Car GPS, Waze & Google Maps: Which Gets You To Your Destination Faster?

Meisha Johnson reports.


AB Technology says:

Either way, Google is getting credibility.

Matt Arnold says:

Google maps has an option to avoid tolls…they were just too ignorant to turn it on.

shawn bouvier says:

WAZE is the best…a fun gps app

newsveteran says:

It’s “destination,” NOT “final destination.” Your destination IS final.. that’s what destination means.. “destiny,” and that’s final.

Samer Sabbagh says:

Waze The Best

Phughy says:

Sena-Marie can’t park properly.

jasper bear says:

Not a big fan of waze

narvekar1 says:

Great waze

Marta Baena says:

Very nice video! This Article Researchs The Future of GPS Apps I hope it interests you, otherwise I apologize 😉

EasyFolkDude says:

Is there a offline android gps app that let’s me draw new roads, add markers and so on?

Håkon Ruud says:

Waze is owned by Google 🙂 So it was basically Google vs the car’s GPS system

Max says:

Damn, that reporter with that overdone face-lift surgery and her swollen lips by the Botox scared me, she looks like a 3 dollar ho.

Rex Bahr says:

I have a Pioneer AVIC-D3 in my 1996 Caddy and it is ok but I want one for my 2001 S-10. A mechanic put in a Jensen that slides out with a 7 Inch screen and boy it is a piece of shit. I want one that I can plot a route. Go to a map of Portland Oregon. Then to NE 122 and Glisan. Now go west on Glisan to NE 108. Now I have PTSD and cannot stand traffic and jams so I turn right on NE 108, look at the map to go to NE Halsey. I see I can do that on NE 109. Now which one do I buy that I can do that on??

mohammad nasir nasir says:


prostopisec says:

Вазя рулит!

Rick O'Shea says:

She is grotesque

Farhan Chowdhury says:

You can avoid tolls in Google maps

hussein saab says:

Doesn’t Audi use google maps?

Malcolm Goss Jr says:


Watching TrainsgoBy says:

with all due respect, 1 attempt doesn’t give an accurate assessment. but the technology we have to do this is amazing and only getting better. what I want to see is what happens vs experienced drivers using their own routes vs technology

vadim nesen says:

Cars usually don’t know live traffic

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