Google Maps vs. Waze: Which One Is Better For Rideshare Drivers?

RSG Contributor Jon K reviews Google Maps and Waze to see which option is the best for rideshare drivers!

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Harleyfxdx1 Rider says:

I use Google maps …. easy to used and can comprehend the information quickly. I have not been let down by Google maps. It has taken me through unknown territory, that I would have never found, to get to the airport faster in Atlanta. I have learned to trust the Google map directions.
I do enjoy comments from a pax that will have the waze app open on their phone.

Shelley Severin says:

I toggle between the two. Sometimes Waze will get me to where I am going, but then when I go to my Home (saved address) it will say it’s unable to get the data and just wont work. Google Maps is always reliable and I use it when Waze is temperamental. Each has it’s good and bad points.

ImpactoDelSur Enterprise says:

I use both for different purposes. Waze for navigation on the fly, Google maps for more serious planning.

Daniel Lion says:

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, neither is perfect. Have had success and failure with both while ridesharing. Sometimes the faster route is right in front of your face and the navigation will still tell you to take the congested route, so always be alert and dont go on auto pilot. Liking Waze lately because it has the feature to tell it which toll passes you have in your car and it routes using the toll and HOV(car pool) lanes to find the fastest way. Most of the time its free due to number of passengers in my car, otherwise Uber reimburses for tolls. Very helpful in Los Angeles market

JustAGentleman says:

Hahah Atlanta – where it takes 1 hour to drive 10 miles.

Albert Shevchuk says:

you should keep your script next to the camera so we don’t see you reading it as much lol

james Sparklin says:

In heavy traffic Waze will scare some passengers. Going on to many back roads make passengers think your adding on miles

Edward Guerrero says:

I prefer Google Maps. Every now and then I’ll pull up the satellite view to find the entrance to a hospital or other big buildings.

Nicole P. says:

google maps because it tells you which side of the road your destination is on and you can see the street view image of the house/bldg which is very helpful at night when its difficult to see address numbers. I was org. using waze and it was making it more difficult for me, it was not as accurate.

iggytse says:

I hate using Waze in the city here in Australia. It has an annoying habit of taking you to a busy intersection with no traffic lights and suggestion to do a right hand turn. In busy traffic this is a nightmare as in Australia we drive on the left hand side of the road. I only use waze doing highway driving where you get police sightings.

Keith Schlotthauer says:

I am new to driving for Uber. I have used GM but for the time being I am using the uber navigation. It seems to work really good for me. I have a window mounted phone holder so I don’t have to look down. I use a LG V20. The thing I don’t like with waze (at least for me) when I drive home (I work 150 miles from home and stay in the bay area during the week), I use Waze not to show me the way home..already know that…..I use it to tell me my ETA. It consistantly tells me to get off at this 1 offramp (which is 60 miles from home). I go past it….then it says to get off the next exit and go back to the one it told me to use, and so on and so on….for 60 miles. When I am pulling into my driveway, it still says to turn around and go back. I wrote to Waze about this and going to try what they told me to do…..enter the address instead of picking “home”.

Kyle Koenig says:

I’m a huge fan of Waze but I’m thinking of switching to Google when I’m driving for Uber. I’ve had too many instances of customers complaining about the routes Waze tries to give me. I love knowing when cops or broken down cars are waiting for me on my route but I don’t think it’s worth it when my riders keep complaining about the routes it’s making me take.

Gale Teschendorf says:

Who is better, Google Maps vs. Google Waze?
I like Uber’s GPS!
OK, only for the last 4 blocks, it sucks most of the rest of the time.
The other two each have advantages and are close to equal.
I use Waze with Uber.

Google Maps is better in rural areas and does not need a 3G connection.
In Canada, Waze lost the connection and Maps still worked.

