Gaia GPS Tutorial 2017

This video covers the main features of Gaia GPS, the best smart phone app for wilderness navigation. It’s primarily for iPhone users, and it’s for the new version that was released in Spring 2017.
Here’s what this video covers, along with a timestamp. New Gaia users probably want to watch the whole thing. If you already use Gaia, feel free to jump to any topic you like.

1 – Download the correct app – 1:04
2 – Make a GaiaGPS user account – 1:47
3 – Allow Location Services – 2:21
4 – Main Menu overview – 2:51
5 – Add & remove map layers – 5:27
6 – Show stats bar 6:51
7 – Track recording & battery tips – 7:40
8 – Making a route – 8:37
9 – Downloading maps for offline use – 11:17
10 – Editing & sharing map data – 13:16
11 – Changing coordinate systems – 15:02
12 – Tips to save phone memory – 15:38
13 – Final tips – 16:36

To see more videos like this, search YouTube for “Columbia river orienteering club.”


Aidan Moran says:

Awesome thanks for making this video !

Erick Piedra says:

Awesome video. I can’t wait to try out all the features, both old and new.

Faith & Action says:

Great, thanks so much!

Brian Redmond says:

Many, many thanks. Excellent work.

Matt Phinney says:

At around 8:42 you mention that you prefer importing a track to making a route. Could you please explain what you mean by this? Before that point you had only referred to tracks as the way to track the path of where you’ve been – which wouldn’t require any importing.

RockEastwood Outdoors says:

Thank you, Sir. Very helpful. Didn’t even realize there was a new version.

kbird529 says:

awesome instructional video- thanks this really helps with learning the Gaia AP

Twh Az says:

Great tutorial, Thanks

Camp Ooolation says:

I find that my ipad mini with my newly purchased premium Gaia GPS…it does not have many of the configurations and displays described in this tutorial.  I think I’ll just watch it and not try to follow along on my ipad…too frustrating.

Adam Jeffery says:

Hey, how reliable is the GPS signal if you were in a valley in the middle of Snowdonia for example? Will a standard Android phone be able to get a strong enough GPS signal?

Ray says:

Many thanks. Just downloaded, needed a primer

Rogemar Bravo says:

This app is quite interesting, but I disagree that it is the best smartphone app. Try Locus Pro, though it’s only for Android but it has a lot of features and with and incredible support and updates.

I have tried this app before but Locus has a lot of features.

What made me watch your video is I’m curious about the printing of maps for traditional orienteering. I have tried the free trial on the website, but quite not satisfied with the print layout. Alltrails map printing feature seems like have a better print layout.

Anyways, it’s a good review. Enjoy the outdoors! 🙂

Miguel Tambucho says:

Great tutorial man, thanks. I have a question about the service. When you get this app and pay the fee, is there like an anual membership? Thanks again.

cindy chaney says:

Thank you for this updated video it answered some question I had. Also many thanks to Gaia GPS for amazing customer service and tech support.

Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

A few things that don’t make sense…if the latest version is better why does it appear to be free and the classic version cost $20?

gwtill says:

Just downloaded the app and set up an account. It appears you can’t see the satellite view in a trial membership and when I view membership options the cheapest is $19.99 per month, not $9.99. Am I doing something wrong?

Andrea Wunderlich says:

Gaia GPS was highly recommended by a friend, but your great video tutorial sold me on it. Thank you for the great introduction to the app and the many tips and tricks. I will use it on a city stroll today before taking it to a hike in the Adirondack Mountains next weekend. The only thing I still have problems with is getting my watch to connect with the app. If you have any ideas on that, I’d be happy to hear them.

Michael Ambrose says:

Thanks John, you the man!

Katherine Morgan says:

Am trying to follow this but can’t even navigate to gaia app home page! I did start an account…can you please be a little bit more clear on that?

Jim Bernard says:

I’m trying to follow along here but mine is not doing everything yours is doing. I can’t add maps like you did at around 5:20.

Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

Also, please explain in layman terms to a total newbie how to get the maps you need for the backcountry wilderness you plan to explore. Thanks.

Adventure Outdoors says:

Once again you have proven yourself to be the Master of the GAIA App. Great info for the updated app. When I originally found this app and opened it I was definitely intimidated a bit and found your earlier tutorials. You helped me better understand the app and I use it all the time now. Thanks for this update.

annette odendaal says:

Hi … having the free version. Other than stated in the video, it seems as if I cannot get any other map views. I am in South Af=rica. Also – I try to do the long tap on status bar and could get no response whatever, except putting it on an off. What to do?

Ken Steiger says:

How do I import a .gpx files into Gaia… Did I miss that one?

Z A says:

I’ll be be heading into the wood tomorrow, hoping this app will help me, and keep from getting lost.

Vic Wiseman says:

So frustrating!!! I can’t select a mode option. I can’t find the mode option anywhere!!!

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