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Starting of our list at no 4.
Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic
This Garmin nuvi 2789LMT 7-Inch belongs to the Garmin nuvi advanced series automotive navigators which don’t rely on cellular signals to work. With its 7 inch display, it offers the user a wide screen view allows for easy reading. Another good thing with this vehicle navigation device by Garmin is its landmark guidance program that makes it easy for the user to follow even difficult directions. The system is also capable of saving multiple routes making it easy for the user to be able to get to their destinations faster.
at no 3.
TomTom VIA 1535TM 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator
This high-quality navigation system by TomTom offers an amazing and accurate routing service. You will like the device’s capability in offering lifetime map and traffic updates. It has got better and improved graphics and on-screen fonts plus voice recognition capability. This navigation is highly customizable and does not show any adverts that some users usually don’t like. The only place that the manufacturer would have done much better on the device is perhaps the touch screen that can sometimes get stubborn. On the overall, the navigation system works just fine and has got great features that you will like.
at no 2.
Garmin nüvi 2557LMT 5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps
This is yet another good navigation system designed and made by Garmin and also belongs to the high-quality Garmin nuvi series. You will like the many good features that this Garmin nuvi series offers such as traffic announcement, lane guidance effect, real directions, map updates, and an ad-free traffic. You have the power to upgrade this device to help add voice command and Bluetooth for a better hand’s free calling. The screen of this vehicle GPS system is not too big and also not that small it is just perfect for easy viewing. There is also the ‘Up Ahead’ feature on the device that will easily tell you about the gas stations, restaurants, banks & ATMs etc that you are yet to get to on your journey ahead.
at no 1.
Garmin nüvi 52LM 5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS
The truth is that Garmin GPS systems are some of the leading GPS systems available globally. The company has continued to up its reputation with their new Garmin nuvi 52LM 5-inch vehicle GPS system. You will love the lifetime map updates feature of this gadget as you will not have to purchase new systems every so often. It also comes with the speed limit indicator which helps you to be in control of the speed you are driving in. The screen is just fine; not too big and also not that small.
3. Garmin nüvi 2789LMT
2. TomTom VIA 1535TM
1. Garmin nüvi 2557LMT

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Geoffrey Stephens says:

Thank you

Annette Bigham says:

Some good info on these – thanks for taking the time to do it for us!

MAKDIZ says:

so you know how to read the instructions


this is a commerical for garmin gps

Peter Owens says:

About as much use as tits on a bull!
No mention of price —— Duh!
If they are all as sound as your review indicates why not just buy the lowest cost unit

Maxwell Ujdak says:

1:32 This man really said, “It has some great features that you will really like,” and then just skipped to the next item without telling us what those features are or even a price tag wtf.

inyobill says:

You touted the Garmin as the “best”, by citing features that are common on devices by other manufacturers (lifetime kapes, speed limits). I remain unconvinced, based on your presentation. I can cite specifics why I don’t prefer Garmin (the screen is too busy, and pertinent information is presented too large, limiting map size.).

Rico Marcelo says:

At, it says 5 best navigation system but only 4 was presented.

Chris Meyer says:

Garmin is near to worthless in Australia!

Rex Bahr says:

NON SENSE Find one that can do this. Get a Poortland Oregoon map. Go to NE 122 and Glisan. Now I am going west on Glisan and am blocked in with traffic. As I suffer PTSD we do not like being trapped and you hear about it all the time when someone trys to jump out of an aircraft at 20,000 feet. Ok Now I am at ne 108 and I know a little about this area. I want to go north on 108 to Halsey and Wielder. Which route do I take to get to Halsey by avoiding ne 102 as it is a mess all the time?

dipak boro says:

did it work in any country

Elena Parker says:

Guys chck diz GPSAwake simple android gps navigation app that Awake you on the destination. GPS app can also used as car gps,gps app for truckers,garmin gps and can run on android tablet or any android devices. Best GPS app Ever. Playstore link>

orange70383 says:

Do people really use these things, why I just don’t get it. I mean even in a new city it doesn’t take long to find your way around.

Alenbole 86 says:

I wanna buy nuvi 2797lmt or drivesmart 61.lmt.anyone can help whith some advice which one to choose.tnx

doc25phd says:

been a lorry driver iv had tom tom for 3 years ..garmin for 5 years till it packed in i was ready to buy another garmin .then i decided sod it .. buy a cheap £70 truck sat nav with 7″ screen on ebay ….8 months later its still the best decision iv made between tom tom and garmin i spent over £700 ..valuable lesson learnt …GPS works all the same who cares if garmin or tom tom say cheap ones they could be off by 5 feet at times for £70 i dont care if they are off by 10ft ..its all bull anyway iv never missed a turning or a stop in that time never taken me on “unsuitable for h.g.v. roads …not once….. tells me of low bridges ahead …. them 2 expensive ones never did that for me ….buy cheap ones they are just as good or for me even better than the top 2

Stuart King says:

3 Garmin and only 1 TomTom….biased methinks?

James Wood says:

No mention of the Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S? It’s loaded with the high-end features of these Garmins *BUT HAS A BUILT IN DASH CAM*. That feature alone puts it over the top, and you can add an optional wireless back-up camera.

Angel Galvan says:

I wonder if theses things are cuasing people to drive like shit on the roads if it misguides them to miss an exit…

mohd jabir says:

Actually, I am so impressed this GPS device and I use this product this time thank you

Keyvan Shahin says:

it’s really interesting for a top 5 list to start with number 4 =))))

Troy Tanw says:

I have 3 Garmin fleet 670 trucking gps for sale 115. Works great barely used. Gps unit only. No mount or usb cable. It has option for car or truck driver too. Free lifetime map n traffic. Hit me up.

Marta Baena says:

Very nice video! This Article Researchs The Future of GPS Apps I hope it interests you, otherwise I apologize 😉

Gatto Npc says:

Commercial review.. do a real review when you actualy use them on the road in your car and show the diference …

twoweeled soto says:

If you plan on updating your Garmin on Windows 10 or 8.1, better find another navigator. Garmin Nuvi NOT update on windows 10 or 8.1. I’m not the only one. it’s a joke. never gonna happen. detects then it doesn’t detect. detects, and then it doesn’t detect. 2nd Nuvi and they just don’t update. Stay away from Garmin! You’ve been warned.

Greg Egan says:

“Lifetime” maps is a joke on the consumer, it means how long the manufacturer decides to support the device, not how long it keeps working.

John Lee says:

I am looking for a unit that I can make my own route by taking my finger and just doing my own mapping using side roads and whatever. This unit looks like will do it. But is there one where you can just use a starting point and take your finger and trace the route from start to finish that way? Thanks for any of you that can help.

Paco Vasda says:

You specifically say Navigation Systems and then only list a small list of standalone portable GPS handheld units for cars.
The comparisons are limited beyond use.

Photis Matsas says:

Excellent products !!!

Jose Garcia says:

Garmin nüvi 2597LMT is discontinued, why include a discontinued model?

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