ADV Navigation – Maps, Apps & GPS

Don’t get lost! Bret Tkacs details three ways to keep your motorcycle adventure on track by navigating with paper maps, smart phone apps and a dedicated GPS device.

Garmin Montana 680
Maps.Me Android
Maps.Me iPhone
Topo Maps +
iOverlander App
Avenza Maps

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Produced, shot and edited by Tim Tyler at Inventive Pictures
Music composed and recorded by Matt Jorgensen


iamdorus says:

I personally like Scenic a lot for planning out trips and tracking my routes. I think I saw that you have it on your phone as well. For navigation on paved roads,​ I use Waze for the traffic updates.

LookattheBiggerPic says:

Great insight and info here! I have also tried with some success MyTrails Pro on Android – a little finicky but has some very indepth abilities if you can get it configured properly… Much thanks for some great info here!

David Hathaway says:

Another sort of map that I find very important is a satellite tracker. I can mark important activities like visiting scenic overlooks, but most important is that my loved ones can see on a map where I am. That gives them great peace of mind, but also allows me to use them as a resource to inform me of impending weather like hail, or even book hotel rooms for me. And of course, the send help feature could be a life saver

Nathan Boeger says:

Garmin sucks, had one and will never buy one from them again. Totally useless outside of the US and the company doesn’t give a shit. Cannot state how much I hate them and soon the mobile market will push them out of business. Than god for that.

Ralf K says:

My heart stopped for a second when the satnav flew this perfect sinus curve into its muddy grave…. 🙂
(I don’t think my Tom Tom would survive this torture)

Harald Simon says:

At first: I like your videos! – I wonder why you use so many different apps since your GPS is able to fulfill most of the requirements. What are the reasons?

zatoichi101 says:

Do you really prefer the Garmin Montana over the Zumo 395 or 595? If so, can you please comment why you prefer the Montana over the Zumo? Thanks!!

John Borg Jacob says:

try oruxmaps its got topography and route tracking as well

Mike Masson says:

never a good idea to show your phone unlock code “1379” on a video you post… hope you change it or changed it for the video 😛 But great video as always Bret!

Hector Cardona says:

Great episode (as always). I don’t use to comment, but I would like to recommend you to try ( in case you haven’t yet) an APP: it’s called ViewRanger, and it’s the one I use when trecking or mountain biking. With it you can do almost everything: follow routes, create track, download maps and navigate off line, and even share you position with fellow riders.

Den Dec says:

Great video Bret! I noticed you have the Mosko Moto Scout Panniers…what are your thoughts on the Mosko bags? I enjoy my Wolfman soft luggage, but was seriously considering the Mosko soft luggage as well. Thanks for the great videos!

Joseph Kroll says:

Maps can get wet n rip tho lol

Sok Yun says:

Don’t forget about the stars, old, old, school…
Great info by the way

Freddy Pithavala says:

Have a look at the app called traeser
Details are on theor website
Its developed by bikers

Phil Di Valerio says:

Good video. I think I’ve been a little too reliant on phone apps for navigating and am definitely taking both my GPS and paper maps to France this summer. Phone charging is occasionally an issue, so it’s good to have a dedicated GPS that isn’t doing background work like my phone does. And of course, nothing can beat the big picture that paper maps provide.

Les Ramirez says:

I see you got a fuel ⛽️ tank hooked to your back, please talk about that one day… thanks… Also what’s your input on those camel tanks extension for the GS’s

Florian Alexander says:

Nice video. Is your phone mount / holder custom made?

cyclopathic says:

GLONASS shouldn’t be ready an issue unless you have a really ancient cell phone. Qualcomm (major cell player whose chips in almost every phone) supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Chinese GNSS, etc, if you look at satellites your smart phone likely uses feed from multiple GNSS to improve accuracy. It is the dedicated GPS devices which lag in support not photos. And it isn’t like access to multiple GNSS makes location more accurate, they have the same accuracy it’s just having more satellites in view makes more likely that GNSS device will operate at maximum accuracy.. just saying

Giulio Buccini says:

The key is to buy an android tablet with REAL gps receiver, no cheap A-GPS. The old Samsung tab S4 has such feature, as well as the old Google Nexus. So check the tecno info carefully.
Avoid google map with A-GPS, they are super fast but google will know your position and register it. This is against any privacy law.
I’ve got my Samsung tab S4 tm-230 for 69 euro from an magazine stock. I’ve installed an open map android application (locusmap pro) and I saved hundreds of bucks. The batteries was lasting for 8,1 hours with the display at max luminosity. Amazing.

pete lavigne says:

for baja google e32 it is a lifetime of work its unbelievable

mmazz30 says:

Always an informative and very helpful channel as usual Bret, also a shout out to Tim for production and editing.Cheers from Australia

V Star 1300 Adventures says:

Borch makes some excellent laminated folding maps with large easy to read information. I have several of them one each for each quarter of the U. S., but they make maps for Europe and other parts of the world. Survivable in questionable weather, and can be folded over multiple ways. so you can present them easily on the clear part of a tank bag for simple navigation. I’ve had GPS fail due to lack of signal strength before (Sand storm/ dust storm conditions), and I’ve been in whole countries before where I had no cell signal.

Bret Tkacs says:

Thanks for all the suggestions… I now have a plethora of new navigation apps to try out this year while training. I am trying something this summer and your suggestions are helpful in my experiments..

Antonio Caballero says:

Nice video! Any opinions on Wikilocs?

John Roethel says:

Again, another real world explanation! After a serious accident three and a half years ago, having to learn to walk again and finally getting back on bikes these videos have been helping me regain my confidence and new knowledge. I am extremely grateful for your efforts 🙂 !!

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