GPS Navigation for Photographers with the GPS Tracks app

In this video, learn why the “GPS Tracks” app (for iPhone) is the ultimate navigation tool for photographers and how to use it. Apps like Google Maps are great for navigating with your car, but when you’re hiking for photography, you need more capability. GPS Tracks offers the ability to record a trace of your position (to help easily find your way on or off trails), advanced maps with topography and trails, battery-saving GPS modes, the ability to quickly calculate walking distance, waypoints and other tools to find locations that aren’t clearly marked on a map, and much more.

Get GPS Tracks:

See my blog for more details on how to get the most out of this app:

Key Segments:
0:00 Intro and why photographers need specialized navigation apps.
1:47 GPS Data module
2:20 Map module (primary navigation)
4:17 Measure distance
6:08 Recommended maps and downloading for offline use
9:06 Tracks module (planning and viewing saved hikes)
12:13 Recommended settings for longer battery life

Sorry Android users, I’m sure there’s a great equivalent for you, but I don’t know enough to recommend an alternate for you. Please comment below if you have any recommendations for Android.


LexxZone says:

Hi, Greg! Great app! Please tel me about functionality for apple watch. Does it show navigation to waypoint on the watch screen? I mean map where I can see my actual position and waypoint.

Rob Collins says:

Great stuff. I have been looking into exactly this recently mainly because I want to generate .gpx data for the photos I take while travelling. There is very little up to date info on the internet. Two questions. If you set to ‘1 minute’ logging roughly what is the battery drain in percentage terms? Secondly does it have an auto-logging feature? I really want to set it once at the beginning of an overseas trip and collect the data at the end….

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