Mapfactor Navigator Android App Review

Mapfactor Navigator Android App Review


Lee Hodsdon says:

No street names? Then how do you know on what road to turn? Telling you what is the road you are on doesn’t help to know the road name where is the turn. Saying turn left or right doesn’t help if an intersection is more than 2 roads and at are not at right-angles to each other. Also, I hear the app telling you to turn but no verbal indication of how far away is the turn. What good is telling you to turn at the point to turn? At speed, you need to know when the turn will happen. Yes, there is a distance indicator to the turn but you should not have to be focused on your phone when driving. The voice directions should be including distance to the turn. Heard no voice instruction on which number exit encountered in roundabout should be used to exit it, and since no street names are shown then no clue of which exit by street name. Perhaps the jerkiness in showing the current position is due to the slowness in the app or a low-end smartphone that doesn’t have the power to perform fast GPS calculations (getting GPS coordinates is fast but doing GPS calculations requires a decent processor).

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