Top 5 Best Music Streaming Services (2018)

There is no shortage of competition between all the music streaming services. The best service for you will depend on various factors, some of those might include song selection, ease of use, sound quality, and cost. If you feel inclined to use services offered by one of the tech giants like Apple, Google or Amazon, that also may be an important reason when deciding which music service is best for you. Also, having a service that works on your computer, an Android or iOS phone or smart TV might be important to you as well. Keeping all those factors in mind, I will countdown the Top 5 Music Streaming Services.

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Google Play Music
Apple Music

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Sir Phantasmic says:

What about Pandora?

Francisco Isaacs says:

Extremely happy with Deezer….

ThaDarKFigUre315 says:

No Jay-Z on Spotify though!

Xopher Dicken says:

Pandora and Amazon Music have a $4.99 price option, my favorite is by hosting and streaming on my own cloud account, then my music and playlists can truly be catered to me, I use CloudPlayer and a combination of OneDrive and Google Drive, I like using OneDrive cause then I can also listen to it all on Microsoft Groove as well!

Pugzilla69 says:

Why no mention of Deezer? Also has FLAC on its HiFi service.

wongilank says:

the list’s only legit in northern america of course

Ridho Sirun Surinta says:


Melanin Empress says:

I paid for Apple Music and it’s horrible, I like Spotify the best to be honest!

TechGumbo says:

Another service to consider not mentioned in this video is Deezer. It’s very popular in Europe and is now available in the United States. I began testing it out after this video was produced and so far it is really good…. What is your favorite music streaming service? Thanks for watching 🙂

Victor Camargo Franz says:

where is deezer!?!? so much more music then spotify

Archit Patel says:

why does everyone forget the fact that apple music has 256 AAC which is equivalent to 320 MP3. numbers matter for the same codec version. AAC and MP3 are diff codecs yall

Carroll says:

I’m African American and prefer Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Jazz Music.. So I choose Tidal and Love them for their curated play lists for Many others.. I also get the Military discount of just $5 a month.. I love the Live Concerts they stream often and post them if you miss them Live… Get that. I don’t trust White Curators of Who on the others…

BallisticIre Gaming says:

i use google music and spotify

Mary Anne Marston says:

The reason why I am discontinuing my Pandora account is because there is no PC version of their Premium service. I am returning a Bluetooth device which will not work to pair my mobile and my PC to stream music to my PC and out my full sound stereo system. This pisses me off no end btw, and Pandora have said that they will provide a PC version for the last five years which I assume means it will never happen. Running sound out my mobile via a 3mm jack into my PC produces unbearable distortion and the phone has to be tethered. Windows 10 will not allow a mobile device connection via Bluetooth, I just found out. There is an older version for Vista, inexplicably. Has to do with greed I am assuming. I need a streaming service which has a full PC version. Last time I checked, Spotify also has a modified PC version. I guess that leaves me with Google Play, which I assume has a full PC version, but have yet to prove. Please update your review to include this critically important information. I will not drop money on absurdly overpriced Bluetooth speaker devices when I have a perfectly good REAL stereo system connected to my Win 10 PC which I can hear all over the house.

Panos says:


Paul Jones says:

I like TuneIn Radio myself. Similar to iHeart. Any radio station with online streaming can be found there along with others like 181.FM that was a whole list of genres to choose from.

xxx xxx says:

Slacker is #1 and you failed to mention its best feature. The customized radio stations which allow you to be a virtual music director. Slacker offers everything all the other services offer plus so much more. It is the most customizable app and the most human-like with real people programming everything and real professional DJs broadcasting your own stations that you create. Plus their all-time countdown shows are phenomenal.

jay smith says:

Apple Music didn’t have beyonce lemonade album. Also i’m 20 I like my explicit but my little cousins shouldn’t be listening too my music so I switched too tidal because the have explicit and clean albums and apple barely has the clean albums
So that being said I switched too tidal

jake barnier says:

Does anyone know of a music app that will let me download every song by band with one click?

Mr. Jahrami says:

Deezer a the way

TAEHYUNG'S GUCCI Bandana says:

trying out many places to stream music


Mike Lechner says:

I switched to Spotify after being a “loyal” Apple Music user since its inception! I am so glad I made the switch! It might just be my imagination, but Spotify sounds better than Apple Music! Pandora is excellent, too!

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