YouTube Music Hands-On

Google’s YouTube Music service is rolling out this week. We took a look at what’s working and what needs to be improved for Google to match Spotify and Apple Music.

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Andrew Clement says:

I still just rip music from the internet and covert it into MP3 and put it on my phone. Guess I’m still 15 years behind. But I prefer it

Phoenix Dawn says:

OMG, WHY!!! Google Music is good enough, ugh!

black cat says:

Is it free?

Mike E Gadget Tech says:

Great conclusion! Let me rephrase it, if that’s alright…. YT Music sucks! I’m a big fan/user of YouTube itself, but how can a Company that claims to be AI leader, deliver a service that’s totally disfunctional? I could not figure out how create station based on a song or artist, an easy thing to do in Spotify.

I mostly play stations in the car or while exercising, the last thing I want is music videos.

YT Music is a total bust IMHO!

Evan Eaton says:

What if you use just Google Play Music to buy and download songs from the Play Store similar to iTunes? Is Google replacing this too or just the subscription feature?

Ayan44 says:

this is a failure. i hate it. and all of the playlists i created and songs that i thumbs upped on google play music will be gone?

Redrum says:

YT music quality is shit.

Breakdown Entertainment says:

Wow this really sucks (at moment)

Brandon says:

Doesn’t it seem like they should be calling this “YouTunes” ?

Eugene Marais says:

rspct for Andy C

Aakash Dusane says:

What a stupid app. Fml.

Otsile Modiselle says:

I like my Google Play Music and YouTube separate the way they already are. This new thing sounds like headache waiting to happen.

Bob B says:

Love tigers jaw tho

Navin says:

It’s Just a beta guys.. it will become better in time

Marcelo Portillo says:

They killing Play Music for this? Lol
Google loves to kill great apps, still hate how they abandoned Allo.

ToxicArcher says:

literally just make play music a dark mode, rename it YouTube music, and go from there

Arafat Khan says:

This is another futile attempt to win shares on the music streaming market. They couldn’t make a complete and feature-rich messaging app. Hangouts, Android Messages, Allo, etc. They could’ve improved Google Play Music instead of integrating it with Youtube.

Ivan Johnson says:

At the moment, Youtube Music is crap to me. Google Play Music is way more organized. Plus, it links to music videos when I actually want to see a video. Hell, YTM isn’t even as good as YouTube. I can’t even queue music to play on the fly. It’s just crap. I’ll mourn the loss of GPM if YTM is anything like it is now.

ender pigcow says:

my youtube music is full of vocaloid and anime openings

J-man72 b says:

YouTube Music = FAIL

Keyser Söze says:

Looks like a fricking disaster!!

Carlos Velasquez says:

How do I get ittttttt

Uri46 says:

Hardstyle, hardstyle everywhere

Peter Chai says:

Love Youtube Music, I use it as my sole music player. As Youtube is the only source where my favourites music published. I would not consider any other applications at all.

Luke Taylor says:

GPM user here – absolutely not impressed with the direction Google’s taking with their music service right now. Play Music may have had a popularity problem, but it was focused, robust, and feature-filled.

I always keep my music and video experience separate, and only use YouTube for specific content ie. tech news, philosophy, educational videos. Not a fan of tying subscriptions into a user’s normal YouTube account at all. Not to mention the lack of audio quality options reported by The Verge, and no proper way to sort and view your library.

This is looking like another one of Google’s attempts to fix something when it isn’t broken, and creating more confusion in the process. Not happy about this so far.

Elijah Melville says:

soooooo… what is VEVO for?

Justin Pardo says:

The reason I like Google Play Music is because I can share the same Google Play Music account with other people AND stream at the same time. Unlike Spotify which only lets 1 device stream at a time.

radasmada says:

I’ve been on Google Play for a while, but I guess I’m switching to Spotify. This looks like garbage

Matthew Jardine says:

Not a fan. Looks horrible and incomplete. It’s download functionality is seriously flawed.

Peyton Heesch says:

I’ve been using Youtube music for over a year now and It’s cheaper than spotify if you have youtube red and if you listen to a generated playlist long enough you can easily find new music that is likely something you would enjoy. The problem you’re having where it’s clogging up your vanilla youtube library can easily be fixed if you create a seperate profile under the same google account specifically for listening to music. Personally, Spotify is overrated, Pandora is gonna make you have to pay to get basic music app essential functions, and both do not feature any more obscure or new artists who may not be able to afford to get on the streaming site. Youtube music can do a lot more than Spotify and a lot better.

Debesh Jena says:

Rip Google Play Music…

WiseGuy02 says:

Dude aren’t you a little old to have a nose ring?

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