Google Maps vs. HERE Maps Quick Comparison

You asked for it, now you’re getting it. Right now. Right HERE. It’s Google Maps versus HERE Maps from Nokia.


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BWOne says:

+Pocketnow  always good to see more Boston based tech bloggers around. Considering Boston isn’t on a grid Here maps does a decent job while not as powerful as Google Maps still. They do have a competitor that will get better over time. Plus 3:23 Saus Is Da BAUSE!!!!!

shahminhajuddin says:

google maps are crap here in South East Asia !

most of my colonial areas,India.. dont even exists on google maps !
been using Nokia’s “Here Maps”  since last 6 years, very happy !

Azizan Midon says:

bad review…
google maps is no where near superior Here maps.
Speed alert, off-line (provide accurate position and direction even you are in jungle), intelligent, auto power saving mode and wake up to provides you new direction. comes with traffic, maps, satellite view, public transport and padestrian view mode.

KiloWhat? 44 says:

Here maps sucks. Google maps rules

Alex Bacarella says:

what htc phone is that ?

Sed P says:

Do u like tubecast over mytube?

DankSpace says:

I’m a big fan of HERE Maps, It actually has much more detailed data than Google Maps and Apple Maps in my country. And I can download the entire country for offline navigation with a few taps, I don’t have to know in advance what area I’ll need to have available offline.

The UI is also much less annoying than Google Maps to me. I particularly like being able to go into the real time dashboard thing with the speedometer+speed limit indicator and compass without having to select a route to navigate if I don’t want to.

BenjaminLee2009 says:


Keegan Dent says:

ok, so how about a car navigation test for… you know… the people with real jobs and therefore vehicles

rabih zein says:

searching offline is a great plus for here.

Kim Alexander says:

Cool comparison Jules, Thanks. Like the video style and editing too. First time for me. 🙂

Nawnp MCPE says:

Might be fairer to compare both using iOS as it takes away the native advantage of google maps.

David Soto says:

I took the trolley this weekend for comic con. Google maps was amazing. I’m sure Here is capable app but it’s just ugly.

Raman Rajan says:

here gives the better routes and does the best navigation in India. And a major offline advantage.

Kovacore says:

HERE is overall much better than Google Maps.

Lucien L says:

HERE maps is amazing but Google wins as Google’s services is also behind it all.

noitsnotjustine says:

Next Time… Use Auto tune 🙂

Roth Sothy says:

Dude.. You forgot to mention one of the best parts of HERE Maps which is the Surfer voice pack!

edgaruriarte says:

This is a video I was waiting to see for a while! The new guy is alright, creative with that ending trick… But he could get better.. Just keep it up and you’re ok 😀

chaouki kouachi says:

I like speed alert on hereMaps

Random Comment says:

Here is now owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler

JonathanDavid J says:

Use both, use google maps mainly but I think here is better as a Sat Nav with being able to download maps offline

Saad Ahmad says:

Came for a pun and the voice… wasn’t disappointed

Zartan says:

I’m watching this on Tubecast app which is a million times better than the official YouTube app on Android. Don’t limit yourself to official apps.

Number 13 says:

there is something wrong with this video

Denis Aljukić says:

I am using HERE in 2017

Andrew Riker says:

“Here” is natively built into my Windows Lumia device. I love the offline directional mapping. POI’s and the ability for the mapping to calculate my real time MPH and if I’m going off the speed limit. Much better experience on a Windows device.

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