Episode 14 – What Navigation App Should I Use For Uber?


Watch to find out which GPS apps I like, and my gripes on the ones I don’t.



Hey there! I create content around being the best Uber driver here in NYC and want to teach others how to become the SECOND best 😉

I’m using Uber to help me pay off my pesky student loans and finally get out from under all this debt. After this (in a few years), I’ll be creating content around other things I care about.

If you’re curious about what else I’m up to, my thoughts and perspective on being a 20-something-year-old brown dude living in New York, you can check out my personal blog at Start Younger.


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988nightwatch says:

how do you put in destination on google maps when you pick up a passenger? do you turn on google maps then input the destination?

Jonathan Blandon says:

Wazes sucks it’s always says cannot find internet connection. Meanwhile I’m outside and have unlimited data. Google maps is what I use when I have passengers in the car

The Big Dawg !! says:

I didn’t get my license yet I check online it says I’m a active driver … does that mean I got accepted ??

sgnjr3 says:

I use Apple Maps with Apple Watch, it’s heaven sent for navigation. Saves your battery by keeping the screen off while you drive. The tactic feedback always notify you with a distinct sound for left and right and u-turn. I use Apple Maps first then sync the route through Waze or Google Maps. Short distance, Waze, long distance, Apple Maps w/ Apple Watch, and to return to starting point, Google, to stay off the highway and not expend a lot of dry mileage. Obviously, Uber navigation for pool trips, pickup point, and drop off point. Uber’s pins are pretty accurate, only that it sometimes take you to behind the building or on the other side of the gate. It is situational. With Bluetooth, you will hear the additional request.

Robert Leland says:

Pro tip: don’t use overview in Uber native navigation to try and find your way unless you are good and zooming way in and scrolling the map manually while driving. The navigate hasn’t done me wrong yet, but I know all the main arteries of my area and can adjust my route on the fly if traffic is going to add needless time to the drive.

Carlo Milillo says:

Okay I have a question what would do in the case of google maps being buggy like should you have a back up gps in the car ? If so which would you recommend and is it absolutely necessary to run gps on your phone ? Or do you have the option to use you own standalone gps for your rides ?

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