Cheap Marine GPS Chart Plotter For iPhone & Smart Phones

Now you can use your Smart Phone as an inexpensive Chart Plotter while on your boat or tender. I have been using the Navionics ( iPhone App since 2010 and find it both accurate and highly convenient, especially while we are out on our inflatable dinghy.

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Rob Gionet says:

I use the Navionics app on my phone and on my tablet. My tablet does not have built in GPS, but there is a work around for that. I bought a external GPS unit, and downloaded an app that will read the GPS signal and turn it into a data streamsend the data to yoru map app . The app is called You are Here GPS and is available on the Google Play store. You run this little app in the backgrond, then open the Navionics app ( or whatever map app you normally would use ) and the GPS sends the data to the Navionics app. It works flawlessly. here is the link to a web site on how to do what i am talking about .
I bought the external GPS on for $35.00, You also forgot to mention in your video that the Navionics app does not use data or wifi. It works off-line. The only time you need wifi is to initially download the desired charts. Once they are saved on your phone you do not need a wifi signal or data to use the app. Caution, the charts do take up a lot of memory on your device so only download the charts you will need. It’s a wonderful app and even got me safely back to the marina one evening when the fog rolled in unexpectedly

No Say says:

I use Navionics on an iPad. One thing you have to remember is that once you’re off shore, it won’t work. Apple devices DO NOT use gps. They triangulate and plot you location based on the distance from cell masts not from the gps network. I use a gps module that you need made by Bad Elf so it works with the actual gps network. Many are fooled by the so called smart phone gps.

Scott Horslin says:

Agreed…I have the Navionics set-up on my Iphone, and use it while running the Seadoo. The only issue I’ve found was battery power/life for sustained use, while not plugged in. It certainly works flawlessly as an app!

We hung out on Paul’s docks at Henry’s, this past Thanksgiving, (well past him being closed for the season…there was NO one!), while waiting out the fog, on our Seadoo run to Parry Sound. Battery died while enroute… Clearly, I’ll have to install a power port.

denelson83 says:

It’s too bad CHS considers the Navionics smartphone app to be a VAR product, and thus not in compliance with the requirements under the Canada Shipping Act for onboard nautical charts.

mick beta says:

Every try OpenSeaMap …. very interesting OpenCPN

Dick Hilten, van says:

I like it so far..!

gorfano says:

Does this give me an idea of water depth ?

Billyboy says:

You saved me so much right now lol thanks

Jules Fairfax says:

Very wonderful!

IrvineLakeVideos says:

I thought this was a tutorial video. Wasted my time.

Nelson Gilbert says:

iNavX. Fugawi.

Bob Simmons says:

Great video. One question: Do I have to have internet service on the tablet in order to use the GPS navigation feature? I am new to all of this so I may not be using the correct jargon. I am in Florida; and I want to use a tablet to navigate the Intracoastal Waterway Markers at night. I do not plan to get internet service for the tablet.

Fábio Florestal says:

Looks like the app for boating is no longer available for iOS. Only for ski and biking/hiking.

Gregory Simmons says:

thank you sir, planning on renting a sailboat later this year and was advised to get a handheld GPS unit. I didn’t even think my smart phone could suffice for a day sail for a fraction of the cost allowing to invest in some battery extending devices. Thanks for the money saving tip!


ty buddy

ChanhFOBer Tran says:

good luck using ur phone gps on off shore.. ok. i work on off shore for 23 yr on a big shrimping boat. I been all over the Gulf Of Mexico for 23 yr with my phone. Roam and roam ok

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