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Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info to get the fastest routes!


geeta parmesh says:

The best ever travel partner. Gives all that is needed to make the travel very comfortable. It is a bank of information for driving.

Aekarat Meebang says:

Aekarat Meebang @ADDAEK

HOMESCORE ; 0923465336 ; 0918503010

BH gaming says:

מה זה החרא הזה? אנגלית כל הזמן! תנו לנו להנות כבר מהשפה שלנו מההמצאה שלנו והנה המצאה שלנו וזה באנגלית? יאללה פושתקים שגם האנגלים ינסו להבין שלא יהיה להם ראש קטן יאללה ינעל הבוק אנחנו כל הזמן צריכים להבין את השפה המפגרת הזאת יאללה תוציאו בעברית

FreeSeoul says:

Nothing better than supporting the act of people using their smart phones whilst driving…………

Baddriversoz says:

Want to AVOID speeding fines? DON’T SPEED, & you won’t NEED this piece of shit!

Rolando Patindol says:


Tonny Milfiger says:

waze in some part of the world is less effective …(bangkok for example) and so it’s does like israel atc… so yeah based on your location. what about plugins to wordpress site?

Stefanie Szczesny says:

This should be spelled “ways” if that is how it is said.

Yanika Sizuka says:


Jorj Leano says:

When I navigate on wave it always says that I have no approximate gps , even my gps is turn on and I have a data connection. What is the best thing to do on it?

Susset Salogaul says:

Yes always trapic everyday,like gadjet,at anything!

I hate my voice says:

Pretty cool, i think?
I mean i got calls and massanges for a code every 5 min. and the funny thing is i didn’t even registrated
I don’t even have a car, and it keeps doing it :/
Someone really need that code :/

Latrell Jennings says:

I just came here to hear how it’s pronounced

Maxine F. says:

Can you give it voice commanf=ds like ok google, or do you have to tap it?

CanadaBall Playz says:

Watch people abuse the share accidents button. Lmao

Paulusan Wijaya Wijaya says:

Kenapa aplikasi waze tidak bisa didownload di android saya,biasanya waze bisa didownload tiba tiba waze tidak bisa didownload lagi,kenapa tidak bisa didownload lagi sih….

tiong lee16 says:


ALI SHAH says:

Is there lane assistance?

Adil Bilal says:

This is a best app ever i’ve seen but also add offline mode.

Google-lite, Google's says:

Premium share on gomail( F EX 3Dying )

Cats In a Box Nielson says:

I love this App!!

SteelCity Hammer says:

I ran over candy but nothing happen

muslih drs says:

terjemahkan ke bhs. Indonesia

Harijanto Tedjowidagdo says:

sushi masa jln.tuna

Lourence Galedo says:

ty hjfhy

Aekarat Meebang says:

+Aekarat Meebang (ADDAEK)

DjaeckRachmad DjaeckMaulana says:

Cats In a Box Nielson says:

Gas Prices and Send Logs Aren’t There Anymore 🙁

Azizul Md says:


Guilmaille Pierre Louis says:


M1aria Das Dores Maria says:

carlitos tevez cpf 729646774 68

Koby Lee says:

Cool video!
But my smarture mirror had installed Sygic and google map!I believe they are the best!

Moldovan Wilma says:


Azyatic says:

all i want to do is go from a to b waze is sumthing else

The Crusader says:

My grandma thinks it’s waaazy

Lugh Chromain says:

well I seriously “loved” the app until this last update forcing me to use Google tracking. that will never happen, so I guess I’m deleting waze

Sue Pielsticker says:

I like to use before leaving and once I see route or am on my way , I often like to turn it off. How do I do that easily while driving – never can find ‘off’.

Alwyn King says:

the waze is the best

Gemy Salapantan says:

Quezon city

Oferk99 says:

By the way, it made in Israel…
For all the Isreal haters:
1) delete waze.
2) spend your times in traffic & ask allah where to go.

Maul Aurora says:


Mick Mack says:

How can Waze be used with Road Warrior instead of Google maps? Thanks…



erthub hiring says:

Schmitt Djeson says:

*974 dislike? How is this true?*

karic liang says:

Spam major accidents…

alyce kollmer says:


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