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onjoFilms says:

I’m a computer programmer, and I spent 1 hour trying to enter a specific address. This is a POS piece of software. Pure garbage.

Robert Watts says:

The app sucks, if it would just start where I am and allow me to go to where I would want to go.  This thing was designed by an airplane pilot and the program is just too involved to make my experience good at all.

Alvaro Loera says:


antmon antmon says:

There is no offline feature. I downloaded the maps but it still asks me for GPS to be turned on – I think the app programmers got confused or bored with building this.

motelgrim / roach says:

What is making your screen/everything blue?

frenchtj says:

The UI for this app is extremely difficult and un-intuitive. I am looking for a downloadable GPS app for use with an Adroid tablet or phone while I’m in Costa Rica. I have downloaded the Costa Rica map set and it appears to be there but that’s where the simplicity ends. Nothing seems to work the way it you’d think it should. IWhy on earth would anyone design a gps app that is soooooooo far from what is already out there being used by millions and millions of people. Google maps, Garmin, Magellan, NavSat all operate very similarly because of years of evolution. This seems like someone started from scratch and deliberately tried to make it difficult to use.

Fransisco Hammie says:

Agree this is not a review and it is not an easy App, however I found my learner curve was steep but short. Also, it offers FREE map use and OFF-LINE Navigation. To me, these two benefits justify a little effort. I am now using it relatively easily and ,so far, it is reliable, including an automatic (and Free) map update.

Donna McNicholas says:

Will this app cost me anything and does it use a lot of data ?

Bruno Borges says:

i need help please!!!
when i start the app, im send imediatelly to download the maps!
aftter i chose my contry, im inform that i dont have enoughf space im my phne witch is not true! i have more than 3.3Gb available and the map is no more than 0.11Gb! The First menu of the app (0:27) doesnt even show up to me, im send to the maps download! what can i do to download the map?!?!? thanks for help in advance

Anthony Mcewan says:


Youtube Channel says:

yeah right. a commercial from the developer for the paid version. save your energy. these all suck. no substitute for a Gamin.

tuckersaspy says:

Do people even know what reviews are? I’m so tired of videos like this where I want to know how WELL it works. If I wanted a feature overview I would just look at the app description

Łukasz Rycerz says:


Becky Varela says:

Me gustaria que explicaran en español

Akerfeldtfan says:

So I can’t enter a specific address? What happens when there are four “south streets” in the same county? Seems useless…

whatsup6969 says:

How do I turn off the voice so she will shut up??

Steven Chan says:

if this offline map, why using google?

G Raju says:

what about offline

NoSleepNever says:

Whether it can be a starting point in the second set point, not where I was. It should be noted that I looked forward route to the destination? Always shows the route from where you are. Whether this can be set up in the application? I urgently need to answer, as I travel the day after tomorrow.

Mark II says:

I honestly use have never did this before, but here it goes. This APP SUCKS !!!!!!! Seriously. (-1 : 351)

cb7pwn says:

this is the biggest piece of shit app i have ever used, AVOID AT ALL COSTS i swear …

Cristian Balbuena says:


ColdCutz says:

That wasn’t a review, that was a product tour.

Robert Kafarski says:

Could not get this garbage program to work. I wasted  a couple of hours of my life on a piece of trash program that doesn’t work.

Daniel Lamek says:

En français SVP

Stefan Wilck says:


Rocky Ruggiero says:

Nice demo. I got it and I love app. Can you help me with one thing? I want to change it to “miles” and blocks because I don’t know what kilometers means. Do you know how to switch it? Can you help me???? MANY THANKS. ROCKY

Zavatari says:

Sometimes a little hand appears in the lower right corner, and I can’t find any tutorial that covers this.  Although “navigate” worked once, it mostly failed.  When trying to make a route for a location of a planned vacation far away it would not work.  Also I found it impossible to alter the start and destination that I entered.  Also, I’m using a tablet and most of the directions are for phones, so maybe I’m missing something.

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