How to navigate iPhone X’s new gestures (CNET How To)

Scott Stein goes through the top gestures and tricks you’ll need to learn to live with Apple’s newest iPhone.
Read the iPhone X review here –

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aksndnines says:

Atrociously expensive and disgustingly copied technology rebranded to trick people into spending thousands on overpriced add-ons and repairs. No fast charging out of the box? Really???. OLED this has been on other phones for 7 years. This company is a cult whose one purpose is to trick and steal.

dookiepuddle says:

Bunch of gimmicks and no security.

Niyah Hannon says:

this help a lot

sec fol says:

oMmmmmGggg… i cant believe its possible to happen in this modern age.. whata garbage..

Everett Bonds says:


Siddharth Jain says:

First make a buy for me and then I will watch this on that

Car Focused says:

Everything just seems like more of a pain without the home button.

Michael Cosmi says:

All this long pressing is so un-Apple. Slows down the use, and seems annoying.

ManyuTV says:

I just can’t stand the gesture for closing apps in the background. Seriously.

earlbee31 says:

 iPhone X tips and tricks

 thank you Rick

vaibhav says:

This is stupid just like Apple users!

Monebyrd says:

Thanks for sharing

Josh Waite says:

Just posted my new review on the iPhone X go watch!!

Connor McDermott says:

This phone is TOP NOTCH

Pilgrim's Progress says:

They need a virtual home button.

Christian Villareal says:

How about resetting the iPhone X? Press and Hold the Side button and Volume Down button for 5 seconds?

Shay says:

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Apple designed a phone with a strange notch on the screen.

Jferrari427 says:

Really cool!

scott šzabo says:

Keeping 7+ for X number of years

Pilgrim's Progress says:

Or you could just not do face is, no waiting involved

Atlantean Sage says:

It’s a great phone , the best one since the first iPhone & iPhone S. The only complaint from me is the edges on the buttons should be smoother

doubleu vee says:

Excuse me? “No home button” makes Apple revolutionary? Are you kidding me, BlackBerry did this in 2013 and everyone thought they were nuts not to have a home button.. Now that Apple does it 4 years later makes them smart? My z10 and z30 kills the iPhone X with its gestures / swipe features and it doesn’t have the best specs. BlackBerry 10 has “peek and flow” . Please don’t claim Apple’s tech revolutionary. What next, Apple iPhone X with a full touch PKB? Please, BlackBerry made that too, PRIV and Passport. I can’t wait for BlackBerry to sue the crap out of Apple. Even with all high specs, iPhone X or any of the iPhones can multitask like a BlackBerry 10 device.

Letmez your Toyz says:


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