Google Maps Offline Navigation, Download and Save Your Maps

How to Use Offline Navigation Feature in Google Maps. Learn on how to use Google Maps without an internet connection to reach your destination. A good idea is to download the maps first, so you can use them later when you are offline. And After downloading the desired area, you can get directions without even being connected to the internet.

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Almo Medvedec says:

It doesnt want to navigate me while in the selected area without internet

Ešref Pivčić says:

Nice tut. I like this Daniels MLG voice lol 😀

piano0011 Lee says:

Is there a offline street view app to download?

Lovely Pakistan says:

can you tell that how to download a huge area in google maps please

Yomka Hassan says:

This is only a Map,not a navigation!

John Rivera says:

I’m sorry but this doesn’t tell me how to download specific directions so I can get from point a to point b. I need to get from one city to the other and a general map isn’t going to do much for me. I also need to avoid highways and tolls if possible but I don’t know how to download a map for this. All this is doing is allowing you to type in one address and that’s it. Any help would be appreciated.

Tahier Ridaie says:

Its 1000% working



Irfan Parwej says:

i think.. the smartphone is samsung A8

Bobby Villaplana says:

My country map is way too big compare to other map out there.

Smelly Chicken says:

Illuminati confirmed

Sourdough Girl says:

The thing is, the Google maps you downloaded are only good for 30 days. Annoying.

PC KNOBS says:

I will show you how to get directions without being connected to the internet. first you must be connected to the internet. 🙂

All Repair and Service says:

sir thanks soo help full video great friend


I subscribed to your channel. please subscribe to my channel. thanks.

Khanin the Uhnahkian says:

The description is retarded lol. What’s the point in typing the same thing so many times in different ways?

rechard jason says:

ok maps

Jaydip Bhattacharya says:

Thank you so much for sharing this important information (Y)

Dane131 says:

Я русс

learn share says:

▶︎ Watch: 30 Google Maps Tricks You should try Today!

Romick Vieira says:

OK, i always thought we needed internet for the gps to work. Great!!

suomynona says:

No download button?

Alex Crowder says:

So my phone just keeps saying “downloading off-line areas” in the notifications and it’s been sitting at 0% for a few minutes now. Is this a known problem? Or is my brand new phone already acting up?

Gfdf Perte says:

This app sucks.. do not use it.

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