

Very useful vid thank sir


Abai angaraj ke aullad speak Hindi

Deep Singh says:

Have u ever tried xplayer 3d……..Best of all…its equalisers can’t be compared…

Urvish Patel says:

Black player is the best music player

ROCKY SK ` says:

Superb musicolate

Chris Schuler says:

You forgot eleven aka the preinstalled music player of lineageOS and cyanogenmod

Khilesh Sahu says:

Teraa english to hindi jaisa Lag rahe menu to

Shoeb Mohdmmed says:


69 Solo says:

Which app has folder play support? I used Samsung music player it was perfect. Now I have Asus and I can’t use it.

third class says:

Lets you cut a part of a song and make it ringtone … how cool is that ?? Really in 2018 ???

chiru charly says:

Radsone is best app….


I think he has a stiff neck ….

Ishtiyak Ansari says:

very nice music player

qazi faisal says:

i love my black player ex i have been using the paid version for a long time

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