How To Use GPS Navigation Without Internet On iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

This tutorial will show you how to use GPS navigation system on your Apple iDevice iPhone iPad and iPod Touch without being connected to the internet WIFI or using data bandwidth.

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TOPython says:

Anyone else do dis because pokemon go?

subhojyoti bose says:

You can use inertial sensors to get very accurate GPS signals upto the range of 1m accuracy even though the GPS signals are very low. You can see the inertial shoe mounted sensors for GPS navigation


And I’m not going to the sky because I don’t like your video


What is your nocturne connected to the car is not driving the car at all I don’t like your videos anymore

American Hawk says:

Thanks alot.

Matejko White black White2x Sesoiu says:

Gps receiver chip inside smartphone should work without sim card and wifi over maps aplications that are preinstaled on device on my huawei old huawei p9 gps is not working.

Tarik Laam's says:

thank uuuu

Pig Games it says:


Santiago Martinn says:

iPod touch doesn´t have gps-

Alden Carcamo says:

How to download app

Bangaly Bashir says:


Mohammad Aqrabawi says:

thank you

FRESHMC2882 says:

it tells me to turn on the location on my phone but I turn it off and the gps won’t work until I turn it on again?

panos tech says:

Upload yor old videos and people must sent make videos which u dont need to jailbreak!!!!

C Z says:

awesome video mate, thank you

Milestone Tracker says:

how do you download this in ipad mini? i cannot see the app. i want it for pokemon go 🙁 please help me.

chi kong yeung says:


Lulu Sanchez says:

Nice Thanks !

Ionut Mihailescu says:

is ONLY FOR IPHONE this app

Gheorghe Falcaru says:


Aiman Mohammed says:

Does it have to be open to play Pokemon go ?

Shahzad Mansoor says:

great and to the point

Kristine Hufancia says:

Does it work in ipad mini 4????

[RGN]masterplay says:

Badass!! For some reason I haven’t been getting your videos in my subscribed section on YouTube. I literally forgot I was subbed to you. It’s been a year since I last say your videos.

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