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In this video, I will show you the pros and cons of Apple CarPlay. Traditional navigation is dead and you shouldn’t overpay for it. Watch this video to find out how to use all of the apps. You can make calls, text, and even set a destination hands free by using Siri. Apple Car Play isn’t distracting and allows you to use certain audio and visual apps. You can’t use google maps, youtube, waze, and other apps unless you alter your phone and car to do so.



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Julius Sidabras says:

Whats better just get garmin as dedicated gps screen those things cost like $50 refurbished

Donna Verona says:

Such a great video for anyone that learns easier from watching and not listening or reading a book.  This will walk even a non-tech guy like me through to getting it done.  Thanks you so much for the video.

Flat Top says:

Nothing, nothing beats satellite navigation. I like the u connect way better that came with my truck

Donald Campbell says:

Really good info,glad I found this!!

Lew poonfah says:

I am driving Honda Civic for a year, at the beginning the navigation work well but for the past few months it doesn’t work at all, the arrow on the map is not moving with no instructions too, I did many sitting on my i phone 6 but it still the same, I wonder the problem is come from CarPlay or my phone?

Paul Stein says:

Have NAV and Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is a poor imitation of a good Nav system. Worse, plugging my phone in to listen to music, disables the main Nav for the mediocre Apple Nav. No longer plug my phone in to listen to music. I have the Ford Sync 3 system which is incredible. No comparison.

Linda H says:

Can you listen to the radio / does the radio still work while Maps is in use?

Robert Braun says:

I’ve got a 2014 Honda Accord Touring. Can my car get an aftermarket component put in? And, are you able to put the map on the carplay in 3D? I hate 2D. The stock navigation unit in my car allows the map to be viewed in 3D. I’m seriously considering buying an aftermarket unit if my car is compatible with it!

Jeff Kaya says:

Thank you! You just saved me money; I just bought a Subaru Outback with CarPlay and they kept trying to sell the navigation part too because I commute a lot for work. Didn’t realize CarPlay integrates with iPhone’s maps; car salespeople do not tell you this somehow, or perhaps they do not know.

Tony Duff says:

what happens if you loose 3or4g mobile data connection? Will the maps still update? Will satellite still provide location on a locally saved route?

MrPanthera00 says:

Android Auto will pull up waze and you don’t have to jailbreak your phone.

Let us all be indigos says:

The area where the integrated Garmin in our Kenwood stereo was a great benefit, was when we had to use navigation in a place where we could not get a phone signal. That happens often for us. The stereo also uses Apple Car Play and Android Auto, but Garmin uses a satellite and does not depend on a cell phone tower.

srikanth Reddy says:

How did u install that pandora ?
I want to install google maps in CarPlay

quietguy says:

Apple sucks.

Gamal Mankarious says:

I have 2018 Acura RDX Elite and I can’t use the CarPlay option

MrMightyMouse says:

I look up a video on how Apple CarPlay works…find video by a guy who works at the Honda dealer next to my house. Freaky

Jesse James says:

Apple CarPlay is going to be updated soon via IOS 12 to allow both Google Maps and Waze but not sure of any other.

Brian Holloway says:

I have a pioneer nav unit in my truck and I love it. Even if I have to update it every few years I’d sooner do that for $50 than to chew through my data on my phone. Much cheaper. I still like the car play but will always chose the nav.. it’s free.

Nicholas Rostykus says:

Hey Philip, you’ll have to do an updated video soon when Apple releases iOS 12 allowing Waze and Google maps with Apple Car Play. Have a great day!

Sue Cirillo says:

Why don’t you hold the camera straight I’m getting seasick watching this.

Jagged637 says:

I scoffed when I bought my new car at why anyone would add navigation. Then I got up into the mountains and lost cell service. At that moment I wish I had navigation. Apple car play is phenomenal though.

Doby Pilgrim says:

Hell Google Maps is better and easier to use than almost any navigation system. Nav is indeed dead, and a waste of money.

J R says:

in listening to your helpful video, please keep the focus of the maps and not other icons – not helpful

Yolanda Acuna says:

Do you know how Apple CarPlay compares to OnStar? Do the 2 work in conjunction or are they completely different? I’m new to all this so thanks for your info.

wellwh0 says:

can you type in address manually?

Larry Umberger says:

Traditional navigation is most certainly not dead. There are many reasons for various folks, but mine are: 1. I won’t ever be buying an iPhone till it comes with an SD card slot, and we all know when that will probably happen. So I use an android phone, which IMO is better anyway. My HTC has a 200gb SD card, which handily holds my extensive music collection. 2. I am retired, so I have a 1gb cap on data, it’s cheaper. So I use the internet on my phone only minimally. With wi-fi at home I can use it as much as I like. 3. My older Honda does not require an internet connection for navigation. Plus, I can still use Google Maps (which is far better than any other currently available option – I was a truck driver) when I want for traffic, with a minimum of data usage. Plus, in Texas you may not hold your phone in your hand while driving – it’s a $1500 ticket and is enforced. Second offense and they suspend your license. So my phone sits in a dash-mount cradle, where I can easily and safely access it while driving. I suspect nav will not die for at least 5-10 more years. And I am just one category of folks for whom nav is still quite useful.

MO says:

Thumb down within 10 seconds for crappie sound quality.

albert harris says:

need to show petrol station

davva360 says:

There is still one advantage to navigation in your car. It does not rely on a cellular data connection to work which means if you go somewhere remote your navigation is still useful. Most iphone nav apps require data to work, in fact I only know of one that allows you to permanently download map areas in advance.

That said I do think Apple Carplay or Android Auto are both useful and I plan to update my 2016 Taurus USB hub this week so I can use CarPlay with Sync 3. Interestingly Sync 3 does work with Waze now but I still think having the ability to use apps that are not Sync compatible will be an advantage.

joeylantis22 says:

Lol “Can’t promise you won’t break your car or break your phone (in regards to jaikbreak)”. There is NO way you could break a car using a jailbreak.

q80aziz says:

So as I understand the idea behind car play is to use the iPhone as the navigation device instead of having a dedicated on board nav system ..
But when traveling abroad and driving a rental car then most Apple nav apps will require an internet service to start driver guidance and that means having to buy a SIM card for every country I have to drive through as is the case in Europe . My rental at the moment is a Volvo XC60 and it’s got both car play as well as onboard navigation on a great center console touch screen . I think it is important to have a nav system in a car at least as a back to the iPhone navigation especially when going through an area where there is no service coverage .

Glen M. Danielsen says:

Phil, I’ve come to really depend on seeing traffic conditions on my Honda Civic nav System. Does Apple Maps show areas of slow traffic?
Nice video, thank you!

Regina Shelinsky says:

I have I-maps on my screen and I can use maps but I can’t get the volume to go over the speakers. Do you know what’s wrong? I only see the map and the next Turn. It doesn’t tell me when to turn. No volume on the screen. It’s a Lincoln MKX.

CQ Y says:

This is future of car infortainment system.

tbuilding says:

Does your phone have to be connected to your charger cable at all times to maintain CarPlay access?

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