Best Motorcycle GPS Navigation App Comparison

Best Motorcycle GPS Navigation App Comparison – What’s the best motorcycle GPS navigation app for around town and custom trip routes? Let’s find out! With my personal criteria set, I took a look at many of the popular and prominent GPS apps on the market. Most are both for iOS and Android and most are free. After traveling many thousands of miles on trips and using apps in many different ways, I knew what my ideal combo would be. Offline maps, easy and comprehensive general navigation, custom route importing WITH navigation and low cost. Many of you will have a different set of needs, so I have detailed most of these apps to show you what their strengths and weaknesses are. You may find a new favorite or a new combo to use.

Here’s a timeline you can use to jump to what you want:
Google Maps 5:11 7:41
Sygic 8:46
CoPilot 11:00
Mapquest 13:01
Apple Maps 14:08
GPS Nav 15:00
Navmii USA 19:00
VZ Navigator 20:45
Rever 21:29
HERE wego 23:23
Scenic 25:33
Inroute 30:30
Round 31:39
Rider 32:29
Indian/Victory 33:30
Pocket Earth 35:28
Waze 41:52
Scout 44:05
Magic Earth 44:40
Nave Rider 47:40
On-Road test of Scenic 49:12
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ricvis44 says:

Thank you VERY much! Great video. MotionX was my fav untill they no longer exist. It was the mac daddy. Been using google maps and didn’t realize how to work it. Thanks again!

Sergio Perez says:

Have you tried Tyretotravel?

Andrew Douglas says:

FWIW, I like CoPilot for one killer feature: the Safety View, which gives the current nav prompt in giant text with a huge yellow guidance arrow. It gives true at-a-glance info, and I don’t need to parse a map view, which takes one’s eyes off the road…. that’s a big safety thing for me. But it lacks the awesome police/hazard reporting you get from Waze.

My solution: Run both at the same time. Set Waze to give voice alerts (hazards, police) and let it run in the background. Then run CoPilot in the foreground.

No, they’re not free, but c’mon… for the price of a few gallons of gas I’m not complaining. And the online nature of Waze alerts really doesn’t use much data at all.

Randy Gilbert says:

Osmand+ for android users. Been using it for a couple yrs for ADV riding. Make my tracks/routes on Pc with BaseCamp. Use it on a Samsung Tab4 7″ inch tablet. Does almost everything a Garmin GPS will do. Just my two cents. Also, use it in my vehicles when traveling.

Kevin P. Sullivan says:

Just an FYI.. There is a free version available, which is what I use. On Rever, you can pull in your own maps. You create the map and Upload GPX/KML/KMX files. We used this on our ride up to the Northeast. I used Garmin’s Base Camp to make our daily routes then uploaded the to Rever. It is a really cool app. Worked great. Here is a link to differences between the free app and pay app. Mapping out routes on their site is VERY easy as well, which automatically links to the app.

Mark333032 says:

Hey Brian, how are you getting on with this Scenic app? On your recommendation I tried it and I find it excellent. Much better than Copilot I was using before. The only issues I have with it are
1. Turn by turn verbal instructions (which I do use) are often wrong. It does not seem to know the difference between a proper junction and a bend in the road. That’s got me in a mess a few times
2. Sending maps you create in google straight to the app via the Scenic Motomappers website usually messes up the route and you have to edit it once imported. But if you first convert it to a .gpx file and then send that to the app via the website and import it, it works perfect every time
3. When you have imported a map from the queue (which you have sent via the Mottomappers website) and into ‘My Favorites’, it remains in the queue making you think it failed to import. It will not delete itself from the queue until you physically delete it.
4. It is not as intuitive as it might be. Eg search for an address, and find it. The intuitive thing to do (at least for me) would be to then press the big red button ‘Start Trip’. But all that does is record your journey – not guide you to a destination. To get directions you must remember to press the much smaller arrow in the address popup box
5. If you search for a place name while there is no GSM or wifi, it usually cannot find it. Only if you know the exact address, then it works

But these are just minor complaints which I can live with. Overall, I love it!

Tim Sykes says:

Thanks Bryan, very informative.

Tangier NotLost says:

Great video, loved the jabs on the trophies and being awarded for just using the app, hilarious

Jim Pannell says:

Excellent round up of GPS apps – thanks so much Bryan – stellar stuff!

