App Review: Sygic GPS navigation

For me in New Zealand there are blank spots for 3G connectivity, and this would be the case for some of you too. So this is a quick look at google navigation and then a more detailed look and use of Sygic navigation off the Google Play Store… Sygic doesn’t require internet downloads and is still feature packed. Worth your attention!


Free trial:!1t4lWCbZ!ZnfvHxSi1JdewfX4eXDPQiglIbZhmhNMPekssj7b9uY
(free download of your regons’ map)

Play Store:


Peter Rodaughan says:

I’m glad it works for you. For two years I have borrowed my wife’s Garman which uses Google maps. It has been extremely reliable.  I have a system that uses Sygic and have found that it does not have the coverage that I am used to, like there are over 100 kilometers of roads near where I live where Sygic does not work but Google does.  I think I have wasted my money with the Sygic System.

super star says:

sygic 13.1.4 is niks beter niet heb maar kijk die oude versie dat is veel beter ik heb jaar lang sygic mobile maps gebruiken super werk maar nou 13..1.4 is niks in sygic 12.1.3 zit HD Traffic TomTom zet in maar die nieuwste versie moet je appart koop kijk hoe is mafia sygic donderop sygic

Draven says:

I don’t understand the word “Heed”? What is that?

Gemma Richards says:

I am really interested in buying this however looking at the comments you really need to make it more user friendly. You know how to use it so it is user friendly for you but people buying them …

אודי דורי says:

The basic version is with NO voice directions. When I bought the premium version, I still NEVER had voice. The reasons were first licensing bugs and later constant uncontrollabe muting. The worst thing is the irresponsive customer service. I was stuck with this problem abroad and they respond after a week (average). The problems were never solved and they refuse to refund. Just forgot me.
Besides maps are not rally updated and many addresses are not recognized.

Naik Mohd says:

It is really a great service to provide the free information to the marginalized peoples of the society. Thanks a lot
But the problem is it that often of the people are not able to understand the installation of the software is it possible to provide the latest information of the installation it would be appreciated highly and many people would advantage from it. The that you are providing the information is not understandable for those people like me. So please share the latest one video for its intalation. Thanks once more.

Bill Wehrmacher says:

I installed sygic trial which was version 15 dot something. I decided I would get the app and buy the maps. It came as version 16 dot something. I wish they had kept the version 15 interface. I am really disappointed in their “improvements”

Pinkie Green says:

Why on my tab is writing no signal?

DjK Productions says:

have u used the traffic feature… is it good, accurate?


nona queen says:

Useful app

Zöhre Kizilboga says:

Hur kan jag spåra en persson

Srdjan Magas says:

i love sygic. the only app i actually purchased. the only thing im wondering…u get this lifetime access with premium but wont sygic become obsolete in the future? You would think all the new cars in the future will come standard with gps systems already intergrated..if that becomes the norm then the lifetime livense would be useless….

rakesh Suthar says:

The one thing is proved that you can not use any apps offline with accurancy offline, I have downloaded sygic free version to check if it works offline but finally i m so disappointed that there is no apps providing us that kind of facility offline or without internet

Sohaib says:

I’m having a  problem The Sygic app is always showing this message on my phone, “Inaccurate Signal For Car Navigation” & apparently it does not work without internet. My phone is Sony Xperia U & the sygic version is 14.3.2. I have tried other versions too but the problem still persists.

Blur Idea says:

This app is very more gps rental with car you a bunch.

Search&Rescue says:

Inside the app you can set where your home is. THen its just one clock to navigate there..

ghris ayoub says:

is have mlih beko

PhotonUponLight says:

I’m having problems when using this overseas , i have my 3g data off , and every other google location services off, the only thing on is GPS. it only shows connection lost 🙁

ma kwokkong says:


DjK Productions says:

good review!!

does it use tomtom’s HD traffic service?


Search&Rescue says:

its usually a paid app.. and has a license from Tomtom for their services… weather and traffic.

lance dacut says:

how to add route

Tony Francis says:

hi I am in Kingston Jamaica how do I select my region?

Miguel Abad says:


TheKira699 says:

I think we downloaded the blonde version to our iPad. It used to be a great app, now it is a sorry version of itself. It took us everywhere but where we wanted to go. An extra hour trying to kick the bitch inside it to get it right. Never always trust it implicitly, if in doubt have a hard copy backup. I usually carry a street directory or print off a copy of street directory online.

rakesh Suthar says:

The fact is, If you wanna stay connected, You should have an internet connection. There’s lot of apps fooling you arround with claiming accurancy withouit internet

Martin Heras says:

Why are all the GPS apps so slow when rendering? If you know any GPS app that renders smoothly, please let me know!

Sky Rim says:

Really awesome app but how can i sync with my ford everest

John Law says:

Problem with sygic is speedcam does not work

super star says:

Sygic 13.1.4 is nothing better but did not look that old version which is much better I have years Sygic Mobile Maps use super work but now 13 .. 1.4 is nothing in Sygic 12.1.3 TomTom HD Traffic is put in but most version you should look appart sale how mafia Sygic Sygic thunder on

Réda Makhloufi says:

I just wanna know how to cancel navigation please ?
Thanks in advance.

pabsw says:

scottish / dorric for head as in ‘heading home’.

rakesh Suthar says:

I’m really so much regreting so much after consuming my 1 GB data to download this apps and resulted nothing, I will stop looking for offline navigation system

DjK Productions says:

hi, i just found out it does use tomtom’s hd traffic service…how good does it work?


Remzi Demir says:

cok güzel bir navigation

Navigator GPS-YouTube says:

Sygic GPS navigation….Syper

DjK Productions says:

u is lucky…thanks 4 the good review!!

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