Best GPS – Google Maps or Waze? Uber Tips

Android and iOS are by far the best Mobile operating systems out there. Customization on them is very broad.
Best Mobile GPS
-Google Maps -Waze Maps -Apple Maps
In my opinion Google Maps is the best app based on my own experience. I have used all three and it seems to me that it works best on Android Devices Not as consistent on iOS devices.
Waze is good i just dont like all the Icons.
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Iftekhar Khan says:

I Vote Waze ✔ simply best !

King Tutt says:

Just downloaded Waze today from the playstore, and wow, the thing tells you where cops are for God’s sake. tIt even notified me of a red light enforced stop light. This GPS app shits on Google.

gtracer66 says:

I use a Bluetooth device for navigation. It is louder than the speaker on my phone. For some reason, Waze doesn’t transmit via Bluetooth even though I tell it to in the settings. So I use Maps. Not always the most accurate but I can always hear the directions, even if they are wrong.

mixwell1983 says:

Shit i rememver having a driving job for an rx company before nav and touch screen phones where u had to bust out thomas bros and i had la and oc. Once you know how to work through it you can navigate your way. I dont even know if theu sell thomas guides anymore

spaghetti says:

I went to yosemite once using waze, it took me off road to a dirt path and connection was lost. so I kept driving and met a dead end where a tree was in the had to upturn which was scary because it was a one path road and after three hours I found a Ranger to help me

Harry khan says:

uber u fucken full of shit y would anyone take advice of u lot

xxxxx3765 says:

Hello, Question, I want to use Google maps and have installed it but what happens when app opens separate? can I easily go back to uber to complete ride and rate passenger or does it go back automatically. I use a Iphone 5s, thanks!!

Russell Einhorn says:

I’m a new Uber driver and I use the iPhone 5s and I need help changing my uber app to use google maps, I don’t like the apple maps that they give you to use. Thanks…. Russ

Definitely A Black Guy says:

a major problem I have with google maps and I do have the most updated version on an S6 edge, is it’ll tell me I’m right next to someone’s house when really it’s like 4 houses down and it’s at night where I can’t see the house numbers so unless they’re outside waiting which isn’t often I’m searching. And a few times it’s actually been as much as half a mile off. Like it’ll tell me they’re at Starbucks on my right when really they’re at a gas station half a mile on the other side of the block.

patricknedz says:

I don’t like how Google Maps does not display the street name you are currently driving on. Apple Maps and Waze will have the name directly below the arrow. I don’t use Apple Maps because it kept messing up on me and would go to lock screen during the route recently and it never used to do that. As for waze there is a way to disable the icons. Im trying out various GPS apps to see what i like best.

Aware Society says:

You’re very stupid Apple Maps were much better

newsveteran says:

Why do we need to see you the entire video? Show more maps.. show more examples, show more comparisons, and less of you.

Mokochi says:

anyone know how i can add my own gps ? like tomtom

Jim Morrison says:

Why can’t you use a gps system like tom tom or garmin. I drove for the first time last night. I was using the uber app. The thing is, their is no voice when taking the person to their destination and it’s hard to read the directions on the cell. The writing is too small. I like to be able to hear the directions out loud. Why can’t you use a larger gps like Garmin, and just punch in the address when you pick them up?

Tom Grady says:

how do you use google maps with uber. I panicked trying to figure it out no one showed me

fernandoalonsoynwa says:

waze is the way to go , no comparison .

GordorBR says:

Waze is not so accurate as Google Maps

Chi Cabbie says:

If you don’t cabbie knowledge then don’t do cabby work. Get another job & stop stealing from cabbies.

soupdragon12345 says:

I use waze, and you can limit the onscreen icons etc in settings .

nutrylzone says:

I also use Google Maps most of the time, because I thought Waze was annoying too, until I figured out that I can change the settings, like turning off some of the icons, sound management, map color, etc in Waze. I think you need to go back and try it since their maps are more updated than Google Maps.

javier eduardo reynaga sotelo says:

Desearia que el vido sea en español

fernando gonzalez says:

waze is distracting

the GBO gamer says:

yea waze the company that made me pay FUCKING 150$ EVEN THO I’VE NEVER INSTALLED THE APP !!! i never heard about it until i saw the amount of money i had to pay for absolutly no reason

Maggie Purtee says:

How do I correct my home address as I inadvertently changed it to another location.

vertik7 says:

Is there a way to setup Mapquest app in Uber app, instead of Google Maps or Waze?

Josue Mayorga says:

Waze the best

death1stalker says:

Good video

Chris Lucas says:

There’s no debate… Waze is the best navigation out there! Always accurate and shows you where cops are, traffic, potholes, fog, floods, accidents, gas prices, construction zones etc. Once you use Waze you can never go back!

Heaveno8 says:

If you know exactly where the customer wants to go ie. the airport, staples arena etc. do you have to put it on the GPS?

Fedor Amuricano says:

“Otherwise if you don’t wanna suscribe, then cool.. its ur choice ”

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