Don Basta says:

Thanks for the information as I am in the process of researching motorcycle GPS apps or devices. I have an old TomTom and an old Magellen which I will experiment with. I’d not thought about saving routes as I was just interested in off the network GPS. I did learn that the Garmin Nuvi 1490T is capable of accepting routes made on a PC and I’ve found used ones on Ebay as low as $35. I just may research that as well.

Jeremy Riffle says:

Have you posted any good routes in Florida ?

Arun Khagram says:

You can customise routes with Google Maps:

1. Search your destination and press “directions”
2. Press the three vertical dots in the top right corner
3. Press “add stop”
4. Customise your route by adding stops along the way, treating them as waypoints
5. Re-order your stops by keeping your finger on the three horizontal lines and sliding your route title in your desired order
6. Your route will be automatically re-calculated to string your stops together

One small downside: when you reach a stop, you have to press a button to continue seeing the navigation. Without touch gloves you will need to pull over.

Stephen Marseille says:

My only issue with this is that he wants a LOT of features while, in his words, “the whole thing, or at least all the basic features, must be free!” Then mentions that he’s been using an app that cost him $50 for 7-8 years and that he STILL uses it and “loves it”! Um, my friend, that sounds like a good value to me! Yes, the days of $50 GPS apps may be gone, but he doesn’t seem to get that features require work on the part of developers, many of them (like Scenic, I believe) are essentially one-person shops. Are they supposed to work for free?

MikeOnBike says:

Thanks for spending your time on that topic. I’ll give “Scenic” a try as I just returned my TomTom Rider which was full of bugs. My plan was to try out “Navigon” as I loved their devices and they lately switched to app-only. Mike

Larry New says:

I find on Google maps, if you’re in the bicycle mode for planning, it will give you good motorcycle-friendly routing.

yummyguinness says:

Thanks for the hard work and great video Byran! I would love to know your fav that is also android?

GoroTKD Honda says:

Nice Video, good review of the different apps. Missed One Big Point at the End of Review. You do not mention the name of the Winning App. I had to go in the timeline to be sure of the winner. Thanks for the time line.

Karl N. says:

Fellow Floridian here from the Clermont area… Great video review of GPS apps. I ended up going with scenic after watching this video. I’ve been watching your TWO videos quite a bit lately as I too have recently purchased literally the exact same FZ09 (even the same color). It’s like I found my motorcycle twin. Keep up the good work. See you on the roads. P.S. I shared a great ride near Lake Louisa in Clermont via the Scenic app, check it out someday when you want to ride into central Florida. It’s about the closest thing to hills/mountains that Florida has to offer!

Search for “Clermont Sunday Loop” or “Long Four Corners Bike Ride.”

cevansinz says:

The primary reason I use Waze is its ability to output the turn-by-turn directions to my helmet’s Bluetooth device. Can Scenic Motorcycle Touring do that?

sunnysocal07 says:

Thanks for doing this….Huge help! Ive been very frustrated looking for an app that lets you plan a rout without all the hassle. Maybe do a more in depth one on Scenic?

smogthis1 says:

I have contacted Google to add weather reports to the routes, I have rode right into a bad rain storm on my route and could have been rerouted to a better one to avoid the rain! That would be one of the best features for a motorcycle rider.

Carlton Shields says:

Excellent review. Thanks for doing the legwork.

Mark Early says:

Just came across this review.  Great summary.  I stopped looking for Motorcycle specific GPS a while back.  I have an iPhone, and use Garmin StreetPilot.  Navigates off-line. all maps are downloaded.  However might be interested in following link.  This is the guy/company that developed Scenic..  I’ve been very pleased with StreetPilot.  But plan to look at Scenic.

TwoWheelObsession says:

Thank you all for the compliments! Just to be clear – this is not EVERY app available. There are others that I did not show, but many others I have tried. None fit the criteria. The one I happened to like the most, Scenic, is right now iOS only but they commented below they are looking in to Android. They also said POI and better search is coming soon!

Dustin Fults says:

Scenic looks exactly what I am looking for, but I have android. I would love to see this on the android platform

Athena Huh says:

I use “HERE WeGo” maps and it works great

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