YOUTUBE MUSIC APP vs Spotify & Apple Music 🎵 NEW APP REVIEW for iPhone X/iOS (2018)

Is the new YouTube Music app the ultimate music streaming champion?? Is it THE Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal slayer?? Here’s my hands-on review of all of its new features on the iPhone X/iOS app, including interface design, discovery, playlists, downloads, wonky UI choices, and more. (RIP Google Play Music 😭😭😭)

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Craig Stewart says:

I might start the free 3 months

Michael Pruett says:

Good video! Thanks for showing us how it looks! I’m excited to try it out when I get the update to the new UI

Ryan Kellum says:

Looks promising! I’m excited to give it a go. I’m an Android user and naturally use Google Play music; which I love.

Have you noticed if they import your playlist or library from GPM into the new YouTube music app?

Dom Carson says:

Just let us turn the screen off in standard youtube and I’ll be happy


the youtube music app is youtube with a interface.

Pragya Agrawal says:

I don’t understand why playing music in the background needs to be a premium function. It just baffles me. I understand it for videos but for music without any videos it’s just unnatural.

Knightmare Factory says:



YT Music has a better music selection….
….but you can’t beat Spotify’s audio quality.

Jyri Väätäinen says:

Google Play Music is much better… it’s okay, but the other one is so much better.

licia Lee says:

Where can I get this?? The YouTube music app

Evan Colclough says:

Awesome review! Best I’ve seen on YouTube for YouTube Music!

Wendi martin says:

I agree about songs. Shuffle songs is my most common way to listen in the car. Can’t wait until they get that added. Surprised it’s not there yet. Right now I tend to use play when driving and ytm when messing around at home finding new stuff. Can’t wait until they combine. Radio is awesome. And recommendations are awesome. Btw, Play will be there for a while until they combine them

Sam Adams says:

The main selling point of YouTube music to me is that it’s included with YouTube premium. So instead of paying $11.99 (canada) for Apple Music I can pay 15.99 for YouTube premium and get music and ad-free YouTube. Pretty good deal I think.

Xavier Stewart says:

Btw what do you think of the new firmware updates for panasonics?

Joe N Tell says:

I’m about to do a video on YouTube Music. I was researching and found your video. Good stuff man! I like your content. Hit me up sometime if you’re ever in the L.A. area. Maybe do a video together sometime.

Mr Music says:

How is the playback quality compared to Spotify and Apple Music?

Rafael Mendoza says:

What i like about youtube music is all the remixes, and underground tracks you won’t find on spotify, or apple music. Ran into this problem when on those platforms. highly recommend youtube/google music if you are a remix junkie.

Knightmare Factory says:

Figured that would grasp your attention…

Anders Trägårdh says:

Download Firefox browser and click ‘demand desktop mode’ copy the youtube link you want from the youtube app and volá now you can lock the screen on your phone and go for a run in the park, you can also have it play in the background doing other stuff on your phone. Firefox is open source so it wont work on crome. So no need to pay Youtube also if you already use Spotify, you could ditch Spotify too using this hack depending how picky you are.

Jonas Wanner says:

What? This is Spotify…

Sam Adams says:

One thing I find super annoying as someone with OCD is how it always tells me “playing audio only” every time I start playing a song… I don’t need that. Also they should make the audio/video toggle more accessible. And don’t enable it for songs that don’t have a video.

friður says:

I wish they had library organization to keep all in order or at least the option

Xavier Stewart says:

Thanks for the vid. Long time no post you were definitely missed

Neil :} says:

I’m so confused. I have all of them on my phone

Charlezard GG says:

YouTube red. It allows you to close your phone when watching videos… What more do you need?

Stubbo242 says:

Is it out yet??

I have this app now (didn’t even know I did) but how do I know if this is the official new YouTube music my own still says early access in settings

JonnyInfinite says:

Why have tipp-exxed your glasses?

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