How to use Google Maps Offline – Trail Navigation Tip

It is essential to have a good map with you when you hit the trail. If you want to use your smart phone, you will often find yourself in remote locations with no reception. That’s where Google maps can be very beneficial. In this video I discuss how to load maps in Google maps for off line use.

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Upmystrasse says:

I’m one of the people who didn’t know how to save a map for offline use, so thank you!

abigail gabriel says:

Good thanks

Donald Harrison says:

Thank you so much. I didn’t know you could do that. That’s a great feature.

Craig Woolbert says:

Dude- learned something new—–cool!

keith gott says:


Daniel Davis says:

ha ha. I am with you brother. this has been avail for a while but I only now need this function as I am planning my 17 national park over three months hiking tour and this will be very useful I think. Now I know how . thanks for the video

Sachith Abayakoon says:

Thank you for the tip! Did’t know about this off line maps!!

Farquhar Smith says:

Im off on a cycle tour soon and wanting to buy a phone for the first time just for the maps and camera. I have no idea what to look for, any tips?

HB_Maverick says:

I have used the offline feature for cities in Mexico and it worked well for both driving and walking. However I did not know that you could zoom in to areas in the U.S. and get the trails – thanks!

ron wilson says:


jman781 says:

Thank you some really good tips in here!

Tim Johnson says:

I earlier posted that this didn’t work for me. Maybe I missed it in your video. Apparently, you need to log into your google account in the map program before downloading offline area. I tried this and it worked.

Yaniel Rodriguez says:

Thx a lot bro

Desert Logic says:

Thanks! I just used this to download Big Bear valley for biking/off-roading 2N08 and Skyline trail, sure beats the outdated paper maps.

*Ow, my dick* says:

Can l start navigating after I download a certain map?

Arne Lidmark says:

What I search for is a way to get a more accurate track on Google maps or earth. Yes it will use more battery, but I need accurate tracks. Do you know a hack to achieve this?

A Al says:

Thank you for the tip. Very useful. I can add that it is useful when traveling overseas. The cellular data is expensive abroad, so downloading a map of a city in Europe via hotel wifi for a day trip will be handy.

AZRydr says:

Learned something new and important. Many thanks!

Dejan C says:

Are you able to use these maps while being on Airplane Mode? (If you’re in another country and don’t want to pay for the data)

meiyou says:

Hello sir. Thank you for the upload. The problem with google map is that it doesn’t have walking navigation available for offline maps. Based on your video, I’m assuming you’re only using the offline map to spot your current location, without using the navigation. correct?

South LA Hiker says:

I use all trails. Great app. Free version and upgraded version for $30 a year. I just purchased the upgraded version cause its on sale for this weekend for $15.00.
Great tip for google maps. I didn’t know I could do that. Thanks for sharing.

darkstreak Aia says:


Marco Lara says:

muchas gracias good to know that

danielle arijs says:

ik kan het niet verstaan nederlands aub

Katzen jammer says:

But with no connection, how does the phone know your relative position?

Tim Johnson says:

This has not worked for me at all. I have saved sections, then when I get to the area with no cellular service the map just gives me the fuzzy stuff. What am I doing wrong….very frustrated as the directions seem simple.

Bob Frazier says:

Totally Agree! A paper map is great, until you aren’t sure where you are on it. Google Offline Maps tells you where you are relative to the map – that’s huge.

Also: UPDATE will REFRESH your 30 days just like a library book.

Also #2: Rotate the aspect ratio of your tablet (I use a big Tab S 10.5 for my maps) and your map will display with the correct aspect ration. For instance hold your tablet vertically to capture the California coast, but horizontally to get Kansas.

badderthanyou says:

No good for satellite images. Use Gaia for that.

Greg Stoller says:

Thank you for the heads up with Google maps. I used the offline function today and loved it. Have a good weekend.

David Zermeno says:

Good video! There is also a short cut to all this…just type in “ok maps” into the google maps app search bar and it downloads whatever is on your screen.

Trey Webb says:

I really appreciate the video, in comparison to etrex and the whole way point, find your car thing. Is that something that is doable on google maps offline mode? Me and my brother are going backpacking for a few days out in nantahala here in NC, cell reception will be non existent. We have a map, and a few compasses, but if google maps can do what eTrex can offline without cell reception, this trip just got a whole lot let intimidating. Let me know if you can, I just downloaded the app gonna play around with it in air plane mode.


ik zoek een gebruikershandleiding voor google earth

BigBudde & BooBoo says:

nice intro

alwilliam says:

When I drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park, Google Map asked me if I want to save ‘whatever information’ for offline viewing/navigation. I just clicked yes and yes. True indeed I lost cell signal nearing the park and inside the park but i never missed turn by turn navigation till I reached the lodge which was inside the park. I think Google also knows the probability of where you may not have a cell signal and can warn you ahead of time.

Brenda Bomgardner says:

I want to download OHV or MVUM for recreation.

Steven Torrey says:

What does expires in 29 days mean? Otherewise, a great tip, that I never realized was possible before. And yes, a paper map is a must for every hike.

op22222 says:

Great tip! Will this save to the verizon cloud?

Adnan Khan says:


Steve Anderson says:

nice! but you dont start talking about google maps until 2:09. Geeesh get to the point

Vegan & proud of it says:

great tip and thank you for taking the time for doing this one.

Tamara Downey says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’ve been using Google Maps since they first allowed offline usage, but still have to use another program to map new trails I discover. I wish Google would add a record feature, but I suppose that would put all the paid GPS app people out of business lol.

Katie Harris says:

I certainly didn’t know this could be done. Thank you. I think it will be great for motorcycling.

Greg Stoller says:

Hey. Thank you for your videos. Great job again.

creekhed1 says:

When you save a map, why do they expire? I’m the type of guy who FORGETS to download maps before hitting the trail…and knowing me I will get out there and go to use a downloaded map and it’ll be expired! I dont get it…

Jason Cottingham says:

Great content and thanks for the tips!!

ajmilward87 says:

I have been using this for quite a while but I use it as a navigation offline. I download the greater areas I expect to be and have turned data off for Google maps full time.

pinoyaggie says:

This is very helpful. Thank you!

Rogemar Bravo says:

Will the track save in your google map will show too on the downloaded map in offline use?

KevinGar1000 says:

When the map is expired, does the memory goes back to the phone?

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