MotionX GPS App Review

MotionX GPS App Review-
I have been using this GPS program on my phone for 3 years now and it has worked amazingly well for me. It records extremely accurate mileage, which I have tested on a running tracks. I highly recommend this GPS app! You can get it at the app store for just $1.99.


Destination Namibia says:

very good review are there maps for Namibia (Africa) to download?

Garrett Hart says:

What happens when you select navigate to waypoint ? Does it begin turn by turn style navigation ? I’m looking for an app that can navigate me to the beginning of a trail from my house , etc

Jason Southern harvester says:

Do you know of a way for it to record your tracks even if you turn the screen off of your phone?

Ian J BRADBURN says:

Can you send an email when the satellite icon is on??

Random Acts of Video says:

Looks very cool and useful. How much does this effect battery life on the phone?

Cesar Lopez says:

I just use google maps but this shows me how many features I’ve been missing out on! I don’t have an iPhone so I guess I need to start looking for an Android version of this app.

Lamp Lighter says:

Wow! Thanks for this excellent reveiw. Very interesting App. You’ve done an excellent job showing some of the key features. I am curious to know if this App would work well on the Appalachian Trail? Once again, thank you “Hike Oregon” for all of the effort you put into making your channel so informative and varied! As they say, “hike on!” Cheers! ☺Lamplighter out!

Paul D. Green says:

New subscriber. I just found your channel. I hope you don’t mind an old redneck from Georgia subscribing to your channel. My wife and I hike some of the Georgia portions of the Appalachian Trail here, we may have to try this app out. The trail cuts through state parks and National forests lands, so finding a map that shows both is a real challenge. Thank you for sharing!

GreggC _ says:

Can I download maps in satellite view ??

George Koch says:

I purchased this app yesterday from your recommendation, now all I have to do is learn how to use it. Do you know if the $1.99 is per month or a one time fee?
This is the 2nd item I’ve bought off your reviews the first was the Natures Hike air mattress. Thanks for your help

Myron Lasch says:

What about driving in the city can it be used like Garmin for example

A Colo. Hi! says:

Great review, so much detail to take in. Easy to understand now your narration at the conclusion of your hikes.

Ali Albsrawi says:

I wish you continued. But I will not be able to understand all the explanation only I wish you to translate into Arabic.

xsaskg says:

Way better than Strava!

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