Acm Ramon says:

Google maps is for drivers. Waze is for fun

TasteMyStinkhole says:

They both massively suck. Waze is horrifically bad, zig zagging you through neighborhoods for no fucking reason when there is no traffic. Telling you to exit the freeway 3 exits early for no fucking reason when there is no traffic.
If someone could make a gawd damn nav map that will take NORMAL routes, that would be a phenomenal scientific achievement worthy of a nobel prize

Ethan Kmetz says:

I just use the in app. It’s easier to stay in one app.

C Mack says:

Who the hell likes sitting in traffic? GOOGLE MAPS SUCK!

MsWatsupwiththat says:

I lost coverage with Waze during a pickup
they said that no satellite available and I should go outside. It’s all new where I live. But it should be available on satellite.

James White says:

Great video. I have been using Google Maps for quite some time, but a passenger recently suggested Waze to me. I had used Waze in the past but found it too busy for me. With the passenger’s suggestion, I was going to try it again, but I believe your video has sealed the deal for me. I’ll be sticking to Google Maps. Thanks again!

EveryDay says:

But, But… Waze isn’t an option???

Sum L says:

While using Waze with Uber does it automatically pop up as a navigation while picking up someone in Uber?

clbcl5 says:

Waze tells me to go to the congestion filled route when I have already bypassed it instead of rerouting me.

gtracer66 says:

Oh! And Waze prefers the least direct path to a destination, going through neighborhoods rather than staying on main streets or straight lines.

Toyota 86 says:

waze sucks a side street with 10 stop signs and 20 speed bumps isn’t a faster way and I’ve had it take me to a stop sign where I had to make a left in rush hour traffic too many times and customers don’t like it they always say this is a weird way this takes longer etc.

Tom Bonn says:

I have a quick question? I just started and was wondering when using my Bluetooth for music should I keep GPS alerts on? or is that rude to rider.

Gromittoo says:

What I want to know is which app uses less data? I tried Waze about six years ago. and it consumed a too much data. it also made my Samsung note 1 overheat. I switched to Google maps for my personal navigation, and I did not look back.

I started driving for Lyft a month ago, and I should revisit the Waze vs. Google decision. I upgraded to a Samsung Note 3, which is less prone to overheating. Also, 4G data has gotten a lot cheaper. I am used to only going through less than 300MB in my pre ridesharing days. I burned through my 2GB Tmobile plan pretty quickly using Google maps. I need to revisit my phone situation anyway, so I can write off the cost of needing more data. Maybe using a T-mobile Hotspot that stays in the car.

BestTits says:

bottom right

TheShadowWw says:

what about sygic?!

Harry Campbell: The Rideshare Guy says:

@victor Uber app only works with google maps and waze. So if you use a diff 3rd party app, you’d have to type it in manually.

Ride YVR says:

I like how on Google you can click the lower right button to view the whole route on the screen. I usually keep it in that mode.

Jacob Barlow says:

I use Google maps and Waze every day but never for giving rides. I much prefer the Uber app for that.

Karl Goebel says:

one of the major differences that I like over Waze is that GM gives you a greater heads up on turns coming up along with the fact that it gives you the name of the street

Jeri Okamura says:

I used to swear by Google Maps, but as soon as I tried Waze, there was no turning back. Waze is sooooo much better than Google Maps in finding the fastest route. I drive in and around Boston, and, not only is there a lot of traffic and moving congestion points, but there is a LOT of construction on the roads and next to the roads that block one or more lanes. Waze keeps up with most of that. Waze is invaluable for driving during rush hour, around areas where a sporting event or a concert has recently ended, and general everyday congestion.

gtracer66 says:

I’ve found that Waze will run you around for blocks rather than making a simple U-turn or turn around in a driveway. These moves cost miles & gas.
Also lately, navigation has gotten really spotty. Sometimes right on but often nowhere close to being right.

Victor Broadtower says:

Question: If I use a third party navigation app, do I have to type in the destination, or would the destination be locked in from the Uber app to the third party app?

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