Directions and navigation with the new Google Maps app

Start navigating and exploring confidently today using dynamic re-routing and voice-guided GPS navigation with the Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets.


Stephan Giger says:

Just did two trips by motorbike with this app: Switzerland – South Italy and Switzerland Southern France: the navigation was spot on! Never got lost in over 2500 km of driving. 
Good job guys!

haze1123 says:

Google screwed the pooch on this one. Navigation is a more important app than maps. It gets used more than Maps. So WHY bury Navigation INSIDE the Maps app? Navigation was better as a stand-alone app. You can fix this by going into the Play Store, search for Google Maps, and uninstall the program. It won’t really uninstall, it will simply revert back to the old version with stand-alone navigation.

Maciej Dembiczak says:

Great futures. I need “red light camera” warnings.

Jordan Siegel says:

Can I do this without internet???? I want to go on a trip but google does not allow me to search up anything. says I am offline. How am I suppose to travel somewhere if I cant leave my house to get the map to work because of wifi? Also I am not buying $70 worth of data so forget it. I want train routes also

Some Videos says:


Adi Jamadi says:
Ross A says:

Whoever was in charge of this update….should be drawn and quartered

Legion says:

Using latest update on 4.2.2. There is NO direction info sheet… there is NO ‘start’ icon for Navigation. So in effect I have NO Navigation. Useless bunch of idiots.

A. Jaśniowski says:


John Rounds says:

What if I didn’t quite hear the last given instruction… can I repeat it so that I can hear it again without going around the block???  Maybe a button I can press that will repeat the last instruction??  I don’t think I can do this can I?

AnnMichelle Dumais says:

I cannot get the voice to work with my Galaxy S4, any suggestions?

Larry Cournoyer says:

how can i delete a destination 

Pao D says:

l want to have customized map on my iphone. how do l access that?

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Mo Ka says:

Here’s a secret: Search for “OK maps” to save the currently viewed map for offline access.

michael jeacock says:

notice they switch to car mode for navigation because the dumb twats killed navigation in public transport mode. sod you google.

Mustaafa Alazzawi says:

google should really work hard on the offline mode because it’s rubish cause the search operation doesn’t really work

Dante Stephen says:

It is shit

Miguel Calderon says:
Duelling Boxer says:
Best Technology Apps says:

Excellent video. I like it

Would be cool if you would check my channel and videos too.

skeetmoses says:

this helped, thanks

Michael Brown says:

How do I add multiple stops to a trip? Is this even possible anymore? Please create a video on this, as I’m too dumb to figure it out. Also is it still possible to save a portion of a map to the device for when you have no data?

Jörg Hinrichsen says:

To use my location sucks! I think it’s good to use my location as a starting point, but how if I want to change it? Oh I just tap on it and then I type in an address… Really I have to type in the street name which I have to remember since I cannot copy text in Google Maps, why can I not just select the fucking location on the map with my finger like in the old days? Google Maps was my favorite app and now I hate it. The old version was also one hand friendly.

Dante Stephen says:

Fuck Google it’s so faking inouing

cc9999 says:

They never demonstrate the navigation while actually DRIVING…ever tested that?… about distracted driving. I keep an apk file of the old version handy….will work until G kills it…sigh..

LikerOfThings1 says:

This is absolute crap. What if I want to know the distance between two places that aren’t my work or home, I have to save one of them first? Absolute bullshit.

DXnWoFan says:

If The User Is Named Evelyn Shes A Woman But The Fingers Are Man Fingers

vicente rivera aparic says:

Es buenisimo

Rajith Maligaspe says:

I’m in Sri Lanka and I dont have the voice navigation feature in Google Maps. Just a button called ‘preview’. 

Russell Kong says:

why don’t let me choose a location rather than my current location on the map?

Eff Moondust says:


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Kusuma Tirumalasetty says:

i want how to code that app

skunkworks226 says:

How on earth does one change this to miles (it is displaying in km because I am in canada)

Сергей Мякишев says:

Please add “+” and “-” buttons!

elvin pena says:

Quanta himportansia hay hoy dia tenemos un tel. hiteligente q tiene un mapa hitalado nosjia donde quiera

quangphuoc bui says:

Very good!

Sammy Abrams says:

i love +Google but i hate +Google Maps . Biggest shit ever. Cannot understand it. How to save favourite places or change the route like i want??? After using it 4 cant understand it, also my wife. We ve no idea

Alex McLane says:

Does Google Navigation work in South Korea? Because I can’t seem to get it to work on my app

Some Videos says:

haha yes. How do you know her name is Evelyn though?

Some Videos says:


apotheos1s says:

I understand why they’d want to integrate Navigation into Maps, but it ends up being way less intuitive than simply having a dedicated navigation app. Everything is now buried beneath the standard map menus, and it’s not always clear where Navigation ends and Map begins.

R Kh says:

لطفا راهنمایی کنید جهت نصب چکارباید کرد.انگلیسی no و googleplayدانلود نمیکنه

cookietumms S says:

esta semana me fallo el gps, no se como arreglarlo ya no me da las indicaciones por voz y es dificil manejar y leer ademas de que en algunos lugares esta prohibido manejar y usar el celular helpmee plis 

Some Videos says:

haha yes. How do you know her name is Evelyn though?

Rickard Shen says:

I’m sure this app and update is great if you are American and travel within USA and can still access internet without going roaming. Unfortunately, most of us use maps when traveling in places where we can only access internet in our hotel rooms, cafés or by using roaming. And to be honest, who the hell can afford roaming? The offline functionality of the maps really needs to be better.

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