Google Maps Navigation (Beta)

a demonstration of Google Maps Navigation (Beta), an internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of Google Maps on
Android 2.0 phones.


Vysion says:

Looking back after 8 years, a lot has changed…

sanjay kumar says:

how to use it laptop

martesio perez says:

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glenda obrien says:

I love Google maps

Mohammedbin Haroun says:

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Staro ime says:

Still in *BETA*



Svetlana Svetlana says:


Takdir Muliono says:


Anto7358 says:

Awesome feature! I can’t wait for the final version! 😀

Lucalegend says:

Lool still bad working

William Marshall says:

What is that holder,? All the others hold phone’s top and bottom edges.

Elessar Telcontar says:

good idea google

Gewoon Woef says:

0:07 “call john doe, mobile phone” 😮 007 and John Doe

Aracelis Salcedo says:

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MD Kalam says:

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Marcia Heacock says:


Anthony Espinal says:


Rusty Martin says:

It should be awesome. To be able to drive around the world and not get lost

Yoyoo Tooo says:

pourquoi je reçois YouTube en anglais merci de me repondre

Ravi Naik says:



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gopal panda says:

Et is great and thank full

BeastKiller says:

Who is here in 2017?

ประทีป อนุมาตย์ says:


martha n says:

how can you see a person what they’re doing that instead.. google

Annabell Matt says:

Get google Map Navigation query solution, Dial 1-888-323-0333 for any help & get the instant solution anytime.

SNLTY says:

Blast from the past

Stanislaw Gnarowski says:

To lubię

E-Gaming / Banana says:

0:07 OMG! John Doe! wha…..

Joyce Balis says:

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Travis Vaz says:

8 years on and Google maps is still the best. Who else is watching in 2017.

md mamun says:

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