Ep43 – COMPLETE GUIDE to OVERLANDING NAVIGATION (comprehensive review of Gaia GPS)

Vlog 43

This is something we get asked A LOT:

“What navigation systems do you use on the trail?”

I’ve been wanting to put this together for a while, and HERE IT IS!

This is everything we do for navigation based on TONS of trial and error – and our current setup, as explained in this movie has been working GREAT for us for several trips now.

We use a cellularly enabled iPad, GaiaGPS, a myriad RAM mounts and this is how it all works!

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Credit: Ukiyo

Music by Ukiyo

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Dalton Ryan says:

Unrelated to over-landing, GPS and cars: Where did you get that life aquatic picture on your wall!?

The Strength Doc says:

any issues with glare on the ipad?

Bobby Tam says:

I meant to ask you how did you mount your iPad in the earlier blogs but you did an excellent job of showing it. Keep the videos coming.

feellnfroggy says:

On my android, cell service is not required. But a data connection is to search your location. If you start your route search and directions on Wifi, you can leave service and the location service will keep it going. If it cuts off for some reason, it wont restart without Data. using a downloaded mapping app, I would think, location service only is needed for navigation offline.

Honda Man says:

Merch store. Millennial detected.

Pull The Pin Outdoors says:

Jason, Great video explanation of everything. I am new to the Overlanding and trying to get feet wet. You had me sold on the Gaia GPS. Thanks for the information and looking forward to your other videos.

Izzey23 says:

Is the GAiA membership a one time fee or annual fee?

grizwald70 says:

Just subscribed to GAIA today and found your video. Thanks. I have a 5th Gen 4Runner too and yes the USB port on the dash is weak. I find a 12v cigarette lighter USB charger provides more juice.

Preston Gladd Overland says:

I use same exact system, gaia, iPad pro 10.5(Verizon and yes they are way overpriced), ram mounts (For everything, ham and CB radios, iPad, phone, delorme inreach sat com, etc…). I’m my opinion you have the best set up possible for what gear you run. I use a different ram tablet holder, but yours is more versatile where mine is for 9-11″ tablets with large cases only. I would recommend looking into the Garmin inreach (formally delorme inreach) they provide emergency sat com’s for a fairly cheap subscription that can come in very handy when out of cell range. I also use gaia when backpacking in the backcountry. I live near Asheville and I know you were just in the area but if you ever come through here again let me know and maybe we can link up.

modurndaydrifter says:

Thanks for the vid..helped a lot

Euclides Velazco says:

Jason…thanks for making this video. It’s very impressive to see the solutions you always come up with for the problems you encounter on the trails. I do follow your channel and use it as a baseline, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I do want to let you know that on the Android side you do not need to have a tablet with cellphone service for GPS. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with Wi-Fi, built in GPS and Gaia GPS installed on it. It works like a champ and thanks to this video I can further take advantage of the Gaia GPS app. Thanks again for these videos and please keep them coming. My 5-year-old and I always enjoy watching you and your family on your adventures. P.S.: One thing you should look into is a cigarette charger like this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A4ZGLZ8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 that way you won’t have to worry about your tablet battery dying on you. I can always run the GPS on the tablet while keeping the batter topped off.

Exploring The Outdoors says:

We use Gaia as well. We google earth to see the route first.

J Dub says:

Jason, is the Gaia premium membership worth it? Nat Geo is cool but not sure it shows anything that the USFS maps have. Please and Thanks

Shairol Azhar says:

just finish all of your vlog this week, subscribed,thumb up all your video, great editing, love your casey neistat style editing and content…

Israel Arevalo says:

This is exactly the information I was looking for! Thanks Jason!

Steve Egbert says:

Despite all the neat apps and navigation whiz bang stuff we have and love, I always carry good old paper maps, especially old forest service ones if I can get them. They often have roads and features that are not shown on newer ones.

William Baukhages says:

Anyone here ever use a map? Just a guy who’s been around long enough to remember what it was like before Gaia and Garmin and cellphones even. All very convenient and useful tools, but a good map, compass and some grey matter are things you should have as well when venturing into the wild. Here’s an article that I think applies, even though it was done in a large city…

mnsterbruiser says:

Outstanding, great overview of the Gaia.

Stephan Hatch says:

Another great video….but when I’m way off the beaten path and need folks to follow me, or need to get in touch for an emergency…I’ll take a Garmin Inreach over my iPhone and if I wanna be real safe carry a one time use beacon locater like ACR….Otherwise yup….Gaia.

wkmac2 says:

Thanks Jason. Good info as I’m at the point of taking the next step in navigation and the timing of your video is perfect.

Craig Coleman says:

Helpful video! What was the GAIA function that allowed you to watch a recorded track? It appeared as though you were able to play back your track for the day on the video. Desktop function? App function? Outside software magic?

Connor Smith says:

This video was perfect. You talked about everything that I’ve wondered and wanted to know. Thanks Jason! Keep it up!

Pat Pourier says:

Don’t people call it camping anymore? Jump in your truck, drive, pitch a tent, come home.

“What did you do last weekend?”
“I went overlanding.”
“I went camping.”
“Oh, cool.”

Karthik Kailash says:

Great video. Do you have a link for the rod used to connect the ball mounts and the iPad holder?

Chris Zawacki says:

Jason, great info, thanks for this video. I downloaded that map app.

Sam Daz says:

Love your videos. You have inspired me to get out there. This is very helpful tips for navigation.

rustyracer51 says:

New subscriber here. Thank you for your high quality videos. Looking forward to many more of your videos!

Calvin Bierstedt says:

Thank you for explaining everything you use. Very helpful information.

Fabian Mendez says:

No cell service needed for GPS, iPhone or Android.

UnderHoverFPV says:

Cheap Samsung Tab E for $169 will give you GPS and has expandable SD storage so you can download whatever you want. Thats what I use and it works great

Daren Welsh says:

It looks like there are various levels of paid memberships for Gaia. Can anyone explain the difference between them? Also, does anyone have alternative software/apps they recommend?

Dan W. Boles says:

GAIA is hands down my app of choice, and for those that are wondering, the Pro Version is well worth the cost. Thanks for the @PeachStateOverland shout out too. +PeachStateOverland

OffroadPowerWagon says:

I’ve been using Gaia GPS since May when I lead the 10th annual Power Wagons in Moab. And I have loved this app ever since. It’s amazing and I keep finding more and more uses for it.

365 Overland says:

Exactly what I have been looking for thank you

Ric Aldrich says:

Great I also use Bad elf GPS antenna and It works great. It is $100 but it works with your iPhone or pad

Bjarne Bergum says:

Gpx files are text files. You can edit it with ex notepad++ and add them together.

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