Hands on: Google Maps in Apple CarPlay!

With iOS 12 out, third-party navigation apps are supported in CarPlay. We go hands-on with Google Maps — the first to support it.
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Michael Neill says:

Was all for it until you said SIRI doesn’t work with it. I use SIRI all the time to get last minute directions while driving. SIRI has become very important to me while driving allowing me to stay in contact with friends and family while staying safe.

Mikey Meza says:

In my opinion I like Google maps rather Apple.. Apple maps likes to direct me threw unnecessary streets or takes me in circles…

Normandy says:

google maps is total crap…. it gives me wrong directions, the voice is awful, has no siri integration, the lane guidance is rubbish, has no speed limits, its animation is choppy, like a 2008 GPS, I thought I would never say this, but apple maps is way better !

Justanotherguy says:

Never heard of waze until now

Chris Austwick says:

Thankyou Kermit!

PKTV says:

Why is the app dock and home button on the wrong side in the US?

icepl4net says:

Carbridge for apple carplay its the best way to use apple carplay ….

Rob Santiago says:

oh car pay for 1200 dollars for Apple Map

Steve Leighton says:

Google maps interrupted Audio playback for SiriusXM and iTunes and there was no option to add a stop.

Jake Carter says:

My 2016 Honda Accord just got a whole lot more high-tech with Google Satellite imagery!

Alain Marcel says:

Apple Maps is pretty good as long as you stay within cellular coverage, and/or have a route chosen (tiles around the route are cached.) Google Maps lets you download an area so you will not lose map coverage once outside of cell coverage, regardless of route chosen. I am hoping that GaiaGPS will start supporting carplay, since it is my #1 offroading/overlanding app when hitting the cell-less boonies.

Pablo Ojeda says:

The keyboard doesn’t seem to work for manually entering a location in my Honda Civic. Other than that it seem ok.

zher47 says:

I have once again deleted Apple Maps off my phone! Car Play made me give Apple maps a serious try and it was bad. It consistently gave bad directions in my area, particularly at the final approach to destinations. It would suggest entries to locations that were not physically possible. Glad to have more options now.

Allan Miller says:

What I’d really like to see is Weather Radar!

Nacho Gonzalez says:

Google maps in carplay already works with offline maps and directions. I tested it.

Loco Diablo says:

I’ve always been an apple maps guy although I have google maps on my phone.
I tried google maps with CarPlay the other day. I don’t see the big attraction to google maps. Especially since it doesn’t have voice control like apple maps does. I’ll stick to using apple maps or the GM built in navigation.

David Hyde says:

I still like my Parrot Asteroid Smart; swipe controls and integrated uses. I use it alongside an Ipad on a magnetic mount.

Ted Hartman says:

Google maps in Apple car play on 2018 Honda Accord EX does not present the map the same as yours does when you select north up. When I select north up the map does orientate itself North but as I’m driving the Avatar moves left or right on the screen depending if I’m going east or west. So what’s up with that?. My Garman’s north up on my standalone GPS has a true North up routing like what you demonstrated. Is there a way to fix my issue?

Cal Peters says:

Controversial but I haven’t actually found it to be as good as Apple Maps; and pre-CarPlay, I was almost exclusively using Google Maps.

Some of the UI looks clunky on the screen, some elements feel really inconsistent and I don’t think Google’s choice to use that mucky green background was a great one. Same goes for the random usage of green in other parts of the UI.

I also wonder how much the satellite view will smash through your data.

Looking forward to seeing how well Waze works in CarPlay…

majed664 says:

Sygic Maps and google maps

chelsea7xhf says:

Glad to see you demonstrate Google Maps on Ford Escape! Good vehicle!

Dima Habenko says:

Google Maps in CarPlay looks fugly. What’s up with those weirdo fonts for street names and even more weird angles at which these names are printed? Not having Siri is very bad, it defeats one of the great advantages of CarPlay, which is hands free operation. Finally, on my CarPlay Google Maps mike does not work, I can activate the button, but it ignores anything I say, like it can not hear me. On phone itself mike in google maps work fine, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug with the software or some setting that I did not activate.

RT 909 says:

WAZE hurry up, I was looking so forward to seeing it on car play this morning after seeing it used in the beta versions of IOS12 and nothing…………. just google maps…..

Sound Customs says:

avaliable in india

Pierre de la Cruz says:

Some things still need some work, hopefully some fixes are in store with a future update. There’s no night mode. Multi-trips are not optimized: It works fine on the phone app. But, once you’ve gone past your first stop and try to go to your next, it doesn’t ask you to continue. It will try to get you back to that first stop. Voice guidance is really low quality.

Josh Bacon says:

How come third-party navigation apps weren’t supported by CarPlay until the release of iOS 12?

Niraj Bartaula says:

Can we use offline data of google maps in carplay?

TBolt says:

Google Maps has offline maps – no need to wait for that feature.

paj1015 says:

TomTom is also going to support Apple CarPlay in a couple of months!

Jeff Johnson says:

Carplay Google maps doesn’t have a night mode and it blinds me while driving at night. It’s a bummer because i was really looking forward to it.

PKTV says:

What about tom tom gps app?

Hamid Ghazi says:

It’s a bit disappointing that it doesn’t allow you to make a phone call to the business you find on the map

Johnny says:

Google photographs your house and puts it on the internet without your permission, lets hundreds of companies read your email without your permission. Google steals data and sells it. See a pattern yet? Google plays fast and loose with, not just people’s information, but our personal and private information. Google is a morally corrupt company and all it’s users are complicit.


Finally, and I love it. My CarPlay is amazing and now I have choices of Apple Maps or Google Maps.PEFECT!

Waka Tipu says:

I’ve been using it and it’s brilliant. I don’t think I can ever go back to Apple maps

Tony Miele says:

Tried Carplay Google maps on my Audi and noticed the satellite maps are really old – passed buildings in Madison, WI that are at least 5 years old and the maps still show it as corn fields.

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