5 reasons you’ll use Waze over Google Maps

Waze offers some helpful features that may compel you to use it over the Google Maps app.

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chungvui says:

why didn’t she mention the ads in Wave that keep popping up when you stop at light or the amount of data that it uses?

Julius Jones says:

She’s super duper sexy and hot

Chen Ckc says:

Florence, asians have been using this long ago.

john attard says:

In June 2013, Google bought Waze for a reported $1.3 billion, adding social data to its mapping business.

David B says:

Ugh! Absolutely useless video.
Why is so hard to find a clear step by step tutorial here?

Green Apple says:

I’m not a millennial, no surprise I can read road signs and paper maps

Nia D says:

Much better than maps.

Luke Moody says:

I’m a millennial..? You look like 39

Xario1 says:

I’m a millennial and actually have a really excellent sense of direction. Way to really get your audience to really feel connected

Tom Valenzuela says:

Isn’t it funny.. you shouldn’t be playing around with your phone, pushing buttons to alert traffic etc. This app needs way better voice control or someone to explain how to use voice. Don’t get me wrong, I use it all the time but I don’t go playing with it especially when I’m driving.

DannyzPlay says:

I’m a millennial…
One of the worst ways to start off a video.

mzamroni says:

Last time I checked, Waze doesn’t have alternate routes

Aaron Cohen says:

You can’t pay to turn of ads in Waze, so it was an instant uninstall despite being a vastly superior map app

Fanfreddy Fan says:

Good information, it good information for new waver like me.

Colin Donovan says:

I like Waze better than Google Maps and even over my $220 Garmin. Though I am quite annoyed I can never get voice command to trigger for my Android phone

Kidvette2004 says:

Oh wow I found this app today

kjemradio says:

Waze is what Lyft recommends (it’s more accurate to a point), but it is a PITA to set up for me to schedule a Lyft ride. Also Lyft’s own app doesn’t default to Waze so you have to jump through hoops to get it to work for you. If I have to sit and think about configuring something I’m not gonna bother. While I am pretty tech savvy, Waze just didn’t work like I wanted it to.

Google Maps works for me because it’s already there in my Galaxy, and I’ve used it so much. Plus I don’t need yet another app eating up more storage and have another app eat all my RAM.

v1d300 says:

Florence, you sound like a lazy Waze nerd.

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