Just the basics… Gaia GPS Navigation Tutorial

In this tutorial we walk you through the basics of the Gaia GPS navigation app and help you prepare for your next adventure.

Post requests below for more detailed feature walk-throughs.

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DMWI says:

2 great videos and thanks for the link/discount.
Question: Do you use a Tablet with GPS chip (cellular model) or a separate GPS linked to the tablet while in vehicle?

-I have a Mac Laptop, Montana GPS and am considering a Tablet as well as an in-reach or spot device for safety/off-grid communication.
I’ve heard the accuracy with separate GPS receiver is better than the chip. I’ve also noted newer IPad Pro Cellular models have increased GPS listings: GPS, GLonas, Gallileo, Q255 compared to Non Pro-Current Model gen 5/6 IPads that have GPS & Glonas only.
Sort of confusing. Want to make the smartest purchases.

Last question: is the laptop used only for trip planning while connected to the internet or could you use this offline along the route by connecting to a GPS source instead of a tablet?

Thank you and safe travels!

J-S D says:

Witch iPad use a gps devise for no signal use or no SIM card slot? And witch iPad you recommend for off road use ? Thank you

BOMBS says:

Is the free version any good?

tom torrella says:

Does app consider rv type/height/size?

km4fsi says:

I use Hema, this looks alot like it.

everett powell says:

Does this app have regular highway maps also

Outdoortrailhiker backpacking & hiking Videos says:

Thanks this will help me tons.

taylor ridings says:

Thank you for this video, please do more of these, and it would be nice to view other routes y’all complete.

Stan Olszewski says:

Very cool, thanks! I’ve been a basic Gaia user for some time but never created my own route before heading out, just logged where I traveled to. This is a great video tutorial for getting started. Looking forward to more in depth videos on how you find camping sites, trails, etc. via the Gaia GPS app.

shawnu22 says:

I have saved routes and waypoints, would be curious if there is a way to turn route layers on and off individually.

Sarah Walker says:

I have the older version….how do I reset the distance block ?  Thank you

George Elsaesser says:

Thank you!

Tim Weimar says:

Thanks Kevin!! Just updated my device with gps capabilities, really excited to start learning the software.

Rubicon V says:

Anyone else have download issues on Andoid? They take forever if they do download but usually I can’t get them to complete. I have fast internet and am tech savvy so it’s not my connection etc.

Rick Louie says:

Thanks, Kevin! Very Helpful!

waterfallrich says:

Excellent tutorial! I have been playing around with the free version of the app for a few days now and just joined through your discount code – thanks!

Holger Sommer says:

nice tutorial, really enjoyed it.
can you do also a vlog about the systems and the installation / mounting of your devices in the car? I see a lot of RAM mounts?

Bubbas Garage Vlogs says:

Great information Kevin. Been looking into getting Gia for a while now. Sure wished it would support Android Auto or Apple car play 😉

mykalbee says:

I can’t wait to get into this and start route planning. Seems so much better than the map book I’m currently using.

RandallW20 says:

So I love the app. My only issue is that I’m only allowed to download so many tiles at a time. And when downloading more, I can’t see (like with a shaded box or whatever) what I’ve already downloaded so I can add on.
Have you found a way around this to make sure you get all the maps needed?

I purchased a tab S2 and a 128 Gb card solely to fill up with navigation maps as when we travel we have a tendency to go somewhere we didn’t plan on and don’t have a map for. I was hoping I could load up my card with the Gaia maps and not have that issue anymore.


OblioAndArrow says:

Sweet! Added to my Gaia GPS Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHoZ_zmNm_24KDz4FVz_AkS7aXdfg5HAn
Wanted to smack the mosquito @8:11 Haha

Steve says:

The only thing I don’t like is that there is a yearly subscription especially if most maps don’t need an update

Lifestyle Overland says:

We absolutely love this app! We’ve been using Gaia GPS for over 4 years now and it just keeps getting better… Here’s the features video: https://youtu.be/RVflThDx7ZA

Erik Valiquette says:

Learned a few new tricks, thank you!

Elsewhere Overland says:

Fireside chat time with Kevin. Good starter video for us noobs!

Thomas Urquhart says:

“Heads up for the helmsman, North Up for the Navigator.”

francowj says:

Nice video and thanks for the discount code. I took advance of the one year premium subscription to try it out. I was a bit overwhelmed the first time I tried to use it. This video was helpful. Some practice is needed to get better. Thanks again and safe travels.

Tyler Sparks says:

Is there a away to download 2 maps for the same area during one download? When I download a map it only downloads the map I’m currently have on. Then if device has no wifi/cell service and I want to view a different map of the same area it doesn’t show. Thanks!

Bill Sprague says:

GAIA was really handy for my last overseas trip to Rwanda Africa. Some layers were not available but to allowed me to quickly check our study site and get an idea of its topography. I highly recommend GAIA for its ease of use. Old Civil Engineers like me love simple, elegant tools. Thanks for the tutorial!

Robert Earles says:

Huge help as I am a new member.

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