Google Maps vs Waze – Which is better for Uber/Lyft Drivers ?

In this video, I talk about which navigation app is better for Uber and Lyft drivers.

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my says:

I am using Here or here we go app which needs no internet. Just download the map of the state or any country in the world and go. It also gives you traffic when internet is available in your phone. You can set speed alarm and chose how many miles over road speed. I love it.

Nickoy1 Channel says:

It’s the Galaxy S5 get a newer phone or better yet get a Google Pixel.

Cihan Ugur says:

Google maps is way better. If it’s crashing, then that tells me you don’t have a iphone.

Warren Kawamoto says:

I also had the Galaxy S5, experienced Google Maps crashing/freezing. But when I upgraded to the Galaxy S7, holy cow! Everything works perfectly. Highly recommend that you upgrade your phone.

S2000 S2k says:

I was a Google Maps user for a long time until I discovered WAZE, it was like sex on the 1st date.

Pointhunter75 says:

Google tells where cops and pot holes etc are now? these are 2 totally different apps for different purposes unless Google has added these abilities And I’m not aware of it.

Ioana Pop says:

New to this, can someone help Me? So, if you use Google maps while getting the client to the destination, how do you accept the next request that uber sends you? I recieved 2 requests when I was closed to drop off and accidentally missed them because I didn’t see the request. I’m trying to learn everything and this is confusing me.

JayLeezy says:

I used the uber maps for 1 trip cause it said “recommended” missed 2 critical turns, went back to Google maps… familiarity breeds comfort

Tom Boston uber driver / Auto Appeal Detailing says:

used to love Google maps but now I’m all about waze. I noticed Google maps when I’m sitting at a red light that it starts going crazy not knowing which direction I’m going and it always screws things up

EduNain M says:

Waze is just the best.

George B says:

that is so true thanks
my google maps have been crashing a lot when i drive

shawn bouvier says:

waze is google…

Donatus Obasi says:


newsveteran says:

SHOW Waze… SHOW Google maps.. why do we have to see you the entire video? Didn’t learn a thing, and wouldn’t accept your opinion as a result of this video.

Bella Pellicio says:

have a Samsung on5 use Google Maps all the time works great on the phone

Sarah Sisler says:

I dropped Google after it sent me on “ghost destinations”. Once I was sent 12 miles from my real goal. Lost trust, never happens on Waze. But neither is flawless. Use Google when Waze can’t get me close enough to a destination.

TheRecon1a says:

I switched to waze once my Google maps was crashing back early summer. .And waze is good but Google maps is better. ..I drive mostly by sound directions from my app and waze is like 2 seconds slower on letting me know turns and exits. ..I got an update on Google maps recently so I’m going to go back to it next week and see if it’s back to its proper self…I do have an S4 so that might also be the issue of the previous crashes.

Robert Garrison says:

Waze has too many ads popping up

Clarence Charping says:

Samsung phones has a lot better signal. Because of the certain way they have the antennas.

Uber - Hater says:

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J Martinez says:

Being google the leader in maps, I can’t believe points of interest are not shown when you are navigating with it. Like gas stations, restaurants, etc. I hope they integrate this feature while you are driving.

MissingPieces4U says:

Any idea how to get Waze to NOT require _3_ confirmation buttons to get to NAVIGATING after hitting Navigate in Uber?? Its driving me crazy! (thanks)

Rizler says:

if waze wasn’t so broken i’d pick it

Dave B says:

Waze loves alleys and thinks you can get to houses from the street behind them

dubreil07 says:

How is he Uber app bad? It works fine with me

h zed says:

The only reason Google Maps is crashing on iPhone is the version you downloaded or being low on RAM. I recommend updating Google Maps or uninstalling and installing the latest version from the App Store. Also close old apps on iPhone.

Lou Costello says:

I stopped using Waze because of the popups and the interface is to busy but I have an issue with Google Maps now in that I don’t get the address until I actually arrive but I did get that with Waze (Waze also gave me the name of a business). Is there an additional setting for Google Maps that will give me the address immediately when I hit navigate like Waze does? Cheers – I have 9 rides under my belt today! <3

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