13 best navigation apps and GPS apps for Android

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In this quick video, we’re going to list off the best navigation apps for Android and the best GPS apps for Android

BackCountry Navigator GPS – https://goo.gl/34Z8DZ
CoPilot GPS – https://goo.gl/aTwnTi
GPS Essentials – https://goo.gl/Mvblu2
GPS Navigation – https://goo.gl/oRZXJ4
HERE Maps by Nokia – https://goo.gl/VfHhuk
MapFactor: GPS Navigation – https://goo.gl/kCGxPv
MapQuest – https://goo.gl/WwjEXS
Google Maps – https://goo.gl/LFiHp1
Navigate 6 – https://goo.gl/4SwVDb
Polaris Navigation – https://goo.gl/Wiwqa1
Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps – https://goo.gl/AAxlPG
Scout GPS (formerly TeleNav) – https://goo.gl/YxeRV3
Waze – https://goo.gl/bWyPLS

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Matt B says:

I have found Sygic, HERE Maps, and Google Maps to be the best.

Justin Blanco says:

Waze is all I use tells me where cameras are and police lmao

K-Real says:

Dafuq is Offline Maps? Best Free Offline Gps Navigotar shit ive ever seen in my fukin life…. From Holland to Turkey, not a single wrong turn. Outstanding shit!


download Naviation app – your digital copilot….
this app will draw a holding pattern on your station with specific radial/bearing that you provide on a real map…
also you can draw your route and drive/ fly it…

Moreover, you will have access to aviation school that you will learn aviation and more everyday …

Jacob Miles says:


Alejandro Rodriguez Mann says:

The best one is +Waze by far!!! +Waze Costa Rica

genelyn lazarte says:

is there any app that can locate yourself and your friends location ? tnx for the ans. in advance . godbless

AkaDaOne says:


Iron Giag says:

maps.me is very good

herman stokbrood says:

Would be nice to mention which apps use offline maps.

Jonas Hertzman says:

Osmand is my favorite. Offline maps and lots of tweaking possibilities.

Bhargav Donga says:

+Android Authority  Consider OSMAnd. New material design is awesome in this application and free to use.

Khalid Khan says:

here map and gps no no data no wifi free app android mobile.

DR ACULA says:

Dude, get some sun.

Manny Rocks says:

My S4 came with the app Navigator, but it shows the distance in Km/h and not in MPH. How do I change to MPH? Great vid…

Arafat Hossain says:

Your speech is very fast that does not recognize for me………………..

Sasver says:

take a break

Gabriel ET says:

RECOMMENDATION: YouTube allows 10-minutes of video time, so you could talk more slowly, and also include some rating info — but most of all, SLOW DOWN.

Shameem says:

i found maps .me and osnand is much better with small size maps with better accuracy…checkout…osnand comes with better custamisation

Navigator GPS-YouTube says:


Thomas Stadie says:

you forgot the most important people the truckers thank you

Rick Piano says:

Sygic is hard to work with..

Graigoree Jones says:

Before this list I was lost.

Frank says:

Google and Waze together will become better than any

Gil Harari says:

Locus Maps is worth checking out too.

TanGenT LiN says:

Only Waze provide traffic information?

Youtube Channel says:


21donutboy says:

I wish they make one for truck drivers!

Pranav Abbott says:

Another good navigation app is maps.me

A.M.S says:

the information about these app were not sufficient the features were way more than said in this video

Leonardo Llanos says:

Thanks c:

Max Shpirka says:

maps.me + Here by Nokia is all you need

Terry Lees says:

You talk to fast

Eric Cartman says:

can some1 name a gps navigation app that tells house numbers, block numbers and all that kind of info? (apart from navitel)

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