Drive Test: iOS 6 Turn By Turn versus Google Maps and Navigation

A live drive test comparison of iOS 6 turn by turn navigation on an iPhone 4S alongside Google Maps and Navigation running on an HTC One X.


Merwyn Chan says:

It’s obvious that you are biased on iOS. Google maps is much more accurate and shows more detail for the side roads. Google maps also shows the picture of your destination. Why did you not call this out?

BigORat says:

Is there anyway to hook up the navigation audio so that the audio comes out of the car radio speakers?

Thomas Armour says:

Google maps is superior!!! I do like how Apple Prounces the Street names much easier to see.

julio cesar says:

Esta para Colombia y en español

TheMCChannel says:

Both Win:Google Maps does traffic and move the map.Apple Maps you can make your map 3D for destaion and says START on any road you are on when you started your navigation AND its not so chatty

Mike Figueiredo says:

Hey Apple Fanboy, when does it ever rain in Arizona anyway?

Gideon Waxfarb says:

Does Apple Maps have the option to avoid tolls/highways like G Maps does? Without these options (which I couldn’t find), the app is pretty much unusable for me.

aminul1984 says:

I don’t really understand how these tests will find out which sat nav is better if you are following one nav on the road.

It will be better to have two cars with the different navs being tested and see which car goes to the destination the fastest.

Om Gupta says:

Google maps Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmed Kashif says:

Google maps speaks more naturally then apple maps

Canadian NATO Forces says:

Google maps wins of course because it has correct data and it responds easily

Juliar Ceyax says:

This guy is such a apple fanboy, he sees ios6 navi sucks and he still says pretty close when he first deviated from route. Then He says apple tend to follow the signage state highway colors? so does google!. i need a real in depth review. Till then GOOGLE IS KING

Ps. Apple is not accutrate outside of usa or uk. they literally have missing towns lmao!

Shaz W says:

The word route is pronounced the same way as ‘root.’ Just saying… 😉

jason jlas says:

This persons voice don’t sound right.

qazwsxzwharp says:

The Google directions are usually faster because they account for traffic in real time and choose the best route, whereas the iOS leads you to hit every possible red light.

All about Games says:

what car are you driving ??

sbowesuk says:

In 2016, it’s clear that Google Maps is far superior to Apple Maps. It’s not even close these days. Even back in 2012, it’s wasn’t that close. Google Maps has always been better.

Douglas Swango says:

He’s in Tucson!

Sourav Bagchi says:

Why people use Apple Maps?
Outside US and UK Apple Maps never provide correct data

John Frantz says:

Although I prefer IOS over android, google maps is defiantly better.

Dominika Slovakia says:

Google wins.

AndyPandy33 says:

Is there a android navigation app that shows speed limit on the roads? Does Google Maps have it?

Tom Edge says:

I need offline maps

Michael Anthony says:

It’s easy to see you’re a bit biased towards the iPhone.

CommanderS says:

So Google Maps has more features, but Apple Maps has the quickest route.

Beavis says:

i use audio cable to play my music through my stereo and my Google gps navi plays directions . looks like a headphone input jack.

Keihab Padeshah says:

I have a Samsung s4, and my navigation doesn’t turn with me like in this video. I see the road from above and not in a view like his.
Cane somebody explain me how to fix this.

filmer765 says:

Google maps all the way.

esther dd says:

please compare HUD-Amazing(SMART HUD)_MADE IN KOREA

Caleb Roenigk says:

Well yeah because google maps has traffic routing and updates where iOS doesn’t

Beavis says:

I like google better seeing the streets on a wider view for turn arounds and dead ends. It does talk too much but turning voice off is easy when you rather here your tunes.

Daluv Docta says:

Thx for the video. Really helpful.

Mark Navarro says:

I have used both. Google maps is definitely more accurate and very detailed. Google maps has spent more time and has much more vast info than Apple maps. Everything is updated a whole lot more than Apple maps.

MaximumGameplay says:

Very useful video thanks for sharing 

meda list says:

well user-friendly doesn’t bring U to where U wanted to be. It’s ok to be user friendly but what’s the point if it direct U to wrong.

Kiko Cbr says:


Xtreme Games says:

Google Maps shows my city at a -25 degree angle. Any idea?

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