YouTube Music – App Review

Calling YouTube Music a newcomer to the streaming music field isn’t exactly correct. YouTube is taking its vast library of music videos and sourcing them into an easy to use app. Most of the Music app’s features are reserved for YouTube Red members. But even free users will enjoy a more streamlined way to listen to their music with YouTube Music.





CDTucker336 says:

I’ve thought about getting this or Spotify. I’ve always had my music that I’ve bought on my phone and saved to the SD card. These streaming services seem like an endless expense to and you will never own any of it. not to mention it will use your up your data offline. I think I will pass!

ril850 says:

Does the service include access to Google Music as well? I’m on a trial basis so far and I have noticed I have full acess to Google Music service. If so I think it’s a great deal and may join.

J.Santos says:

So u gotta pay?… Fuckkkk that

Sachin Kumar says:

Nice review

Reflective Moni says:

Hi can u tell me if watching it It on this app does the views actually count on Youtube?

Roronoa Zoro says:

when they allow you to make play lists and allow you to customize offline, then that will make the app much more enjoyable. overall, I like it though

GameLex Gaming says:

i don’t want to be listening to my fav song, and then have some taylor swift shit come on when i didn’t even play anything of that genre. just give me the ability to make custom playlists, and have every youtube video in the app. over half of my fav songs aren’t in the app

Muhammad Faiq TM says:

Guys sub me and plz write done with u do in return i sub u!

KuroTengetsu91 says:

I know you’re just reviewing the app, but if you’re willing to include YouTube Red and its benefits on the main app you can’t omit Google Play Music All Access and the total value of having all 3 services bundled together.

Christian Clark says:

Agreed !!! No playlists …. NOT on my iPhone …. but it’s good for first version

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